How OpenCart Live Chat Module Gives Best Service To Customer

OpenCart Live Chat module

People keep checking on the internet to find the best deals on products to save some money for their future use. Offering real-time support to customers to solve their query, can help them to make their buying decision. Hence there is a significant increase in the sales graph.

Live chat can give you an edge over your competition in the online world. The support team can have a better behavioral knowledge about the customer or client and their requirements.

OpenCart Live Chat Module

This extension works perfectly on opencart 2.x and 3.x versions. This module has the option to add support chat agents, department of agents, can see live chat happening between customers and agents.

A chat window appears on the website just after the installation of the module. It takes care of all OpenCart themes to work on and shows a chat window.

OpenCart live chat module maintains a list of history chat dates, agent name, customer name, email id, in the database for access at any time.

There are filters present in the agents, department, and chat history list page for getting only information that is required for reports.


opencart live chat module chat window on website


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This module shows all active visitors on visitor pages. Agents can chat with visitors by clicking on visitor names.

1. Create Department

Add multiple departments. Admin can create multiple departments like customer service and support, technical team, Magneto, OpenCart, PrestaShop support team.
Agents are assigned according to their departments in the live chat module.

Visitors can see all the list of departments in the chat window. They can select one department as per their questions or problem they are facing. Agents can see a list of visitors on the page.


For the convenience of the admin, the module added the filter section to get the required result. Admin can find the department name and status. department name, status.

2. Add agents

agents list of opencart live chat module

This extension has the ability to convert existing users of websites to agents. Means users who operate the admin section like editors, managers, support members can easily assign as an agent.

Now add agents to one or more departments according to their work. These agents will get the upcoming chat indication from visitors.

All the agents will be listed on the agent page. Admin can see agent name, email, department, sort order, status, and action – delete and edit.


Admin can check specific departments of agents then use the filter and select the department in the filter. It will get all the agents present in that department. Also if the admin wants to filter the agents then use the agent’s name initial or full name.

3. Admin Can Watch Conversation Happening Between Agents And Visitors

Admin sees a list of visitors who requested the chat or doing chat with agents. Admin can keep an eye on the conversation happening between agents and visitors just by clicking on visitor name and a new window will open where all the conversation will display. The conversation page will be updated automatically.
Here admin can join the meeting and start replying to the visitor directly.

4. Live chat

The chat window is present on the website bottom left. Visitors can open this chat window and select the department and start the chat. An agent can accept the visitor chat request and give a solution to the visitor.

All the requested visitor chat showed on the page and agent name who is talking with a visitor. There is an option to upload files, videos into the message by both visitor and agent. An agent can chat with visitors directly from the website admin.

Admin can see all the visitor who is doing chat with agents and visitor who requested a chat. This is one of the best features to make sure every visitor must get a reply. Also, the admin can check any time is visitor chat history.


5. History Of The Visitor Who Talked With Agents

A history of visitors who talked with agents is saved into the database. This way module maintains the list of visitors for the MIS report and analysis.
Information consists of visitor name, email, department, agent. Visitor name will be the same as entered name while doing chat. Agents who talk with visitors. The department name will be assigned to an agent.


There are three filter options present those are visitor name, email id, department, agent name. Admin can have a report of chat history of single or all agents.


Talking with customers, the support team can discover customer pain points. The technical team will work on those points to improve products and the sale processes.

OpenCart live chat extension is created by TMD. All the chat history saves on your website and can use for various generating reports to improve the services.

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