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This extension lets the website owner provide their physical store address on Google Maps. The customer will have the option to find the nearby physical by sharing the GPS location. They will get all the store addresses near to them.

The customer can take away the order from the nearby store. That will reduce the order return and save the shipping cost. OpenCart store locator lets the website owner update the colour theme, and write the text in multi-language.

After the customer places the order, the customer selects store details added to the order details. The admin can share customer order details with the store manager to prepare the products for pickup.

Importance for E-commerce:

It will be beneficial to that store Let your customers know that they can pick up the order from the nearest store around them, which will be very helpful. It will not only build trust but also reduce the shipment delivery management. Thus, both customers and store owners get benefits from this OpenCart module.

Some customers still prefer to buy the products from someone whom they know. They can make the order online on your website and experience shopping in-store, the immediacy of order pickup, and the personal customer service they receive.

It also ensures businesses ensure that customers who prefer shopping in physical stores are satisfied. When customers find the products online and can purchase or take the order from someone from their physical store, they are more likely to remain engaged with the brand.

Key Features

Customizable Store Details:

The admin can access all the store’s information like store name, address, opening and closing time, person to contact, lunchtime, holiday hours, etc. You can edit or delete the store information at any time.

Seamless Integration with Google Maps:

It leverages Google Maps to display accurate store locations, allowing customers to find the nearest store easily.

When the website owner enters the store information, the module will take the store address and automatically find the location on Google Maps.

Also, provides the option to change the pin of the location on Google Maps by moving it. So that customers will have to find the correct address of the store.

Enhanced User Experience:

When a customer lands on your website, they can navigate to the store locator page. They will asked to share the GPS location of their device with the website.

Then module will check the physical store location within the radius such as 5 K.M. or 10 K.M. All the store that comes under this radius will be shown as a list to the customer.

Customers can check each store’s information and decide from which store they are ready to take the order.

Setting Up the OpenCart Store Locator


It is developed using the OCMOD that makes the installation process standard. You get two ways to install the module
1. Use the in-built module installer: You must login to the admin panel of the OpneCart website. Navigate to the Module installer page. Upload the module zip file. Then wait for the installation success message.
2. Upload the File manually: It is tricky and requires technical knowledge. Before heading over this step, you must have experience dealing with the FTP,cPanel, PLASK, etc. Otherwise do not bother to continue.

I suggest you experiment on the testing website first. Please check our OpenCart module installer tutorial. Follow all the steps, missing the step or doing anything wrong will take down your live website.

Configuring Store Details:

The OpenCart store locator extension lets the admin customize the store information page to match the business brand. Color theme, text, buttons, backgrounds, and other elements can easily be configured from the setting.

It will become part of your website. There is online documentation available along with the video tutorial, One can easily do the settings.

Advanced Functionalities

Filter and Search Capabilities:

Finding the store is quite simple. There are two options User can manually search or share their current address – GPS location with a website. Both functionalities will use the Google MAP search integration to bring the nearest stores in front of the customer on your OpenCart website.

1. GPS location

It is the easiest option, By default when anyone lands on the store locator page. A location permission popup of the browser will display.

If you allow the location permission, the browser will share your current location with the website. Then your current location is used and displays the physical store’s current locations on Google Maps.

2. Address

If you don’t share the location, then you can enter the address manually in the search bar. Google Maps will use your address and display all the nearest stores around you. It is a good option for those people who do not want to share their live location.

Multi-Language Compatibility

This extension is compatible with multilinguals. It lets the admin write all the text of the store locator extension and all the active languages of the website.

When a customer selects a different language on the website, the store locator page dynamically updates to display all texts in that chosen language. This feature helps in targeting a global audience effectively and can improve SEO performance across different regions.

Integration with E-commerce Workflows

Impact on the Customer Journey:

It will significantly enhance the customer journey by providing a seamless and convenient way for customers to find physical store locations.

This is particularly valuable for shoppers who prefer picking up their purchases in-store or want to view products in person before making a decision.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers appreciate the added convenience and are more likely to return knowing they can easily find store locations and pick-up options.

Driving Offline Sales:

The module can help bridge online browsing to physical store visits. It will get the customer to your store even while they order on your website.

When a customer gets good service at the store, they may return to the store next time and buy directly at the physical store.
Eventually increasing the number of loyal customers.

Customization and Styling

Theming and Color Schemes:

This module offers administrators the flexibility to tailor the appearance of elements such as text, buttons, and backgrounds by adjusting the color settings directly from the module’s control panel.

The Store locator pages and design will seamlessly integrate with any website’s design aesthetic and will become a natural part of the website.

On occasions days such as Diwali, Holi, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the website can update the color theme to match their marketing strategy.

Responsive Design:

It uses OpenCart’s BootStrap for the store locator page layout. That makes it’s all pages automatically responsive for all kinds of devices such as Desktop, Mobile, Tabs, and laptops.

Your customer will have a seamless user experience on the website.

By maintaining a consistent and accessible interface on all devices, the module helps prevent usability issues and ensures that every user can interact with it effectively. Thereby improving overall customer satisfaction.

Support and Compatibility

OpenCart Version Compatibility:

TMD uses the VQMOD and OCMOD to develop this OpenCart store locator extension. It supports both 2x, 3x, and 4x versions of OpenCart. While installing the module, your website files remain untouched. All the functionality will be automatically inserted into the theme using XML at the time of loading in the browser.
It is fully tested with various OpenCart versions to ensure using this extension on your website won’t impact the loading time.

Technical Support:

Online documentation is available. Anyone who read the documentation for installation to module setting to get the store locator on their OpenCart website. Also, you will get the installation to technical support on the support ticket. You will get the reply within 1 working day.


It helps the website to save the shipping charges for both the customer and the website. This module can drive foot traffic to physical locations, potentially increasing in-store sales.

The Website can easily identify their nearby customers and offer them new services.

It works with OpenCart 2x to 4x versions. Also supports PHP 8x version. By providing a visual map and detailed store information, the module enables customers to easily locate physical stores, improving their shopping experience.

All these things make it an essential part of the ecommerce business that runs physical stores.

Install our OpenCart Store Locator Module today and transform their shopping journey. Contact us now for seamless integration and support!

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