Point of Sale Systems (POS)
For OpenCart Store Owners

TMD OpenCart POS Module is an OpenCart Point of Sale System for single and multi store management, a more advanced part of OpenCart POS system also covers multi-warehouse inventory management, stock transfer from warehouses and product configuration for individual warehouses. At TMD we also offer custom work on the module on demand.

    What best describes You?

    Crafted For Business, Startup and Online Enterpreuners

    TMD OpenCart POS is one of the kind of the extension which is compatible for alomost all types of devices. It is also Compatible with all OpenCart responsive Themes. So you can enjoy your billing and invoicing on any device with benefits such as:

    • Clean & Responsive Design Work on PC/Tablet/Mobile.
    • Compatible with OpenCart Tax setting.
    • Quick Add and Edit Orders.
    • Quick Add and Search Customers.
    • Change Fixed/Percent Discount Calculation.
    • Fast Search & Ajax Loading for physical store.
    • Barcode & Invoice Printing.
    • Coupon & Voucher Option.
    • Use last 4 ditit of card for future reference.

    How TMD POS Module will help you to manage Retail store effectively?

    Tmd OpenCart POS does more than just tracking product inventory and orders. You can also use this module to your retail store sales and check which store performing well. This module will collect data of your

    • Real Time update Product Inventory Stock.
    • Customers order history tracking.
    • Help to retarget Physical Store customers : Like we do online website.
    • Place order for customer within few seconds
    • One place for customers and order report. Easy enough to track growth of business
    • Create multiple retail stores and use one TMD POS module for order processing.
    • Add as many as required Retail sale agent.
    • Holde customer(s) order and process next customer order.
    • Adding new customer is damn easy.
    • One centerialized order and customer tracking for multiple Retails store
    • Assign Bardcode to product for making order processing using barcode scanner.