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The OpenCart classified theme is specially designed for services and ads placement. Mega Header, Mega Footer, Newsletter, and Featured Category are premium modules available with this theme. All the modules are worth more than $75. You are going to pay only for the theme price and premium modules will be included.

This theme is useful for improving the performance of your ads and advertising displays, as well as displaying ads online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The theme has online documentation that explains the installation and how to use it.

OpenCart classified theme has all the essential functions that will convert your website into a classified publishing website. Where people will come and buy the services or ads.

Ad spending in the Classifieds segment is projected to reach US$21.24bn in 2022. according to Statista

Responsive Design

OpenCart classified theme is designed in a way that navigation of pages and ads placement is perfect and utilizes the space of the screen. The theme uses the mostly in-built OpenCart functions to make sure the website owner should not hassle here and there.

The theme is retina ready and looks perfect on every screen – desktop, laptop, iPhone, mobile tabs, etc. Users can easily signup and buy the service/ad right from their phone or another device.

Ad Information Page

This page has useful information about who posted the ad. Name, phone number, and address. It also contains multiple photos of the product or service.
The price and add to cart button are highlighted and stand out on the page. Google map is used to show the address.

Whenever the admin enters the correct address, the theme will show the google map automatically. Users can write reviews and give ratings. The posted date is also shown on the ad page. The views number represents how many times this ad is viewed by the user.

OpenCart Classified Theme Comes With Mega Menu And Footer

The website is used to display vital page links in the main menu that auto-adjusts the height and width according to to screen size. Megamenu and the footer are capable to show more than just a hyperlink text.

Mega Menu

The theme comes with a mega menu to show important page links and categories or products in the menu section. Menus can easily be manageable from the admin setting. Admin can decide what product information is visible in the menu and select the category as a sub-menu or main menu. Also, Information page links can be placed in the menu.

Mega Footer

This module creates 4 sections in the footer of the website. In each section, the admin can add either simple text, social icons, or page links. Menus and footer links will be used on the existing website style and color theme.

Special And Related Products

On the ads information page, a special and related products list can be shown. Special products are that product that is assigned as special from the special module. On the product setting page.

Feature Category

This module shows categories and their products tab design on the homepage. Admin can write text lines that become the title of the section of the feature category. Limit the number of products to display in the selected category in the front. There is two design present first one is horizontal and the second one is vertical. According to the website theme, the admin can decide the best design for the feature category.

Email Subscriber Form And Send Newsletter

To collect the email address of the visitors, OpenCart newsletter module is present in the theme. It has a name, an email input box, and a submit button. The collected email address will list in the admin panel. This module allows the admin to send an email newsletter.

Visitors can unsubscribe from the newsletter, this module will exclude that email address from the newsletter email sending list. Custom CSS is given in the setting to change the existing newsletter design.

Know how to use a live chat system in your ecommerce website to enhance the sale process. OpenCart Live Chat Module Usage Guide will be a good read for you.

Sort By, Option, Show Counting

The visitors and customers can search the ad. There is another option like searching in the particular category and its sub-categories.
Moreover, there is a sort by the filter is present. It has 6 options to select from such as list by a-z, lower to a higher price, rating model, etc. Users can change the counting of products shown on the page according to their convenience.

Compatible with the latest version of OpenCart

OpenCart classified theme is created in the latest version of OpenCart. It supports the 2.2.x version and works perfectly on all the above versions.

You can buy the OpenCart classified theme now and start your business


Create as many sorts of advertisements and categories as needed for online publication of news/online ads, such as highlighted ads, most popular ads, trending ads, and so on. Admins may also rapidly change or delete any expired advertisements, as well as revise needed adverts.
Now companies give advertisement of their services website at a lower cost. It also helps to reach out to the area where newspapers and magazines were not publishing.

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