How To Create A Blog In OpenCart And Maximize Traffic And Revenue?

Create Blog In OpenCart

The blog has become an integral part of any e-commerce store. So a blog is not just a blog anymore. Because your audience is searching for your products and services to solve their problems. We are going to tell u how to install a blog on the OpenCart website and how to use it. For this, we will use the OpenCart blog module.

So it is up to you how you convey your message to them that will help them find their solutions.

This is why it is no surprise that blogs are widely used for accurate online information for brands.

So just having an e-commerce website isn’t enough today. People love to know about your products and services before they make a decision the purchase.

So if you are regularly blogging on your website, chances are your website traffic will increase over time.

What is an OpenCart Blog?

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be complicated, you can just install a blog module to get started.

An OpenCart Blog module is aimed to provide a strong and easy tool to create and post content that will help you sell better.

You can create a post similar to the WordPress CMS system and publish your articles, news, and posts.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to configure a blog on your OpenCart Store using TMD blog Module.

As far as I know, Yeah! adding a blog to OpenCart is most probably an easy integration like installing a module to your website.

There are many OpenCart blog modules you can find online on the official  OpenCart MarketPlace.

However, I would like to recommend the OpenCart Blog Module which is developed By the Official Partner of OpenCart from India.

How to Blog on your OpenCart Store? – The essence of Blogging

Blogging is one of the effective content marketing strategies when it comes to generating traffic to your website.

So as an OpenCart store owner, the idea of blogging, in particular, will enable your search traffic when it is effectively done on your OpenCart store.

However, it should not be limited or confined to just products in the store. The purpose of blogging should provide value to your audience with respect to your products in the store.

Content should be formed for general reading and make it appealing for digital consumers that provide valuable reading material for your products.

Usually, your audience would love to keep something with them, and content is a great way to distribute it freely.

This can be distributed in the form of ebooks. So your audience will be able to download your content and use it for future use.

The distributed content must make awareness of your products so your audience can consider your product during the active phase of their buying journey.

How to Maximize your traffic and revenue with OpenCart Blog?

An OpenCart Blog is similar to a WordPress Content management system.

So you can post educational content, brand storytelling, and publish infographics as well on your blogs.

According to Hubspot  Businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t

So what it means is people trust blogs.

People are more likely interested in educational content, and this is the space where you can grow your audience by solving their queries.

Basically, you have to write about your products and services in a way that solves people’s problems.

And this will not just increase the brand value of your product and services but they are more likely to purchase from your store.

So the more content you write, the better it is for search engines to place your content in front of your audience.

This will enable searching engines to index your content and place your content in front of readers.

And with a little knowledge of copywriting and SEO, your website ranking can increase with great content

It will also encourage inbound links to your website and increase the authority of your website.

Proven Strategies to increase traffic and revenue with your blog.

  • Write elaborate and long content and write often
  • Share and Promote your post on social media and other mediums.
  • Write Engaging Post with effective titles
  • Know your products and services well
  • Include images and graphics
  • Incorporate long-tail keywords in your post
  • Incorporate internal links
  • Add social sharing buttons
  • Make your content easy to read

How to install TMD Advance Blog Module in OpenCart?

Installation of TMD Advance Blog Module is easy very simple as well as easy to use. This extension is made with love by TMD for managing blog authors, blog categories, and blog entries.

The extension has its own page where you can set up your own template.

You can add a blog, and categories from admin in which you have many more options like color setting, Enable/Disable options for Title, descriptions, Social icons, etc. and it supports fully all Seo URLs.

So this customized blog module and extension make your store vibrant and elegant.

For a step-by-step installation process to install the OpenCart Blog on your store.

Refer to our documentation

Top 5 OpenCart blog extensions recommended for your store.

Now that you know how to install a blog on your OpenCart store, here are some of the widely used OpenCart blog modules that you might be interested in.

1. TMD Advance Blog Module

TMD OpenCart blog module is created to provide an effective blogging platform that is simple and easy to manage.

It has its own page for publishing posts where you can also set up your own template. You can add blogs and categories from the admin.

It also provides a dashboard for the admin to view the overall number of categories posted and recent comments up to date.

opencart blog

2. Opencart Blog Module – Daily Blog Pro

OpenCart Blog Module Daily Blog pro is also a good companion for your OpenCart Blog.

With the power of a blog in your OpenCart store, this OpenCart module will get you more leads and increase the brand value of your store.

This is one of the SEO Ready WordPress Inspired Opencart Blog Module with posts, categories, tags, and 5 additional blog-related layout modules for Opencart 3 x versions.

3. Opencart Blog Extension

OpenCart Blog Extension is made by the OpenCart community. With this extension, you can many features such as:

Fully Responsive
Compatible with Latest Version
Multilanguage Supported
Customized Admin Panel
Open Source and more.

4. Blog System for OpenCart – Easy blog Pro

Easy blog pro is another blog extension that is easy to install and use on your OpenCart store.

It supports the latest versions of OpenCart 3 as well as OpenCart 2 and features of the modules include:

Articles, Categories, and subcategories, Comments for articles with admin moderation, and Google reCAPTCHA
It supports tags and SEO URL
Responsive theme (html5 and bootstrap3)
Multi-lingual fields for Page Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords.
Full multi-lingual support for links & meta tags.
Display all articles on a single page or with pagination
Customizable Blog Name
Custom short description area (intro text)
Social buttons for article
and more.

5. Blog Module Free/Pro

This is a free as well as premier blog module with rich features developed to seamlessly integrate into your OpenCart shop and improve your customer engagement.

The free version features blog posts, blog categories, blog reviews, and blog authors whereas paid features include beautiful designs, export-import import options, powerful commenting, social login lite, search option, category option, tags, latest post, multi-login, multi-store, responsive and mobile-ready, supporting SEO friendly URLs and much more.

Over to you in conclusion:

Blogging on your E-commerce store has immense significance, that is where you can get free organic traffic to your website.

So the easiest way to do this is to install an extension from the OpenCart marketplace and simply get started.

They will also increase the chances of getting links back to your website.

For effective blogging on your e-commerce store, you can also research your ideal audience on Quora and provide their answer by creating topics that solve audience issues.

So writing about your products and services aligned together with questions and answers will make your audience engaging with your website and they are likely to make a purchase from your web.

We have created an infographic that mentioned 10 easy steps to increase e-commerce sales online. If you do not have much time to read the article then you must go through it.

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