6 Must Have PrestaShop Addons, Modules and Extensions For Your Store

prestashop addons

PrestaShop Addons are a part of the PrestaShop eCommerce platform. This open-source eCommerce platform is meant to establish stores for small and medium businesses and eCommerce brands.

And with a community of over 1 million users and contributors, PrestaShop is known as the best eCommerce platform for enterprises as well.

PrestaShop is also a user-friendly and innovative eCommerce platform for small businesses and it allows you to create an online store seamlessly without much effort.

Therefore when it comes to e-commerce platforms, there is a lot of eCommerce platform that may come to your mind but PrestaShop excels over all other platforms in the marketplace.

Because PrestaShop offers almost everything by default that forms the basis and foundation of an E-commerce store.

And you require almost zero add-ons to a few add-ons to get started with PrestaShop without much investment for your online businesses.

What are Addons in PrestaShop?

PrestaShop Addons are often known as modules and extensions.

And these modules often prove to be an expensive solution because it increases the overall cost of implementation and scaling an eCommerce store.

But add-ons provide additional functionality to an online store.

For most eCommerce platforms the required number of addons may exceed your budget while others may have some limitations.

However, PrestaShop does not require any additional add-ons as it is a competitive eCommerce solution by default.

But in case you require an addon the price may be higher as compared to OpenCart.

Because these add-ons are developed and specially crafted by PrestaShop developers and community users.

They have mostly authorized partners of the PrestaShop community and community members.

The community regularly upgrades these modules and makes improvements to addons on a regular basis.

If you wish to know more about PrestaShop addons TMD offers a bunch of modules and extensions for PrestaShop Development.

Why Should You Be Using PrestaShop Addons?

PrestaShop is one of the most effective and efficient eCommerce solutions for small and medium businesses.

It is often said that PrestaShop is more user-friendly than WordPress and OpenCart.

PrestaShop is also cheaper than OpenCart and WordPress when compared to a number of default plugins required for an eCommerce store.

PrestaShop is super simple and SEO friendly and the reason why you should use PrestaShop is that most plugins are available by default in PrestaShop.

And you don’t need or require to spend additionally on the most basic plugins to put your eCommerce store to work for you.

So it is basically a cost-free solution and a versatile platform to control your eCommerce store.

PrestaShop also gives you a lot of features out of the box to comply with all necessary functionality and upgrades.

It also allows you to create fully customized solutions both at the front end and the back end.

And developers use PrestaShop to create any kind of eCommerce solution on its developer’s platform.

And manage your products, categories, discounts, shipping cost, and orders online and promote your brand globally making use of the marketing module.

PrestaShop is a complete solution in the category of eCommerce solutions.

Therefore basic PrestaShop addons and modules such as shipping, invoice design, payments, color swatches, tax, etc. are readily available by default.

How do you know which eCommerce platform is right for your business?

Ecommerce platforms are categorized both for micro-enterprises, small and medium businesses, and also for large businesses.

But how do you know which eCommerce platform is right for your business?

And how to choose the best eCommerce platform for your business?

So the solution to these questions depends on your requirement and the size of your enterprise.

We can have a more detailed discussion of all eCommerce platforms later in the section below.

Types of E-Commerce Platforms

It is important to note that there are 3 types of e-commerce platforms i.e. SaaS-Based, Open Source, and Open SaaS.

Both SaaS and OpenSource platforms have their pros and cons while Open SaaS is a combination of both SaaS and OpenSource.

You have to understand what suits your need based on your requirement and the size of your business.

However, one important aspect is the cost factor.

A SaaS-based eCommerce platform is often cost-effective to get started as it includes a small monthly fee as long as your use the platform.

Whereas OpenSource eCommerce solutions can be costly to get started with that including the total cost of implementing an eCommerce platform.

But there are no other additional monthly charges. Therefore it can be more cost-effective in the long run,

For example, micro-enterprises often prefer WooCommerce solutions for their enterprises.

And small and medium enterprises mostly prefer PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and OpenCart solutions for their online business.

While large enterprises prefer Magento & Shopify solutions for their enterprises.

Take a look a look at the comparison of various Open Source E-commerce platforms for your business.

Comparison of PrestaShop Verus WooCommerce Versus OpenCart


No Features WooCommerce OpenCart PrestaShop
1 Plugin Cost Free to USD 200 Free to USD 250 Below USD 250
2 Available Plugins Around 25000 Above13000 Around 50000
3 SEO Great but need a plugin Great but not flexible, require plugins Fair without plugin
4 Product Support Up to 5000 Products Up to 1 Lac Products More than 1 Lac Products
5 Scalability Hard to scale Moderate Easy
6 Updates Free and Paid Paid Paid
7 UX Simple Easy to Use Easy to Use
8 Performance Low Medium High
9 Development/Support Can customize Can Customize Can Customize
10 Modules & Templates Can use default free template Free and Paid Templates Over 1500 Templates
11 Popularity 4414537 Websites Users 418659  Website Users 251000 Website Users
12 Design & Functionality Nearly 3200 themes Over 1700 themes both old and new Over 3000 Web Templates
13 Built-in Feature Capable of running an eCommerce store Includes More Features Includes More Powerful Features
14 Language Support 180 Unlimited 65
15 Ease of Setup Easy Moderately Easy Moderately Hard
16 Ease of Use Easy Moderate Not so easy, can be difficult to Operate
17 Payment Methods Support various payments Supports various payments by default Supports various payments by default
18 Business Size Small Small to medium Small to large
19 Installation Simple Easy Easy
20 License Type Open Source Open Source Open Source

Best PrestaShop Addons For Optimizing Your E-commerce Store

When it comes to optimizing your eCommerce store there are a lot of plugins that you can configure for your store.

Prestashop has been one of the favorite eCommerce platforms for small businesses worldwide and eCommerce masters.

Scale your Store with the best PrestaShop modules for your store.

And here are a list of the PrestaShop Addons that are brought to you by TMD.

1. PrestaShop Custom Size Chart Addon

This Extension help admin to show the product’s detail in Size-chart.

From the module setting, you can set a size chart heading with multiple values.

Size can have as many rows as required. There is no limit of no. of rows of size.

Custom size chart extension gives the simplest way to create a size chart for products.
Admin can add unlimited size information with multiple rows with headings and values.
Heading will always be one row but values can have multiple rows.
Pressing the plus and remove buttons will add new rows for values and remove the value row respected.
The number of cells in the value row can be any number.
Admin has to enter the number of cells used for values and that number of cells will be created.
Admin can write the name, and description of a custom size.
This will show the above size information. The description can have multiple lines.

2. PrestaShop Custom Tab Pro Addon

Custom Tabs For Products module allows Custom Tabs Pro is an advanced custom tab for products for including additional custom information on the front end.

With the help of this module, you can add unlimited tabs to the product.

The customer tab pro PrestaShop addon allows the admin to enter the title of the tab that will display with the existing three tabs.

Admin can enter information in all languages that are currently installed.

Custom tab extension is given a selection for products, categories, and manufacturers.
It allows a simple One Step to Add Unlimited Custom Tabs On Products Of Categories and Manufacturers.
By default, product pages have only 3 tabs so with the customer tab pro module admin can extend or add new and unlimited tabs in the products page using the Custom tabs extension.

3. PrestaShop Advance FAQ Addon

This module allows the admin to display frequently asked questions and answers on the website.

FAQ can also be listed with categorizing which makes it more effective to read and saves customers or visitors time.

FAQ extension is one of the best Prestashop addons that helps to create categories for FAQ. Admin can write questions and answers and select categories.
The FAQ page will show questions listed with categories.
This extension is perfect for anyone looking for an FAQ page on their site.
It works flawlessly on the FAQ page because it uses javascript.
Admin can assign multiple FAQs in one category.
This will make these FAQs display under the same category on the FAQ page.

4. PrestaShop Additional Product Info Field

With this additional product info filed admin can show unlimited information about the product.

The module just works the same as an option.

Additionally, the website also shows icons or images along with the text.

Admin can also create many products with additional information within a few mins.
For Admin convenience, TMD made this module just like the option.
In Option Admin need to create an option and on the product page they need to select an option in Option Tab and assign value.
This extension works the same way.
Admin can create unlimited product additional fields and assign the same field to multiple products.
That’s where Admin can use their valuable time for product improvement or promotion.
There is an option to add a show image with value.
Admin can enable or disable images to the specific field value.
Additional field information will display exactly the same.
The product page can have as many required fields listed as required.
It will show perfectly without breaking any design.

5. PrestaShop Form Builder Pro Addon

The Form Builder Pro is a PrestaShop module that allows you to build and manage all kinds of forms for your website such as Contact forms, Support tickets, refunds, Inquire, Survey forms, etc.

With this Form Builder, you can show forms in a popup on the Product page in your store.

You can create form Fields of any type, also you can set Filed Labels, Help Text, placeholder, and Error Messages required as necessary.

6. PrestaShop Testimonials Module & Addon

The testimonial PrestaShop addon is a PrestaShop module and extension for adding elegant testimonials to your PrestaShop store.
It is an important part and parcel of any online store to present client testimonials on your website.
This enables the audience to gain trust in your store and increase sales conversion.
As a business, we all know that word of mouth given by clients is much stronger and more valuable for your website rather than just having fancy designs.



There are many more PrestaShop Addons, Modules, and Extensions on the Marketplace that are equally important for scaling a PrestaShop Store.

But it is beyond the scope of this article to describe all of them.

We advise you to visit the PrestaShop community page to get acquainted with other PrestaShop addons, modules, and extensions.

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