OpenCart Point Of Sale Vs Warehouse Point Of Sale Which One Is Suitable For Retail Stores Owner

opencart point of sale vs warehouse

Traditionally, Point Of Sale software provides an interface for physical shop owners to make orders from POS devices and save all order-related information either on the local computer or online cloud.  These days ecommerce business is on the boom. And every physical store owner is creating their site to sell their product online.

Now, the point sale system combines with an ecommerce website to give easy stock and order management on a single platform. OpenCart Point of sale(POS) module is doing the same thing. We are going to discuss further in the context of an ecommerce website that is built with the OpenCart framework.

What Is Warehouse Point Of Sale System

Whereas warehouse point of sale is used to manage the multiple warehouses and physical stores of the owner. It can be either present in the same city or in different states. The OpenCart Warehouse POS lets owners run the Point of sale system at shops located in different locations while sharing the centralized database that is your ecommerce website’s database.

The warehouse pos module is suitable only for those big businesses who have 2 or more shop chains. And looking for a centralized information database. Each warehouse has its own personal name, stocks, and orders.

The owner can have a live reporting of sales, inventory, customers, vouchers, and other things, happening in all the shops while relaxing at home on the mobile phone.

Intuit Market Research showed that retailers with revenue of $300,000 can cut costs by close to 10 percent or $30,000 a year.


Here is the comparison that will give you a clear idea about when and where to use these two OpenCart modules.


Warehouse POS


Who Can use

Big Brands Business Brands that have one store
Business who has multiple shops located at different locations Single store use only.


Every store has its own information like orders, inventory, customers, purchase order Store owners can see single store  information about POS
Track warehouse/location Stores performance Track single store performance
Assign different access permissions in each warehouse/ location. Access permission for the current store.
Single users can access multiple warehouse stores Can not access other store information
Inventory maintenance for each store

Inventory report for one store

Admin Panel and POS store will be different for each store. It will be one admin and POS store.
Centralized inventory management system Not present
Stock transfer  Not present

Costing, Refund, And Support


Within 30 days


30 days

90 days

90 days


Stores list where the point of sale is using

One Store

Orders, inventory, customers, purchase orders of individual warehouses

Orders, inventory, customers, and purchase orders of one store.

Get the OpenCart Warehouse point of sale module for your business today. It is easy to configure and ready to use within a single day.

Important Things To Considered Before Using POS For Your Business

Things to considered before using opencart warehouse point of sale

Centralized Inventory System

The common thing in businesses like Reliance fresh, Aditya Birla Retail, The Raymond Group, and others are centralized inventory systems. Their products came into multiple warehouses and shipped to different stores.

This helps track the product sale report effectively. Moreover, management can see the best selling and low sold products across the store in a single report. Take the decision accordingly.

Stock Transfer

To fulfill the customer demand, It is really important to avail the all the product stock in the store. When store A has extra product stock then management can transfer the product stock to store B. It is called the stock transfer process. Store A will physically transfer the product stock to store B.

POS will take care of product quantity whenever there is a stock transfer happened between stores. It will update both store inventory accordingly to avoid any kind of confusion in the future.

Track Every Inventory Stocks

You may also see the sales and purchase balances, as well as the available stock in each warehouse. The OpenCart warehouse POS System tracks every stock movement from one warehouse or location to another, as well as from/to an external site.

You’ll never lose track of your inventory again.

Final Words

Both are used to integrate physical stores into an online ecommerce website that is created in the OpenCart framework. OpenCart warehouse point of sale module lets you connect many physical stores to your website and give you real-time update and helps the owner to manage things smoothly.

Whereas the point of sale extension can use by those who have only one store and website to manage.

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