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OpenCart One Page Checkout

E-commerce is a rapidly evolving market because of its framework and people’s need gets changed over time. OpenCart one page checkout module lets your website improve the checkout process and gives your customer a reliable shopping experience.

There might be some extra fields present in the address, payment, or shipping address, that does not require and need to hide or remove to faster the checkout process.

With this module, the admin can decide what product attributes to be shown or hidden on the shopping cart page on desktop and mobile view separately.

There are 4 layouts of the checkout page available in the OpenCart quick checkout extension. Select the one that matches your website. Moreover, the admin can adjust the color theme of the new checkout page from the setting.

Also, it offers a wide range of features that from replacing the shopping cart page with the website’s currently shopping cart page.

Let’s go through the functionality of this module and how to configure it for the best result.


Please head over to our detailed article on how to install the OpenCart module. It will guide you from installation to activate the extension and also guide you through simple errors like “Permission not given”.

General Setting

General setting for OpenCart one page checkout module

  1. Admin can enable and disable the module from here. By enabling means, it will automatically replace the existing checkout page that comes with your website OpenCart theme.
  2. Country and state will be selected, they will display as pre-selected on address forms on the checkout page.
  3. SEO URL: admin can write the URL of the checkout page. Don’t use a special character or underscore. It will apply to the new checkout page generated by this module.


Page Layout Setting

By default, OpenCart does not let the admin change the layout of its components on the shopping cart and checkout page. This extension makes admin work a lot easier. Here are 6 setting that makes

 Layout Setting

layout setting and color theme opencart quick checkout page

Default Select 

The checkout page will be shown to the registered customer who is currently login the website and hide the guest user. And vice versa for the guest option selected.


Admin can decide what kind of customer should place the order.  Selecting the register will hide the guest option on the checkout page. That means the new users won’t be able to place the order in the guest account.

Also, the admin can go with the guest account only and disable the order placement for registered customers.

Or Select both options, which will display the registered and guest options on the checkout page.

Stop Cart Page 

The website can redirect the customer from the shopping cart page to the checkout page. Customers won’t able to see the shopping cart page if this option is enabled.

Shopping Cart

In OpenCart ecommerce websites, a shopping cart page is important where customers will add the coupon and voucher discount codes and see the list of products with price subtotal, etc information.

OpenCart one page checkout extension offer to show and hide and disable various elements on the shipping cart page which is not necessary for the website. All the theme files and functions will untouched.


Admin can replace the existing shopping cart page with this module shopping cart page then the status should be selected as YES. Making it No, will get the default shopping cart again.

Show Weight

It will show the weight of products that are added to the cart by the customer.

Quantity Update Permission:

By default, it is enabled. Customers can update the number of products on the shopping cart page. Selecting it as NO will make it disabled. And update quantity section will be hidden from the cart page.

Product Image size(W x H)

Product image size varies from theme to theme. Set the size of the product image according to the website theme. The size will immediately take into account.

Desktop View And Mobile View

Giving more control over the shopping cart page, the admin can decide what to show on the website when it opens on a bigger screen like a TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, and smaller screen such as mobile phones.

Here are options admin can show or hide individually on both bigger and smaller screens. It gives more flexibility to the website.

  1. Image
  2. Product name
  3. Model
  4. SKU
  1. Quantity
  2. Unit price
  3. Total price

Show module name  

OpenCart quick checkout module allows the admin to hide the Coupon, Reward, and Voucher sections from the cart page. Or make only available for only those who have an account with the website and login into the website while making their purchase.

Delivery And Payment Methods

shopping cart page layout setting in openart quick checkout module


Reload Cart

Selecting the payment or delivery method, the checkout page will reload or not, As some website has additional shipping and payment handling cost that only apply once they are selected.

Icon W x H

As like product image size, the admin can update the icon size of shipping and payment methods. It will display before their name of them. The recommended size of the icon is the size of the font (text) on the checkout page.

Select Icon

If the website is running with more than 1 language, Then the module will automatically show all the currently enabled languages in the shipping and payment methods Here admin can upload the icons according to languages.

Name In Multi Langauge

It has the option to write the payment and shipping methods name in multi-language. The different languages input box will be shown.


It is the current status of the shipping and payment methods. Enable and disabled. To change the status, an admin must go to that method.

Confirm Order

checkout page layout setting in opencart one page checkout module

Auto Trigger Confirm Button

Default OpenCart makes the customer press the checkout button and then click on confirm button to go to the payment process or complete the order.

But this function automatically triggers the confirm button when a customer clicks on the checkout button. It uses the latest version of  Javascript to execute the auto-pressed button function.

Trigger Id

It is a little bit of technical work. One who knows the HTML/CSS can perform the task within a minute. Find the id of confirm button. It is written in HTML format.

The above Auto Trigger Confirm Button will perform the click function on id of the button.

Checkout Terms

Select the page that has written the term and conditions of the website. The information page list will be displayed.

Auto Checked

The term and conditions checkbox should be auto-checked or not. Or let the customer check it. It is a mandatory field, without checking the term and conditions, customers won’t be able to place an order.

Comment Section

Let the customer write a special note for the order. It optional field, but sometimes customers want to leave the order confirmation note. According to the website sales process. Admin can enable and disable the comment box on the checkout page
Require Comment
Make it mandatory to write the comment or not. The recommendation is, to make the comment optional. As 95% of customers don’t write comments.
Continue Shopping
Display the continue shopping button will lead customers to the homepage. Module given option to display or hide this button.


Manage Fields

manage personal detail fields on account section OpenCart one page checkout extension

Every ecommerce website should have a frictionless process from product display to order placement. There for admin must focus on forms to remove the unwanted fields that give no value to order.  Thus, OpenCart quick checkout extension brings form management to the checkout page. Admin can manage these form fields easily from the setting.

  1. Personal details
  2. Payment details
  3. Delivery details

This module will list all the fields of all three above-mentioned forms. Here admin can remove the field or make fields require to enter the information.


Theme Panel

This module comes with 4 different design layouts for the OpenCart Checkout page.  Admin can select the one that matches the website. Also, update the color of elements present in the design.

Selecting the Design For Checkout Page

select layout for checkout page in opencart one page checkout extension

Here admin can select one layout out of 4. All designs are different from each other. The selected design of checkout will be shown below for better understanding for the admin.

Admin can see the design of the checkout page by selecting the layout.  OpenCart one page checkout module will always show the selected layout design on the checkout page.

Admin can update the color of elements on the checkout page from here. There are 8  color settings present. The RGB(Red Green And Blue) color is used by this module.

  • Block Background
  • Block Color
  • Block Border
  • Active Tab Color
  • Button BG Color
  • Button Color
  • Blocks Heading BG Color
  • Blocks Heading Text Color

Custom CSS

add own css code to update design of OpenCart checkout page

It is an advanced-level option and should be handled carefully. Here developer writes the CSS code that applies on the checkout page. The CSS code will apply as soon as it is saved.

Language Setting

opencart checkout page text write in multi language quick checkout module

Website running with multi-language become more essential these days to target the different regions. that’s why this extension has given a setting for writing the text in all the languages enabled in the admin.

The module has given all the text that could display on the checkout and shopping cart page. Here is a list of texts that the admin can write in multiple languages.

  • Checkout page
  • Personal Details
  • Payment Details
  • Delivery Details
    • Login
    • Shopping Cart
    • Confirm Order
    • Extra Variables


Google Tracking Code

Order tracking is an important strategy for the ecommerce website.  Admin can enter the Google Analytics or GTM code to track the order effectively.

Looking for OpenCart support or want customization on your website head over to our support ticket. You can check our themes and modules on our official TMD OpenCart site

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