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real estate custom script

Custom PHP Script for real estate is a boon for real estate agents willing to build an online property dealing platform.

Real Estate is a lucrative business in the field of property.

While traditional real estate business is still a dominating marketing arena in this domain.

Most of the real estate agents and businesses are looking for various ways online to sell/buy/rent property or exchange property in lieu of property.

And online portals such as,,,, are some of the reputable online real estate market place today.

People from all over geographies are searching today online for finding the best properties for their dream homes and dream lands.

However above portals are high end marketplace and customized projects developed for individual business need.

Real Estate Market Size is Worth Billions of Dollars Globally

According to Grandview Research Real Estate Market Size is Worth $4,263.7 Billion By 2025.

According to United Nations, 50% of the population lives in urban areas and this figure is set to reach up to 65% in the forecast period.

Large real estate agents and businesses has spent handsome amount of money to build their own ecommerce online portal from scratch by hiring agency developers and designers for customers to find them online.

Hence the cost factor involved for these websites are much higher as compared to cost rendered in building a website though custom PHP script.

However the cost of building a real estate portal using custom php scripts provides much lower total cost of ownership.

This is the reason why you should consider custom PHP script for your real estate online website.

Custom PHP script for real estate are pre build custom website script and design that are made specific for your real estate domain.

Therefore it is beneficial for you if you are looking for ways to directly reduce your time, cost and money to build a professional real estate website.

So talking about real estate industry related domain, if you are not in this online space of selling you are obviously loosing handsome amount of money.

Being online and able to present your business online is a dominating factor.

And if you are in real estate considering custom php scripts to launch your own real estate portal in this case would be a great start.

What can you do with Custom PHP Script for Real Estate Business?

Generally there are many options on CMS systems such as WordPress themes and template.

These pre built templates can adapt to your business needs in the online real estate space.

And the themes are actually the custom template design build by developers with basic features and functionalities.

But it depends on whether it satisfies the needs of your business or not.

If other CMS systems do not satisfy the needs of your business, custom PHP script is the best option to build a robust real estate website for your needs.

So if you consider managing your online real estate business with custom PHP script, you don’t need to hire a permanent developer or designer to get your online real estate business up and running.

But to really build a robust real estate business with custom PHP script, it would be good enough to hire a developer to enhance the capabilities of custom PHP script.

So before you dive into it, you have to do a little bit of research as which real estate scripts are more popular for real estate agents.

Comment us below if you are not familiar with custom real estate php script and which script to consider being best for your business.

One of the best way to identify the best script is through customer reviews.

Good reviews denotes possibilities for great accomplishments

Also demo session can be of great help to identify the look and feel of how appealing your portal may look like.

Now that you know what custom PHP scripts for real estate can do for your business.

It’s time to find out the some of the unique features for TMD real estate custom PHP script.

Featuring TMD Custom PHP Script for Real Estate

So moving forward let us take a deep analysis of the custom real estate script built on PHP framework.

You can demo/purchase a custom PHP script for real estate via

The script is built for specific real estate agents and real estate businesses looking forward to build an online real estate empire.

The specific custom script comes with features and gems for inside Real Estate business such as:

Adding property agents

Adding customer

Script comes from Admin panel

Multi languages supporting by the theme

Property Listing on Property Page

Property Detail page for content description

Find/Search Property Section on Home Page and other property landing pages

Contact Form for Enquirer

Responsive Design for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Smart Phones

Retina Display for all types of devices

Gallery Page

Sidebar Options for Making Pages compatible with Right, Left and with No Sidebar.

Easy Customization on the basic of color theme and blog layout.

Clean & Valid Code

Free Support and Update

Support RTL (Right to Left) Language like Urdu

Powerful Admin Panel

Agents Management Section

Separate Agent section for own Property Management

User Management

Website Setting

Unlimited Property Feature

Property Nearest Place Management

Property Inquiry

Optin Forms on Themes

Dashboard , Property, User, Testimonial, Modules/Layout, Settings & Page Customization

Testimonial Section

Multiple Headers with 4 different design

Multiple Footers with 4 different design

Call to actions and much more.

All above features are available in Custom PHP Script for Real Estate.

However if you still want design level changes, TMD Custom PHP Script provides easy customization with the use of script.

So you can change layout and placement easily with script and design alternation.

Create new layouts within minutes and transform any new layout on demand.


Custom PHP script for real estate will help reduce the time and effort in successfully building a real estate online business.

So this script is beneficial for all real estate agents.

Also this script will provide you with an ample opportunity to build a class enterprise solutions with the help of low code and almost no code.

This is what every real estate business owners and develops needs today for faster implementation.

And it will acts as a rapid management console for your portal.

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