OpenCart Upgrade Module, Migrate From 1.5.x.x to 2.x.x And To 3.x.x

opencart upgrade from 1.5.x.x 2.x.x.x to 3.x.x.x

OpenCart upgrade module is one of the must have extensions for any OpenCart store owner.

And OpenCart being an emerging Open Source E-commerce technology, is well supported by a strong community.

Unlike other E-commerce Software, it is a Complete E-commerce Solution for the online portal.

Anyone can start their E-commerce website within 10 minutes to keep the store secure and up to date and new features to store owners.

And OpenCart always brings the latest updates from time to time.

If Are you using an older version with a security vulnerability. Check again?

Because you might be missing important updates for your store.

Key Insights And Challenges While Migrating

You may be using your OpenCart store for a long time.

And your store is working fine without any issue, right?

But you might not be aware that there is already a newer version available.

New versions support your store with a lot of new features such as stronger security, payment gateway compatibility, new shipping methods, etc.

And this could help you give your store the latest update in less Time and Cost.

But updating is not a simple process if you just want to upgrade your version.

So there may be several complexities if you are non-technical and this may include

Taking Backups of your database

Email Backups

Theme Backups

Image Backups

and so on.

So this may be daunting and challenging as well for your store upgradation process.

Major Improvements & Features in OpenCart 3.0

Major changes that can be noticeable in the new OpenCart 3.0. are marketplace and language translations integration into Admin Panel.

Improved theme editor modification from Admin and default Language Editor that allows you to change and customize any texts in your store.

So if you are still using an old version of OpenCart with limited features.

I m sure you won’t like to miss new features for your store.

Well if it is running well then you might be thinking why do I need an upgrade.

However think of the case, if any module or extension attached to your OpenCart store malfunctions due to certain reasons.

Then you might require to upgrade your extension.

Either your store is running Free OpenCart Extensions or paid OpenCart Extensions or modules.

Upgrading your OpenCart modules and extensions often fixes the bugs and other constraints and brings compatibility with the latest releases.

Also, it may happen that your existing OpenCart themes have become outdated with the version your OpenCart is running.

So you need the migration otherwise you will face difficulty to keep your website running successfully.

Some old versions may support it but it is a good practice to keep it updated whenever there is a new version available from the official store.


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Now, are you ready for an update? Just take your best decision!

To upgrade your site to the latest version of OpenCart, you have to be careful about backups.

Before you migrate you must never forget to take a backup of your website files as well as the database.

So this will help you to reinstate your website without losing any data like products and other customer information in case of any issues.

It is quite intruding to upgrade OpenCart Website manually.

And it is not easy like popular CMS WordPress does with a Single Click.

Because, you must take care of many things like DataBase, Modules, Theme Compatibility, Information present into the website, and many more things.

If anything goes wrong you will end up with a database corruption warning or lose your website data.

Tools to Upgrade your OpenCart

Alright. Is There any Module that will upgrade your OpenCart website with ease?

To overcome the complex process of upgrading the website.

TMD developed an extension module which can do all your task in an easy way.

OpenCart Migrate Tool provides you the ease of doing the migration process for your store easily and at one click.

And made the upgrade process much simpler and easy to grasp in an understandable way.

All you need is to enter your website information and select the latest version to upgrade.

Rest is done by the module itself.

After the process is completed you will get your website upgraded to the latest version. Is it not that much easy? Yeah It is, I know.

After Upgrading your website, the next and most important work is to check your website thoroughly.

Modules or themes might show compatibility issues after the upgrade.

No need to panic.

These issues can be sorted out easily.

Check the version of OpenCart you got the upgrade and download the same version of the module or theme where you purchased or downloaded.

They will give it for free if your support period is still valid.

Otherwise, you need to contact them for this.

Let’s have a look at the Core benefits of upgrades with TMD OpenCart Migrate & Upgrade Tool

opencart upgrade

1. It Fixes Bugs and Other Issues

Bugs are obviously a part and parcel of any program.

So keeping your store updated with the latest version will allow you to keep your store free from all bugs.

And keeping your software updated is always the best idea to keep yourself free from any kind of issues and other non – compatibility.

2. It enhances Better Security for your Store

Software security is also an important part of your online store.

When there comes a new release of OpenCart, It is always the best idea to keep it update immediately.

Because a program that is not updated is more prone to vulnerable issues.

Updates keep your security tighter and stronger.

3. New Features are Integrated into your Store

Whenever there is an update, it means new features and adds one is integrated into the OpenCart engine.

So as an OpenCart store owner, you have the opportunity to enjoy the latest features integrated into the system.

The features can improve your overall user experience and give you peace of mind.

The new features can also be a part of the solution which you might have been looking for for a long time.

OpenCart takes the pride to launch new features and upgrades often for user experience.

So you must take this opportunity to include it in your store

4. Resist Website Malfunctioning

There are cases when your website might not work properly.

The primary reason can be because of the latest release of extensions and modules becoming outdated.

So there is a need for upgrades.

Mostly OpenCart modules and extensions are releases on the latest platform.

So upgrading your store is a better option to get rid of your eCommerce store malfunctions.

5. Compatibility with the latest version of OpenCart extensions

As discussed above mostly OpenCart store extension comes compatible with the latest versions.

So you need to migrate your store from 1.5.x.x to any latest version you want.

And TMD migrates and update module will help you overcome the problem within minutes.

You can migrate to any upper version from any lower version.

6. No core file changes

During migration, you need to backup your site.

After you backup your site you must start to upgrade using the TMD Migrate & Upgrade Tool.

The upgrade tool doesn’t change your core files meaning your settings will remain the same.

And new features will be integrated into the store for better security and performance.

It will also provide new functionality if any is coming on with the upgrades

7. Combo migration and upgrading data

As new feature releases in OpenCart, during migration, it is integrated with your old database to form a new database.

So TMD OpenCart Migrate and Upgrade Tool helps you to restructure your older version to a newer version without replacing or shifting or loss of any data.

It shifts all of your data in one go without any compromise.

It will upgrade your database will additional attributes without hampering your database.

So you have peace of mind during the upgrade process and your data is safe.

8. One Click and Shift all Data

TMD Migrate and Upgrade Tool is a simple version upgrader for your OpenCart Store.

You do not need to write any program to for upgrading your database
You can do so with the help of one click of a button.

So it is important for all OpenCart Store owners to take advantage of this powerful OpenCart extension.

Data are shifted to the latest version with the help of this simple tool with a OneClick process

9. Free Support and 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the No.1 priority for any business.

And TMD supports its customer with its excellent support system.

Free support is available throughout the year for any issues arising out of any existing module.

And for any issues, you can create a ticket. You will get a reply as soon as possible

10. Easy Installation

It is a simple migration and upgrade process.

And TMD Migrate and Upgrade Tool provides ease of installation with the need of any technical background

It is just like a plug and play device to get the installation done automatically with a single click

For detailed Installation procedures and screenshots, you may read from the below link

OpenCart Upgrade Tool Documentation

11. Multi-Language Support

TMD OpenCart Module allows multi-language support.

Multi-language support is an available feature from TMD by default
This feature allows your store to retrieve and reinstate all predefined languages without hampering your old data

So during the migration process, you have peace of mind
And it supports multiple languages

12. Multi-Store Support

Multi-store management is a core part of any large eCommerce store.

So all multi-store data will be preserved during the migration process.

The upgrade process with TMD OpenCart Upgrade module will check the relevancy of your database and upgrade it accordingly.

And it will help you get a refreshed version of what you have been looking for.

The migration doesn’t have to be annoying or irritating.

And this is what TMD OpenCart Migration Module does for you. If you are looking for some of the themes for your website. We have collected the best OpenCart themes from the internet. Just check out them.

13. All Versions Supported for OpenCart Upgrade

TMD OpenCart Migration Tool supports all version and it is compatible with any version for a change process

So you do not need to worry about different version updater for your existing version

This version updater is a common application that will support any version to upgrade from any lower version to middle or upper version or from any middle version to the highest version

So you do not need to worry about the conversion process specific to where you are in the upgrade stage.

Use this tool to migrate from 1.5.x.x to 2.x.x or 2.x.x to 3.x.x. or 1.5.x to 3.x.x

14. OpenCart Upgrade & Migration from 1.5.6.x to 2.x.x

TMD OpenCart Upgrade Module is a flexible tool as discussed above
So either you in 1.5.6x or you are in any other version, you have the possibility to upgrade your store one step above

This tool is designed for migration of your store irrespective of where you are at the current stage

Remember you can only upgrade it from the lower version to the upper version
Once you have upgraded from one level to another you cannot reinstate the process.

15. OpenCart Upgrade & Migrating from 2 to 2.2x

If you running an OpenCart Version 2 on your website. Then you can easily upgrade it from 2 to 2.2x or more. So this tool provides the power is in your hand 16 Migrating and upgrading from 2.x to 2.3x.x.

The same applies to the upgrading process for OpenCart store owners of 2x.
If you are in the 2x version, you can jump from 2.x to 2.3.x or to any upper version

TMD OpenCart Migrate and Upgrade tool is unique in its own way for flexible migration

16. OpenCart Upgrade & Migration from 2.3.x to 3.x

And if you are in 2.3.x you have the power to upgrade your store to 3 or 3.x.

So this is flexible and the choice is yours

In Conclusion:

TMD OpenCart Upgrade Module is a universal migration tool for the central OpenCart engine

Either you are in 1.5.x or 2.x or 2.3.x you can always start at any stage to migrate your store to the next level

This is just an evergreen tool for OpenCart Migration and you only need one tool to do so.

Every time a release occurs you have the power to migrate if you own this tool.

So don’t miss the opportunity to have a trial demo and leave us a comment below.

You can also watch demos and read more about it from the documentation on the official page OpenCart Extensions India

Hope this information will encourage you in finding the right tool for your database migration and upgrade process and for your store maintenance at large.

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