Top 10 Reasons To Choose TMD OpenCart Multi Vendor Extension

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OpenCart multi-vendor extensions are widely used by growing business and eCommerce platforms.

Have you ever wondered how easy it is today to transform your business into an online store?

Open-source technologies such as OpenCart are one of the lightweight e-commerce solutions and the easiest way to get through.

So if you are looking to upgrade your online business to an overall e-commerce portal with multivendor capabilities.

Then OpenCart multi vendor module provides such capabilities for your e-commerce store to uplift as an online marketplace.

And at the same time update your OpenCart store with OpenCart Upgrade Module for greater efficiency

Several examples of such online marketplace are like  Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. with incredible seller management panel.

Ecommerce Multi vendor website list around the world

Are you facing multi-seller scalability issues on your website?

I am not sure if your website is built on OpenCart framework. Maybe your website is built on some other framework or you are using the core php framework.

However OpenCart framework is one of the right platforms for small businesses.

As it simply provides a reliable foundation to build your online store with pre-built OpenCart themes

Its extensive features and capabilities make OpenCart one of the best eCommerce platforms for online merchants today.

So I prefer to use OpenCart for my own store.

And TMD OpenCart multi-vendor module is built for OpenCart, developed by OpenCart Certified Partner.

The module integration is easy to implement on any OpenCart theme and it can easily scale up your e-commerce store

It is one of the kind of module that boost your online store to its fullest potential online marketplace

There are many other OpenCart multivendor module competitors on the list

However, the TMD OpenCart multi-vendor module is also one of them with the best available features.

Here are the Top 10 Reason to Choose TMD Opencart multivendor module extension for the online marketplace

TMD OpenCart Multi-vendor is Cost-Effective for startups and small businesses:

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It’s one of the cost-effective modules compared to other competitors in the marketplace. It is great for startups who wish to launch their own e-commerce business into an online marketplace.

TMD multi vendor opencart extension is a scalable module for any OpenCart based ecommerce store.

The Module Extends its capability by driving an eCommerce store into a full-fledged multi-seller platform.

So it is best for business owner and entrepreneurs from various industries who wants to grow their online business and marketplace.

The module also has a tendency to integrate with any OpenCart themes deprive of all available versions.

And any seller who comes up with business ideas of selling their products online also gets mutually benefited by it.

Because seller gets their own seller panel to manage their products, view orders, and complete customer order transactions.

Free Installation & Support for 1 Year:

TMD OpenCart multi vendor module is a simple and friendly multi-vendor module for any OpenCart theme. You can check the supportable list of OpenCart Multi vendor addon with this module.

It is very easy to use and includes simple documentation for implementation.

And extended support of 1 year is free of cost with the purchase of the module.

Quick support & prompt delivery

Free Installation service

Instant Alerts & Notification to keep yourself stay on top of everything:

The TMD OpenCart multi vendor module is integrated with email alerts at various stages.

For example whenever a customer places an order for a product an email is sent to the seller and super admin.

So you can enable notifications on transnational activities made by customers.

Admin also has the option to change email content as required.

Manage TMD OpenCart Multi vendor Seller Panel With Ease:

TMD OpenCart multi-vendor module is integrated with one of the rich features such as the Seller Panel

The seller panel is part of the vast online marketplace where any seller can create his own account.

The seller can sign up for their account and start uploading their products to start instant online selling of products from your existing store.

However, the admin has all the rights to approve or disapprove of a seller and their products.

And each seller can maintain his own profile and dashboard.

For Demo seller login, follow the link below


Super Admin Dashboard for Controlled Seller Activity:

TMD OpenCart multi-vendor module provides the admin dashboard for more control of seller’s data.

The panel is incredible for managing all seller accounts.

So admin has the authority to approve and reject any seller’s account.
Categories and products can go live once approved by the admin.

Admin can also track each and every seller’s orders, income, and buyers from the dashboard

Get hands-on demo session for Super Admin panel from below given link

TMD OpenCart Multi-vendor Supports Multi-Languages:

When it is about the online marketplace.

The buyer and search-related queries may come from different counties and continents.

So based on your OpenCart themes, the best way to attract customers from around the world is through their known language preferences.

So TMD OpenCart multi-vendor supports over a hundred different languages for customers to interact with your eCommerce website through different supporting languages

And it is flexible to get through on any OpenCart themes

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Multistore Support with Seller Login & Customization:

Being an online marketplace TMD OpenCart multi vendor module supports endless seller panels.

This makes your online store the largest selling marketplace on the Internet enabling big ROI.

Every seller also has the provision of uploading an endless number of products.

Also, it is capable for all sellers to store subscription-based products an admin and seller can availability recurring income benefits.

So Multi-store capabilities boost up your online eCommerce presence.
This multi vendor opencart extension allows super admin to customize the seller panel using the custom page.

The provision is only available for Super Admin to take charge of seller panel front panel view.

Super Admin can also insert additional fields such as text boxes and combos as per requirement.

Easy Commission Setting:

Commission setting is important especially when you have multiple sellers with different products and categories.

And TMD OpenCart multi-vendor extension provides easy and clear rules for setting commissions for all vendors/sellers.

Admin can set different commission levels for each seller on product categories.

And Sellers can set conditions on their uploaded products by setting fixed or percentage-wise commissions.

The store admin can also assign a different commission level associated with each category present on the website. Like the shoe category, Super admin can set either 15% or $15. The multi-vendor OpenCart module is all in one you need to run multi seller platform on your website.

Create e-commerce website using OpenCart within 10 Min. Anyone can create e-commerce website using this guide. You will find free themes and modules to get started your webiste.

100% Responsive Supports all OpenCart Themes:

Mobile responsiveness for any online store is not a new topic in today’s world.

This is the era of the internet revolution, where endless opportunities are taking place in mobile and tablet devices.

A higher rate of engagements comes from mobile devices whenever we see any social media reports.

So all OpenCart themes available today are responsive to cater to the needs of customers and vendors.

It enables fast searching of products and placing of an order by customers from any device.

And all sellers also get a responsive view from the front end to view all orders and sales.

TMD OpenCart themes

Perfectly SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization plays a major role in the visibility of your products and services.

So TMD OpenCart multi vendor module provides SEO functionality by default to cater to the needs of optimizing your content for your online store.

This module supports content for meta text and meta description on your products and categories.

Any seller can easily optimize their product content and optimize their product.


The above article is a fundamental topic on how OpenCart multi-vendor extension can transform your eCommerce marketplace.

And I hope the TMD OpenCart multi vendor extension is a great place to start with.

However, you can also look for other similar multi vendor OpenCart extensions on the marketplace

So try out demos and decide which is best for your business in terms of budget, features, and requirements.

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