Why Should You Use OpenCart : A complete Guide

OpenCart introduction

OpenCart is an open source online shopping platform. You can say it e-commerce business platform for online merchants. OpenCart helps you set up your own online store management system and earn effectively. It covers each part of the online business.

“Totally free PHP based android application platform for online store management system”

OpenCart History

Originally OpenCart developed in 1998 by Christopher G. Mann for CDROM and later free BSD Mall. It came into action publically in May 1999.

Further developed by Daniel Cerr and used as the basis for his own e-commerce software written in PHP. After a long struggle and complication, finally, they release reliable and stable software onto google in February 2009.

There are many similar platforms in the market but why OpenCart is chosen one because of the following Features Key Features:

1. User and Customer management:

To organize an online store and to interact with many people, a management system is required. OpenCart provides you all together with advanced facilities and separate access for user group and users

2. Options and Properties:

We all know products and commodities found in different options, different sizes, and with different colors. OpenCart offers you multiple Options in products with enhanced versions.

3. Discount, Offers, and Coupons:

As a customer wants to buy something in the market, he will definitely compare the products as well as their price. So, OpenCart provides A platform for customers as well as for retailers. It is a nice platform to compare the prices of the product. Many times retailers lower their prices to keep up with their competition. It offers discounts, coupons and gives ways to increase their sale values of products.

4. Payment Methods Available in OpenCart:

OpenCart application offers different payment options such as cheque, Paypal, and bank transfer. Download option at the various platform:

It is an open source and free of cost. It provides transparency and shares an image of what their community wanted. It is easy to download and user friendly. It is easy to get on various play store platform and get started in minutes, not in days

5. Unlimited category:

This is the platform where customers and retailers get a lot of categories for getting products. This is easy to use with an android application that provides categories and subcategories.

You can use its 9 Steps To Increase Customer Retention And Customer Life Time Value For Sale to know more about your product and customers. The website should be improved in such a way that customer love to buy the product from your site,

6. Review and Ratings:

Review and ratings are the most important factor to decide which product and company is better and which is to buy or not. OpenCart provides the customer best rating products with review and integrating comments.

7. Reward Points:

OpenCart provides customer lifetime value and return purchase and also shows confidence about the product and source companies. Easily find and buy products and filters:

It provides a thing to buy and sell easily. It is a great platform for retailers and customers. you can create categories of products with multiple options. The customer refines the product whatever he wants. Just type the desired keywords in the search box and click the search button. They will find easily what they wanted.

8. Language and currency:

OpenCart is an open source platform. So, you can use it in your language is quite easy. You can expand your business in multi languages. The language in which the product put in the store is 100% translatable. Tag support and sale report:

It also provides a product report so that it is easy to trust the product and company online store to customer. It also provides an annual product sale report. E-commerce website owner defines new tags for products to maximize visibility in the search engine to display to the customer while searching for products.

9. Support:

OpenCart provides online help from certified partners. It gives ratings to the online store partners such as gold, silver, and platinum. Everybody can get suggestions from there according to your need from best-selling experts. OpenCart Extension is a Silver partner from India. OpenCartExtensions company is one of the leading companies from India and serving from 6 years. They provided dedicated support to all customers. There are famous for their support.

10. Search Engine Optimize:

OpenCart is an easy-to-download application and it gives the best search engine extension. It will save you a higher cost to get your website in a high search engine. it is easy to register and launch faster with simple steps. It is easy to handles categories and subcategories by adding up extensions. Easy to control and catch up with e-commerce trends.

How to download and install:


OpenCart application can download from official website . The latest version can be downloaded from the site given above. A zip is downloaded. Unzip it and follow the readme. Text and follow the file to install it.

Upload to your web server established and extracted the archive. We will now use the file transfer protocol (FTP) client to upload this uncompressed file to the webserver.

Three Easy Steps are followed and you are ready to sell your product. For installation Guide check on OpenCart official website

android app for opencart

For mobile you can check OpenCart Android App is one of the best Android apps present in the market. It is made by on OpenCart Extensions , an Indian Company. Top 2nd position in India. And official Partner of OpenCart.com from India. You can check on Silver Partner from India on OpenCart. After the complete installation process, you can configure your store. Add categories and products, add extensions that provide extra functionality to the site store. You can get help from OpenCart community.

Also Read OpenCart Upgrade Module, Migrate from 1.5.x.x to 2.x.x and to 3.x.x

There are many free as well as paid Modules and extensions are provided by various companies. For a quick start, you start looking on OpenCart Extension. If you need help to set up your website. Please Contact us for dedicated support. We serve more than 1000 customers and companies in the last 6 years. Let me know you need more information. Have any query Comment down 🙂

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