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OpenCart Marketplace is an online marketplace for e-commerce modules supporting all OpenCart based websites

The market is served by various OpenCart community members, programmers, and developers, with the latest developments on modules and extensions for improving & upgrading OpenCart E-Commerce Stores along with the latest technology brought to you by the official OpenCart Platform.

Have you ever thought about building an online Marketplace?

If yes you are at the right place, there is no reason to develop your own module until you do not find any supporting module to build an online marketplace for your business.

OpenCart Marketplace

The OpenCart marketplace, unlike any other online marketplace, is also a buy & sell platform for Modules, Themes, and various other extensions that are often published by OpenCart official members for scaling the e-commerce platforms run by businesses.

So this enables OpenCart store owners to update their store with add-on modules and extensions and update new features or functionality. Usually, OpenCart is an e-commerce platform for online businesses, so it has almost all the available modules that any business can think of out of the box for a scalable business.

The E-Commerce industry has shown tremendous potential over the years and it has given rise to various e-commerce platforms. However, here we are more concerned with the OpenCart framework throughout this article.

A current comparison of OpenCart shows below its popular search trends among other platforms.

As you can see the trend, OpenCart is still a dominating e-commerce platform with a little drop over the years but it has a stable lifeline and continues to increase its user base because of its popularity and ease of use over other enterprise platforms.

According to BuiltWith trends, there are around 382,163 currently live websites and additional 58,532 domains that redirect to OpenCart sites.

So it shows there is a wide range of user bases for the OpenCart platform.

What Is An Online Marketplace And How It Relates To OpenCart Marketplace?

An online marketplace is a website or app that facilitates shopping from many different sources.

So here we are concerned about electronic marketplace such as the E-Commerce online marketplace.

Reports show 71% of shoppers believe they’ll get a better deal online than in stores. So the online marketplace is a demanding arena for online entrepreneurs and businesses.

So what do you think about taking your business to an online marketplace?

It sounds good right, but adopting the correct platform is equally important for starting your online business if you are especially new to it.

However, if you are already a member of an OpenCart store then scaling your online store to a multi-vendor multi-seller online marketplace is just within a click away.

So how do you do that?

Adding a multi-vendor management module with your current existing OpenCart store from the OpenCart Marketplace can jump right to start your own online marketplace. So OpenCart Marketplace relates to an online marketplace exactly the same way it relates to itself.

Best examples of online marketplaces for large enterprises are Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, etc. with incredible seller management panels where sellers create their own accounts and upload their products.

Multi vendor website list around the world

The above online marketplace doesn’t even have any product of its own, yet they stand as an enterprise online marketplace with billions of transactions taking place worldwide per day.

So online marketplace is actually a group of businesses collectively under one roof where multiple vendors come together to sell their products and thus make profits.

This ensures consumers are able to find their desired products, from one vendor to another. And the reason marketplaces are attractive to sellers and buyers is that they tend to have huge traffic and are competitive.

Online marketplaces basically are of 3 types viz. vertical, horizontal, global, and OpenCart marketplace relates to a vertical marketplace in the e-commerce space, it is an online business model to enhance its specific business platform.

So you can also create a specific business platform like a vertical marketplace or global marketplace where you could sell almost anything.

Creating an online marketplace with OpenCart Marketplace Modules.



You can assume an online marketplace as your virtual OpenCart multi-store with 24X7 visibility on the internet.

Building such platforms enable a large, fragmented base of buyers and sellers along with competitive rate and discounts.

So the interaction with one another makes a feasible environment under one roof that is effectively transparent and trusted by various sources.

And by creating a marketplace you are able to aggregate the best offers for your customers.

So which OpenCart marketplace is usually beneficial for your store to upgrade to an online marketplace?

Visit the OpenCart Marketplace community where you will find a large number of multivendor modules supporting the OpenCart store. So you can choose the best module that is suited to your needs.

However, the TMD OpenCart Multi-vendor Module is widely used today as OpenCart integration with the TMD module is very easy to upgrade your store.

Look for more OpenCart Module and Extensions from the official TMD Store

The greatest beneficiaries of online marketplaces are small and medium enterprises. They are able to trust a marketplace because of the high traffic and driving the bulk quantity of sales.

But if we talk about large enterprises, for example, today Amazon is one of the success stories among a few others in the e-commerce industry to have successfully built an online marketplace without having a single product of its own.

Why Should You Build Your Own Marketplace Website With OpenCart?

Are you ready to create a marketplace for your business or planning for a multi-seller online marketplace?

Marketplace provides high income and huge benefits for owners with a multi-vendor and multi-seller platform.

Retail e-commerce sales show it reached $2.3 trillion in 2017 according to eMarketer estimates, a 23.2 percent increase over the previous year.

According to the E-Marketer, the number of digital sales in 2016 for the online marketplace has been a booming figure as given below.

E-Marketer Source

But M-commerce is booming the e-commerce industry today at a rapid rate, so if you are an e-commerce business, mobility is not an exception either. 

With new trends coming up every year for the e-commerce industry,  new features are lined up for mCommerce and the latest mobile app innovation is changing the way customer engagement is transforming the ways mobile users are operating in the shopping cycle.

So there is a need for an omnichannel shopping experience inclined towards creating an omnichannel presence aiming to create an all-in-one impression for the physical store, desktop, websites, and mobile devices.

And OpenCart provides the flexibility to create your own marketplace for your store through add-on modules.

OpenCart Marketplace is also loaded with all required modules and extensions to support your website for creating an online marketplace.

Now-a-days marketplace is best way to sale products. Read out how E-Commerce or Online Marketplace: What’s Best for Business in 2021?

Why Should You Choose OpenCart For Creating Your Own Online Marketplace?

Entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce or those who are ready to start their e-commerce ventures often face difficulty in selecting which platform is right for them.

There is a number of e-commerce platforms to choose from, however, it depends on whether the platform you will choose best supports the features you require.

To identify your requirement and opt for the perfect e-commerce solutions. You can follow the documentation of OpenCart multi seller extension configuration and setup within 10 minutes.

1. Featuring OpenCart Multi Vendor module for an online marketplace.

OpenCart multi-vendor is a lightweight module and extension that provides an extensive environment for creating an OpenCart online marketplace for your store.

The extension is popularly used by growing business and e-commerce business owners today to scale their business operations.

Have you ever wondered how easy it is today to transform your business into an OpenCart online Marketplace?

If you are looking to upgrade your online business with multi-vendor capabilities.

Then there are several multi-seller modules in OpenCart Marketplace brought to you by developers and the OpenCart community.

OpenCart dominates its platform by providing store owners with the perfect module for your store to scale their business to an online marketplace.

There are commonly two most widely used e-commerce frameworks for online marketplace Magento and the OpenCart with awesome features and capabilities.

You can use either of the ones depending on how big is your requirement. Both have pros and cons but both deliver values in their own way. Let us find the differences and similarities below.

2. Similarities & Differences Of OpenCart Versus Magento:

Magento and OpenCart are two popular platforms for a scalable online marketplace for business.

They are both open-source platforms designed to facilitate the e-commerce marketplace.

Both of these platforms are OpenSource and developed in PHP language rich in resources such as extensions and modules that can easily be added to support new possibilities

Magento and OpenCart also support multiple languages and currencies, making them a global solution that can suit e-commerce businesses around the world.

However, there are a few differences upon which you would prefer OpenCart solutions for building an online marketplace for new online businesses.

OpenCart is a very easy-to-use, free, and low-cost extension and themes, and a nicely documented manual available for implementing a store, whereas Magento is costly for upgrading with highly-priced extensions and modules and too many features along with a complex and steep learning curve and performance depends on Magento hosting.

However which platform is better? It depends on your business size and how large is your business.

Let us look at the market share below, according to research powered by ahead works Magento is definitely bigger and it is made for large and complex enterprises, however, OpenCart is best for small and medium businesses.

aheadworks research

3. Easy availability of Free & Paid OpenCart Themes

There are plenty of themes available for the OpenCart store and described here are a few of the popular OpenCart themes from the official TMD OpenCart store.

Using a theme-based store is easy and often the best fit for building your OpenCart store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

Let us look at some of the best OpenCart themes brought to you by TMD

a) Shopping Mart- Responsive Multipurpose Theme

This Shopping mart theme is perfect for any online shopping mart or store. It is a clean and professional theme to start your online store immediately and start selling.

The effective color combination and modern responsive design make it interactive for your OpenCart Store visitor to the best user experience.

More attention is given to the navigation and it is possible to search for items and products by brand, bestsellers, and product categories.

Features of the Shopping Mart

1. Responsive ready-made theme looks good on all devices
2. Easily customizable
3. Awesome font + CSS3 + BOOTSTRAP for a scalable business
4. The theme works perfectly with all browser
5. Support multi-language & multi-store
6. Documentation presentation for theme setup
7. Simple and easy installation
8. Free support if you face any problem

Watch a Live Demo Buy Now from Official OpenCart Partner

b) ToolShop Responsive OpenCart Theme

ToolShop is a unique OpenCart responsive theme pertaining to tools and equipment.

If you are a manufacturer or a trader dealing in a large number of brands related to the tools industry, this theme is beneficial for your store.

You can display all of your products and brand in a single store and using this responsive theme will support your online business in getting ready for the best trading experience.

Effective colors and hover effects are provided on each product and suitable fonts are used in all parts of the theme to make it interactive for visitors.

So the elements provided in this theme make the visitor’s shopping experience interesting with the best navigation system and user interface.

You can search for any item or product by brand, bestsellers, and product categories. The main menu is supplied by icons.

The theme layout is fully responsive which allows you to browse the site based on tools equipment and spare parts on different screen resolutions and on all devices.

Watch a Demo Buy Now from official OpenCart partner

c) Jhakaas Fashion Theme – OpenCart Responsive Theme Footwear Apparels & Accessories

Jhakaas Responsive theme is created by TMD for building your online marketplace with the help of OpenCart Marketplace themes

This theme is beneficial for fashion footwear apparel and accessories-based online businesses.

A good starter for an online business can be made with the use of this responsive template to make a perfect online shoe store an apparel store or an accessories store.

Effective color settings and fonts make it look appealing for online visitors to browse through your items and products.

It is a multipurpose theme, so visitors can easily access it on their devices and make a purchase directly from the store.

The visitor can search items and products by brand, bestseller, and product categories providing easy navigation and enhancing the user experience at large.

Watch a Live Demo Buy Now from TMD Official Store

d) Classified Responsive OpenCart Theme

The classified OpenCart theme is perfect for an online classified store. The theme is extended to use for a variety of ads.

Use featured ads, popular ads, or trending ads for your online classified business and increase your deals.

Extend your online classified theme for free advertisement and events and provide a full of other features.

This is one of the most popular OpenCart themes on classified ads

Enhance multiple modules on this theme by using the mega menu for header and footer, newsletter, and featured category to make it an online marketplace.

Watch a Live Demo Buy Now from the Offical Store

e) Vegistore – Responsive OpenCart Theme

Create an online superstore for the vegetable-specific category with Vegistore responsive OpenCart store.

You can run your online store individually or create a multi-store or create a multi-vendor online marketplace using this theme.

The theme provides an extensive range of modules and can be scalable with other modules’ add-ons and extensions.

This theme already includes a mega footer, mega header, newsletter, and FAQ module to provide a good user experience and search capabilities on item categories and other features.

You can create the best online marketplace out of this theme and extend your market online.

This theme provides an awesome user interface and font and color style to deliver the best shopping experience for visitors.

Watch a Live Demo Buy Now from Official OpenCart Store

The above themes demonstrated a few paid themes that you can use to create a marketplace for your own.

4. The Rise of OpenCart Modules in OpenCart Marketplace for E-Commerce Business

OpenCart is simple and there are plenty of modules and extensions that are brought to you from the community.

According to the official statistics solution among top eCommerce platforms, OpenCart has installations of 276,777 businesses to run their businesses.

However, more than 153,885000 is located in the United States alone.

And India has over 5000 live websites supported through the OpenCar framework.

So this i5s an interesting number that shows OpenCart is extensively used by small and medium enterprises across the world.

If you look at the official community and marketplace for OpenCart there are over 22954 modules supported by various OpenCart partners from across the world and this is increasing.

And TMD OpenCart extension India alone supports over 200 plus modules and extensions in the OpenCart marketplace.

Widely used  TMD OpenCart Modules & Extensions supporting the OpenCart Community

and a lot more, check out TMD Extensions India on more modules and extensions for an online marketplace.

TMD OpenCart Modules: A few free OpenCart Modules & Extensions for OpenCart Store Owners.

5. Trends of OpenCart Marketplace & Businesses World Wide

More than 90% of people know that Magento is on top and most big businesses like it. And 10% of people don’t like it because of its template.

However, Magento is improving and large corporations are moving to Magento for the high scale and performance of their websites.

But most businesses think Magento is good for big sites and Opencart is good for small businesses but this is not true. OpenCart can also handle big sites. It is powerful enough to scale and provide high performance.

In reality  “OpenCart “ is much more efficient.  OpenCart extensions are cheaper and they are plenty whereas for self-managed shops learning curve for a Magento shop
owners are too steep and complex and product DB indexing sucks.

So I would strongly recommend to all my clients to migrate to OpenCart or Prestashop if they are using osCommerce or Magento which is either too old or too complex for them.

Also below is a comparison & infographics of OpenCart, osCommerce, and Magento that is brought to you by Forrester research as of 2016.

A Forrester Research Infographics

6. OpenCart Payment GateWay Integration in Online Marketplace

In any e-commerce business,  payment gateway integration is an integral part of an OpenCart store whether it is a single store, a multi-store, or an e-commerce online marketplace.

And e-Shopping is faster only when you connect to the best payment gateway for your e-commerce website.

Integrating a payment gateway is crucial for any e-commerce website, it is a fundamental module without which your store is incomplete to accept payments online.

The payment gateway provides a number of options for consumers to make a payment transaction on your store via debit card, credit card, net banking, and other third-party payment services.

So payment gateway is the only option for transactional online payment and order conversions.

If you are an OpenCart Store owner, there are several payment gateway integrations and options to choose from that you wish to integrate with your online marketplace.

The OpenCart Marketplace provides a lot of module integration for popular payment gateway services such as CC Avenue, PayU, Citrus, etc.

Three Things to consider before setting up a payment gateway

1) Cost of payment gateway such as setup fee, annual maintenance fee, transactional fee, etc. that is related to services offered by the company.

2) Payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, etc. to support flexible options for consumers.

3) Support & Services to assist payment gateway issues and instant support.

Three Popular Payment Gateway Service Providers in India

1) CCAvenue

Setup Fee: Zero for Startup Pro Plan, Rs. 30,000 for Privilege Plan

Annual Maintenance Fee

Transaction Fee: From 1.99% + Rs.3 to 2.99% + Rs.3

2) Citrus Pay

Setup Fee: Zero

Annual Maintenance Fee: Rs.4900

Transaction Fee: From 1.99% + Rs.3

3) PayUMoney

Setup Fee: Zero

Annual Maintenance Fee: Zero.

Transaction Fee: 2%

However, there are a lot of other payment gateway solutions for national & international platforms but it is beyond the scope of this article to list all of them.

TMD OpenCart Extensions India provides the only module which supports CC Avenue Payment Gateway OpenCart Module integration with its OpenCart module the module is run by over 500 plus stores in India and it supports all the latest versions.

In Conclusion:

OpenCart Marketplace is an awesome e-commerce marketplace to support small and medium businesses and to support your store.

There are a number of frameworks to choose from if you are a startup or planning to launch an online marketplace.

OpenCart supports small to large online marketplaces, although Magento rocks the space for large enterprises.

However, there is no doubt in choosing OpenCart Solutions for creating your own online marketplace as it supports a large community and user base.

And OpenCart framework is best to consider for any startups and business owners to get started it.

However, it depends on your choice, the size of your team, and the size of your business.

So whatever platform you wish to choose, gain more thorough knowledge about all popular e-commerce frameworks and continue with the one that is best for your business.

Hope you know by now that OpenCart is flexible for creating an online marketplace and it is easy to use and less complex for users.

You may read more about available modules & themes from the official TMD OpenCart partner and its marketplace.

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