5 OpenCart Discount Modules To Generate More Sales

5 OpenCart Discount Modules

The ecommerce market is expanding with a growth rate of 400% every year. You will find most people first search for the price of a product online and then go shopping in their local market. Otherwise they just order online from their mobile or computer.

TMD OpenCart discount modules are used to either create and give an auto discount or let the admin create offers for the customers. These extensions are easy to install and can be configured by reading the documentation.

OpenCart Bulk Discount

This module is used to automatically apply the discount on all selected categories, products, and manufacturers. If you just want to give the discount without complex settings then this module will perfect choice.

This discount extension OpenCart has two kinds of discount percentages and fixed types. In the percentage, the admin can enter the integer or float number that will use to calculate the discount on the product price.

The price of the product will be shown after the discount applies to it.  It will decrease the interaction between customers, sales, and the support team to avail of the discount. Customers will buy the product at a discounted price. Customers can buy the same product multiple times. There is no restriction of buy limit. Whenever customers order the product, they will get a discount.

  1. Discount Type → percentage, fixed.
  2. Customer group → customer goop name (name | discount type) show all customer group automatically.
  3. Add → Manufacture, category, product.
  4. Priority → Integer number.
  5. Status → Make the module work or not.

First Purchase Discount

OpenCart first time purchase discount showing on cart page

If you want to give the discount only on the first order and after that product should have a regular price and the customer buy the product at a regular price then this extension comes into play.

It is a different kind of discount that shows the discount on the cart page instead of showing the discount on the product page. It may make your customer feel surprised or shows you welcoming them with the treat. Admin can configure the customer group discount in their OpenCart ecommerce website. customers will get discounts according to their customer group.

Admin can install this OpenCart first purchase discount extension on the website and then configure the discount for the new customers. The fixed and percentage two types of discounts are present in the setting. Admin can use either one according to required.

If you are different products whose price varies then a fixed amount of discount is the best choice. The Fixed amount you entered will be deducted from the product price and shown to the customer on the cart page.

Advanced Discount

As the name speaks, this extension has a complex discount structure. It contains not only functionalities of first time purchase and bulk discount but also give more discount settings.

Admin can give the discount on the product as other module does. Also, a website can make an offer of buy one get one free, first-time purchase discount, total based discount, etc.

Using OpenCart advanced discount extension, the admin can make a condition-based discount offer for customers. The discount will only apply if the conditions are met while making the order, else no discount will apply.

  1. Total.
  2. Product discount → product | category name  | discount number |  fixed or percentage.
  3. Free product → Select the paid product and then select a free product that customers will get when they purchase the paid product.
  4. Allow first-time discount.
  5. Sort order.
  6. Status.

Offer Module

offer OpenCart module settings

Website admin can make two kinds of offer types Buy x number of products and get y number of products free and discount offers.

OpenCart offer module is different from advanced discounts because it gives more flexibility to customers to select the free product by themselves. There are no pre-selected free products as specified in the advanced discount module.

Admin can simply define the minimum cart total when this offer or discount will work. If the cart total is below from specified value in the setting then this discount extension opencart does not apply the discount and offer to the customer.

Also, When the website completes its buy x get y product free scheme and wants to give a discount based on the total, they can do so by selecting the discount offer radio button in the offer type. This extension works both ways.

OpenCart Bundle Product

It is different from traditional OpenCart discount extensions that let the admin create the discount based on products and total. The product bundle means the website will sell a bunch of products together at a discounted price.

For example, if you are selling a cake on your website, then you add cake, candle, fruits, name written on chocolate, etc as a single product. So your customer can buy the cake with ease. Getting all the items for cake cutting at a single place. It increases the chance of sales and revenue will increase too.

Admin can create the bundle category to assign the bundle products. Each bundle product and category has an SEO url.

Creating Bundle Products In OpenCart

  1. First, we will create the bundle category.
  2. After that go to the bundle product page. Click on [+] button to create the new bundle product.
  3.  Enter the title of the bundle, and select the category.
  4. Select the start and end date.
  5. Write the SEO keyword that will be used for url for the bundle product page according to the language.
  6. All the customer groups will display, Select the fixed or percentage, and enter the discount number. According to the selection fixed or percentage discount will apply to total all product prices.
  7. Select the products.
  8. Save it. Your bundle product is ready.

Now navigate to the bundle page, and you will see the newly created bundle product. It.

Some of the important points you should consider while purchasing the OpenCart bundle module for your e-commerce website are.

  1. Discounts won’t work if a customer tries to buy the product outside of the bundle.
  2. Multilingual.
  3. Add multiple products to make the bundle and give discounts on them.
  4. Seo URL for that bundle products page.
  5. Every bundle category and product has its own page.
  6. Can make the offer for a limited period with a start-end date.
  7. Discount type as per customer group.
  8. Add products.

Import-export Coupons In The Website

Coupons are used to get a discount while making orders on most websites. When a website has a lot of products and every time new coupons need to generate for a specific product. After that generated coupon will be given to the customer. It is time time-consuming process.

OpenCart import export coupon extension lets the admin import the coupons into a website. To make the import work seamlessly, an admin must make the import file format the same as the sample file. Otherwise, coupons will not be imported correctly. Make sure, all the coupons code must be unique, or your customers won’t get a discount when they apply the coupon. All the imported coupons will be displayed on the coupon page.

This OpenCart discount extension works in a lower 1.5x version to 3x version.


The E-commerce business is very promising. You can grab customer attention by giving them discounts as offered to them. Everyone wants to save their hard-earned money. You can use any of the above modules to give a discount.

All the OpenCart discount modules can work on smaller or big ecommerce businesses. If you are facing an issue or have pre-sale questions, you can create a support ticket. our support team will help you.

We have written an OpenCart import export blog post. That covers every aspect of e-commerce website management. You will find most of the import-export modules that will help store owner in their day-to-day life e-commerce website inventory management work.

You can also check other OpenCart themes and extensions on our official site. You might find it useful for your website.

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