6 Important Steps For Ecommerce Growth Found In Case Study Done By Google

important steps for ecommerce growth found in case study by google

There are a lot of companies and organizations doing research on e-commerce business, customer behavior, geography, sale pattern, sale by month, funnel, and other materials.

And how to use these data for eCommerce growth for small businesses so they can compete with big players in the market.

They are also doing a case study on top brands and how they are performing well while most businesses have to face hardship in the same industry.

Today, we are going to discuss the outcome or strategy given after doing a case study by Google.

You will find the researched data published URL of the ThinkWithGoogle website from where data is represented at the bottom of the article.

Most of the tactics or strategies are not new but Google has invested its time, collected data, and posted them on its site.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand that the eCommerce business can grow by spending less amount of money if you follow any one of these strategies perfectly.

With every point, you can read the steps and takeaways. Either create your own marketing plan or follow the steps and measure the result.

Improve UI/UX (Design)

improve ui ux for easy accessible for ecommerce growth

90% of companies in the world spend a big amount of budget on marketing rather than creating a classical website that delivers results.

A website or mobile app must have a good navigation structure and awesome UI effects.

According to Google, improved UI/UX helps customers to go to the desired product. If your website is not performing well in terms of customer stay time and sales.

This means, your website needs improvement in design and effects to improve the usability of the site on desktop and mobile.

You can also read the Usability improvements CASE STUDY boost Modanisa’s mobile conversion rate by 91% research link is present at the bottom of the article.


  1. Create a report containing customer stay timing on various pages like the homepage, category page, product, checkout page, and overall website stay time of customers on average from whatever analytic tools you are using. This report will tell whether either improvement done by us is really effective or not.
  2. You can hire a good designer to analyze your website accessibility and usability on desktop and mobile. Also do check at your end too.
  3. Create a list of improvements need to enhance website UI/UX. Double-check the improvement list to ensure things should not break the site structure.
  4. Either update applies all at once or applies one-by-one improvements to the website. My suggestion is you must update your site improvements one by one. This way, customers will get time to familiarize themselves with the website’s updated version and also retain old customers.
  5. Wait for 2-3 weeks, Now create the same report we create in the first step. Comparing both reports, you must notice website performance is improved by a few seconds to minutes. If so, So, you will also notice the sales graph going upside shows the path of eCommerce growth to make a good profit soon.


Everything needs improvement over time even mother nature’s enhancement from time to time. We keep analyzing from the customer’s eyes what sort of problems or things increase the time of sale process in the business and website.
And do accordingly to make everything smoother for customers’ life.

You must check out our awesome HTML template collection for various business categories

Decrease Marketing Strategy Cost For Ecommerce Growth

Retargeting audience for digital ads

Marketing is an important part of business nowadays It attracts new customers and maintains old customers. But the bad thing about the marketing strategy is, many businesses adding new strategies to the list to grab new markets uncertain about the result.

Exploring new segments of the market is part of the business for decades. Yet running a low budget or looking for the best result, the company’s marketing team should look after re-marketing tactics.

For those who are unaware of what re-marketing is, This tactic uses old marketing customers’ profiles and geolocations like customer interest, passion, work detail, income, job title, location (country, city), and other information. Taking this information and creating a look-alike audience segment.

It should not be an exact duplicate audience, using a newly created audience in ads network, posting, P.R., Media, and affiliates, will help us to attract more customers from the same geolocation. Thus, it provides interested users, who can easily convert into customers.


  1. First, understand your marketing strategy. Ask your advertisement manager to create your customer profile for re-targeting in Excel or CSV file format.
  2. If You are a fairly new website or new in the business, Then you should either create your customer profile yourself by gathering information from market-leading sites. or doing manual research or taking interviews with high-profile persons in your industry to get an insight into the business. Or add ad networking website code into your site that will start tracking visitors into your site. This ad networking website will create a profile of your customer that will help you understand where your business can earn a big profile.
  3. Submit this file to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other ad network site that you uses. Their program will analyze your current audience and create a look-alike audience.
  4. Now start the ads, the marketing team will see a lower cost of an ad click, page landing, form submission, or cost per order as compared to your previous ad campaigns.
  5. Stop that ad campaigns which do not deliver a good result or take too high a cost. Adjusting the audience segment can give effective results. Or you can create new ad campaigns with improved audience information.


It does not matter where money is saved from the wrong investment either in your personal life, home, or company. The company should take the decision by seeing the situation and behave accordingly. Re-marketing is used by big giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Bing, Yahoo, Telsa, Alexa, and many others to sell their product by targeting geo-location to get eCommerce growth and attract more investors.

Best Use Of Video For New Product Launch

use of video for product launch

Average 1-minute people spend on seeing a single video on youtube. Video count goes further than 10 to 30 per day. it means people give half an hour per day. Data goes up in the U.S. and European countries, and daily video watch time is more than 1 hour.
Recently world saw how TikTok mobile app made crazy people crazier just by uploading few-second videos. Businesses should add video marketing to their top priority.
Video is another search engine after Google per data. When people are stuck somewhere, they just search for videos to overcome trouble or do something. I personally watch videos whenever my software or laptop goes wrong 😛


1. Create a strategy for how your company going to interact with customers. By providing educational videos on products, showing off upcoming and existing product features, doing webinars, or something else.
2. Upload at least one video each week to keep interacting with your customer and users. Also, write a reply to their comments.
3. Learn from top-performing video strategies to improve yours to reach more viewers. Try to create videos that bound viewers that describe exactly what and how your products or service is helpful to others.
4. Show new upcoming product features with the launching date. This encourages users to know more information about your products.


In my opinion, for the build, a brand, company, or individual should create an educational video first. After a few weeks or months, start adding a promotional video that just focuses on product features or services.

If you are aware you can check SAMSUNG India, video campaign in 2018-2019. They created an awesome video that shows solutions to problems using their service. They gave service at the top hill at night time for disabled kids.
Also, see Google and Facebook ads campaign and how they play with people’s emotions.

Genders Inequality: Fill The Gap Using Your Skill

Frequency of purchases by category and gender-uae-2017-confrence
In Proceedings of The 17th International Conference on Electronic Business (pp. 106-115). ICEB, Dubai, UAE, December 4-8

While doing marketing a product for both genders often marketing team forgot Women or girls, neglected, or not giving importance to them in their ad campaigns.

According to Google researched data taken from 2018-2020.

They came out with shocking facts analysis that shows men’s domination. Your company can use the gender gap present to promote your product to get popularity to gain e-commerce growth by giving equal responsibility to women. Try to create a new product marketing strategy that shows specifically women and girls’ solutions to problems.

Developed or developing countries like India, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, America, France, and others.
The 2017 Conference happened in ICEB, Dubai, UAE, study shows Total sales quantity by gender. Females account for 65% and males 35% of purchases

Facts: Studies have pointed out overall differences between men and women in their purchase behavior. The gender orientation of search keywords influences advertising performance.


1. Research team should find the gap in communication between women and your competitors.
2. Marketing team must work to create a way in your marketing ad campaign that represents women’s supremacy or they use your product or service proudly. Thus giving your company more importance over your competitors.
3. Always keep eye on the market changes and take advantage of problems and make it a challenge for women to show their potential and skills that relate to your product. Trigger the emotion of people to touch their hearts.


There is a team, who do research on how to win the confidence of customers to gain trust in our product. If your business produces products for all genders then your marking strategy should be clear to give a message to all genders. Understand the purchase behavior, and segment of customers to gain popularity.

Unaware of segmenting your audience for personalization content then this research is useful for you. Include this research in your preliminary planning of beginning marketing planning.

Social Strategy For Building Branding

Build A Social Strategy For Brand

Being a social presence is not everything if your content does not interact with your customer. Not getting enough comments and likes on the post tells the brand is missing customer strength. There is a difference between social presence, interaction, and social strategy in building a brand on social sites.

Brand managers, marketing teams, and customer support teams can work together to achieve new customers and gain loyalty from old customers through social channels. All you need to be post-show them how much your brand cares about them.

The Identity Loyalty framework lets brand managers put Identity Loyalty principles at the forefront and maintains consistency in building deep and strong connections with their audiences.

Here are some points that I copied from the ThinkWithGoogle research mentioned.


  1. Commit to authenticity
  2. Communicate your brand identity
  3. Invite consumers to co-develop the brand identity
  4. Strive for brand resonance, not clout
  5. Monitor the cultural climate
  6. Have a backup plan
  7. At the end of the day, put people first


According to GlobalWebIndex, 40% of users 16 years old to 64 years old worldwide are spending more time on social media. On social networking websites, users are connected to each other and share what they like. This is how a campaign drives more than millions of views and new subscribers to a company. It could be an easy way to improve eCommerce growth. Examples are #BigGameColorCommentary by Pantone, ‘Find Me a Match’ by Vrbo, ‘For My Damn Self’ by Mejuri, and many others.

Turning Opposing Customer Expectations Into New Opportunities

Turning Opposing Customer Expectations Into New Opportunities

All brands are giving the best service to stand on the promises they made in the beginning. But customer expectations kept rising which creates challenges for the brand to fulfill. Those brands that successfully deliver satisfaction by creating a bridge to customers are more likely to come out on top in their industry.

By connecting through a direct-to-consumer strategy, a brand can create an authentic and meaningful connection and stand out as an independent brand with its own principles.

Indian Brands like “Shopcluse” provide products with the label “Made In India” on their website. Also, the website contains global companies’ products as well.

Doing so, add the opportunity to improve the sales percentage of local brands. Like this, Nike promotes products using the “Nike Unit” which represents depicting local cultures and prioritizing local heroes among new generations.


1. List out problems between customers and your company.
2. Identify customers who faced problems while giving service to them. Also, please create a list of loyal customers.
3. Find one biggest problems that will give easy access and increase the trust level of customers toward the company.
4. Discuss with team members, and use the technique called brainstorming. You will have multiple ideas, select the most trustable idea and represent it as a solution for your customer.
5. Perform trial and error with a few customers who have a problem and loyal customers. Note down all the outcomes.
6. Check if the outcome we got is either good or bad, if it is good, then how can we improve it to create an opportunity for profit.
7. If the outcome is bad, then it is time to discuss with the team to change the concept of the solution. Perform the 5th and 6th steps again.


38% of APAC consumers who didn’t shop online before the pandemic have said they intend to continue shopping online and many businesses found that their primary the storefront had shifted online.

—  Source ThinkWithGoogle

Case Study Research Data Published By Google

Improve UI/UX (Design)

Usability improvements boost Modanisa’s mobile conversion rate by 91% https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/marketing-strategies/app-and-mobile/usability-improvements-boost-modanisas-mobile-conversion-rate-91

Decrease Marketing Strategy Cost

Drastically Reduced Cost Per Acquisition with Google Ads https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/marketing-strategies/app-and-mobile/case-study-how-osn-drastically-reduced-cost-acquisition-adwords

Best Use Of Video For Product Launch

new audio speakers into a challenging market using YouTube https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/marketing-strategies/video/listen-how-samsung-launched-new-audio-speakers/
KitKat Collaborates with YouTube Creators to Bring Mobile Game Crossy Road to Life https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/marketing-strategies/video/kitkat-collaborates-youtube-creators-bring-mobile-game-crossy-road-life/
The Rise of YouTube in MENA https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/marketing-strategies/video/youtube-series-rise-youtube-mena
making a big impact with small stories https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-145/marketing-strategies/video/youtube-bumper-ads-making-big-impact-small-stories

Gender Inequality: Fill The Gap Using Your Skill

How the planet’s #1 girl band took the world by storm  https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-apac/marketing-strategies/video/blackpink-on-brand-building/
Revealing a gender divide — what does that mean for brands https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-apac/consumer-insights/consumer-trends/women-search-trends/

Social Strategy

Building Identity Loyalty Through Social Media https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/future-of-marketing/digital-transformation/building-identity-through-social-media/
How to adapt your social strategy to unpredictable times https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-strategies/app-and-mobile/social-media-strategy/
7 of the best social media campaigns we’ve ever seen https://www.brafton.com/blog/social-media/3-brands-with-the-best-social-media-campaigns-in-2016/

Turning Opposing Customer Expectations Into New Opportunities

Turning opposing customer expectations into new retail opportunities https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-apac/consumer-insights/consumer-trends/customer-expectations-meet-retail-opportunities/

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