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According to Statista, it has been found that the annual revenue from mobile apps in 2016 was reported to be $50 billion, which is projected to reach the $100 billion mark. This certainly shows that mobile apps are a good fore to have by your side! It has been noticed that the app used by most of the smartphone population is actually an e-commerce company, That’s right, Amazon.

it has been found that over 35% of Millenials use Amazon which is even more than apps like Facebook and Youtube. So, this must be a great motivation for any e-commerce business to get themselves a mobile app.

In a release by Business Insider,

Not only this, the reading rates of emails are found to be just around 4%, while it has been found that push notifications tend to e read by 92% of the audience. There’s a certain belief among the people that a responsive site can suppress the need for an app.

mobile usage from 2012  to 2016


So, are you convinced now to get an Android app for OpenCart?

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How Mobile can help to increase your Business

But guess what, that’s not true. For one, an app will always be faster than any site. Not only this, a mobile app allows for customization and personalization for individual users, which is one of the key drivers of sales growth in today’s e-commerce.  You will know how important is a mobile app for your business by seeing this mobile app usage infographic.

TMD OpenCart android app features


Another plus of having a mobile app will be the ability to use features like phone, camera, contact list, GPS of the user’s phone.

This will also help create a great UX design. Talking of e-commerce buyers, over 58% of the users have accepted that they use mobile apps for shopping.

What should be the Android app for your OpenCart shop be like?

Now, just having the mobile app for the sake of “having a mobile app” is not going to cut it. The app must do its bid to make the users love it, and enjoy it to the fullest.

OpenCart Android App is made by OpenCart Extensions. OpenCart Extensions is the second leading company in India. Moreover, they are the official Partner of OpenCart

OpenCart Extensions is working for 6 years in the e-commerce market and knows the pain of e-commerce website owners. Developed 300+ OpenCart Modules

That’s why they came up with an innovative Android app that let store owners change the Color and text of the App from the website admin panel. Readout complete features below.

There are many considerations while creating an android app for the OpenCart framework, from connecting your delivery people with the back office to an awesome user experience it should have.

Let us have a look at the features our Android app for the OpenCart website offers.

OpenCart Feeling 

We have developed the app keeping in mind the OpenCart design itself. The users will be getting an experience just as good as the OpenCart website. So, that must give you a reason to buy OpenCart Android app developed by us.

A Robust Web admin  

The app developed by us gives full access and control to the admin. This feature makes our Android app for OpenCart website a must-have for your business. The web admin allows the admin to change the color and text in their OpenCart mobile app at their discretion. This level of customization ability will give you a compelling reason to buy OpenCart android app developed by us for your business.

Push Notifications and awesome “Checkout”, “Wishlist” 

The Android app for OpenCart designed by us allows you to showcase the products, sales, and other important announcements easily. The Wishlist and Checkout features have great importance in the success of your android app.

It has been found that 69.23% of people tend to abandon the products and apps during checkout, this means there is a big part of your total revenue depends upon the Checkout and Wishlist features.

Written in Java and XML 

The android app developed by us has been written in native languages such as Java and XML. This makes the app design more stringent and free from crashes. So, will you buy the OpenCart android app developed by us?

Better Navigation and Creative Design

This android app will be a major development in the business of OpenCart websites. Navigation has been made much easier and the addition of creative design will just make it the best thing to have for your OpenCart website.

The smooth transition of the user, from just searching for a random product, to getting convinced of buying it from your website is a long, and complex process. The creative design and the latest navigation offered by this android app will be a helping hand for creating the leads into customers.

Push notifications

 As we all know, Push notifications are a major part of having a great android app for any e-commerce business. The push notifications in this app are designed for Google martial guideline

The fact that push notifications increase engagement by 88% is evident that push notifications are a must for your OpenCart Android app for your website.

With great push notifications, you can easily bring customers back to the app. Not only this, the personalization of users is helped a lot by the data collected by push notifications. So, delay no more, buy OpenCart android app as soon as possible to grow your business faster than ever before.

Awesome Cart 

Your users will be getting an awesome cart with this android app. Only minimum quantity is added at first to the carton selecting the product. This has not been found in the android apps for the OpenCart website before. This will be helpful to the customers because of less confusion.

Reliable payment methods 

Our app can integrate payments which will be more reliable and simplified than the android apps in past for the OpenCart websites. This will make the users trust more and feel free to place orders without any hesitation, as was the case before.

Do you think this is a good enough reason for you to get the Android app for your business? Feel free to contact us with any doubts and questions.

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