Install The Extension On Your OpenCart Website

OpenCart Module and extension installation step by step guide

You can download the extension from the opencart official site or our website. The downloaded file will be a zip file.

There are two ways to install the extension on the OpencCart website.

  1. Use the admin In-built extension installer
  2. Upload the files of extension into the website using FTP/Cpanel.

I recommend you to use the 1st method, It is simple and easy and takes only a few minutes to install the extension on the site.

Easy Method: Use The Admin In-built Extension Installer

Step 1

  1. Login in to the admin panel
  2. Go to Extension → Installer
  3. Select the zip file of the extension
  4. wait for installation complete,
  5. You will get the message “You have successfully modified the extension”.

Step 2

Now it’s time to refresh the modification to make the extension work throughout the website. After every installation and uninstallation or enable and disable the module, the admin must refresh the modification.

The next step is to install the OpenCart email newsletter extension from the module list page

Step 3

Go to Extension → Extensions

Here you must select the module from the drop down. Our extension falls into the module list of OpenCart. Look for our TMD OpenCart newsletter module and click on the install button.

Now our extension is ready to configure to use for customer login and send messages on various events.

Install The Extension Using FTP/Cpanel

It is quite difficult and requires technical knowledge of website management.

The downloaded extension file is a zip file.  You need to extract it using software like 7zip, zip extractor, windows inbuilt extractor, WinRAR, etc. You will find the sub folders named catalog, system, and admin.

filezilla disconnect

Either use the FileZilla Software or CuteFTP software to login into your website hosting section where we can access the files of a website hosted on the server.

You can log in to the Cpanel of the website. If you are good with technical knowledge and are comfortable.

Select the File Manager. Select the public_html or www folder.

If your website is hosted directly on the website then you are at the right place.

cPanel File Manager

All you need to follow the same path structure of folders present in the module. Just copy the file and upload it to the exact file structure of the website.

To make sure, double-check the file location structure. The extension won’t work if there is a mistake while file upload.

After all, files are uploaded, we need to login into the admin panel and follow the instructions of step 2 written in  “Use the admin In-built extension installer”.

Give Permission To Module To Make It Work On Admin Section

After that in the Admin panel go to System -> Users -> Usergroup and edit ‘Administrator’ and select all for both Access and Modify Permission then save it.


If you have created another user group and the user is associated with that user group. To whom you want to give permission to operate the OpenCart email newsletter subscriber module then you must select that user group and modify the permission as written above.

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