A Walk Through Of OpenCart Education Theme

opencart education theme

The world has changed a lot after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not like before when students are happy to go to their tuition center. Now they want to learn everything from mobile phones. Opencart education theme lets admins upload the course online and sale at their own price. The course contains all the material such as video, images, quizzes, tests, and much more.

This OpenCart theme has many paid modules to enhance its functionality. Mega header and footer, email newsletter, testimonial, featured category,  blog, faq, and others are included in this theme.

Students can buy the course from this website and access the material from their accounts. Admin can send the newsletter daily/weekly/monthly or according to their marketing plan.

Pricing Plans In OpenCart Education Theme

This theme lets the admin create the different-different pricing plans for courses. Admin can define the course as weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. And attach the category to each pricing plan.

Students can view all the plans on the pricing plan page.  They can easily navigate to the list of courses in which they want to enroll.

Course Single Page

The design of the course detail page must be simple and easy to find the information either on mobile or desktop. It contains the specification tab where the admin can add the pre-qualification or requirement about the course.

If there are multiple requirements like qualification, prior knowledge of languages, operating systems, etc. Then admin can write the heading with each to make it clear for students.

This information will be listed under the specification tab on the course detail page in the tabular form.

Additional Pages 404, Faq, Gallery

OpenCart education theme reduces the work of website owners to make the website complete. It comes with some important pages such as page not found error (404 page), image gallery list, frequently asked questions, term and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

Admin can create the image gallery with respect to events. Upload images and give a thumbnail image for each gallery. It will help students to know your website and its service.

Multi Language compatible

It is most important when a website deals in books or course which is available in multiple languages. OpenCart education theme is able to show its content in more than one language. Every language has its own tab where the admin can write the content in that language.

Whenever a student or visitor will change the language then website content will automatically change to the selected language.

Mega Header And Footer

The header and footer are the main parts of the website. Mega header replaces the old-fashioned OpenCart default theme’s header. It adds a mega menu to a website capable of showing categories, subcategories, page links, and product information such as image, name, price, etc.

Moreover, there is a mega footer is also packed with an OpenCart education theme.

It creates 4 sections in the footer and each has its own setting. Admin can add data into each section separately. Admin can add a small description of their service or company information, along with social profile links, page links, and more,



Email subscription is a very effective way to engage your customers and convert visitors into new customers. The theme has a default email subscription form present just above the footer. But the admin can also add the email subscription from other places on the page of OpenCart education theme.

OpenCart newsletter module has given setting to create the email templates. The website can send the newsletter to all subscribed email IDs right from the admin panel. There is a report present in this module that tells us if the email address is verified or not. It will reduce spam emails.


It is the best way to attract new customer and tells your best work to the visitors who comes to your site. Customer testimonial works and delivers more results than showing case your service portfolio. The testimonial will be shown in the slider.

A setting has been given to manage this module effectively. The customer can write the testimonial, and the admin will approve or disapprove it from the setting. A list of all the testimonials will be shown in the module section.  Also, the admin can change the color theme and background image from the setting. It works with the latest version of OpenCart.

Featured Category

It displays categories with photos and names. Admin can change the placement of featured categories from the layout setting of the page in OpenCart education theme. There is an option to set the image height and width and limit the number of categories to display,  and other configuration settings are there.

Add Authors And Advance Search Filter For Books

This extension lets the admin to create a separate page for each author and link books to that author. The website can add authors’ information from this module. It displays the number of books written by the author on the author search page.

An advance search is also given for the students. All the necessary fields are present such as author list, edition, ISBN, total no. of pages, book language, format, file size, year, and publication date.

Write Blog

The blog is used to tell the world about the service, events, upcoming functions or news, or other important information to the visitors and existing students.

OpenCart education theme is packed with an OpenCart blog module so the admin can write the blog on the website. the blog extension has all the options like category, tags, blog post, update the color theme, SEO, sidebar, comment, etc.  Admin can write enriched blog posts that can contain images, videos, gifs, and text.

Show FAQ In Category Sections With Search

It has the option to write the Frequently asked question in categorizing section. Every category account, course, money refund, privacy policy, payment, etc, will have its own question and answer. It will help when there are more than 50 questions and answers present, which can be shown in separate groups.

All the question and answer is compatible with Google-rich snippet, which means, that question answer may come into google search result people also asked sections.

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