Add Label On OpenCart Product Image

LabeL Maker Module For Your OpenCart website

This module enhances your OpenCart website by allowing you to add eye-catching labels to product images. With a variety of label designs available, you can effectively highlight multiple features of your products.

This extension provides admins with the flexibility to create custom label text such as ‘New,’ ‘Best Selling,’ ‘Sale,’ ‘10% off,’ etc. You have the flexibility to adjust the label’s colors and fonts according to your website design. Additionally, the module allows admins to specify which labels should be displayed for categories, manufactured products, or customer groups.

It works seamlessly with your existing product images, eliminating the need to modify any default ones. Now, adding labels to your OpenCart products is a straightforward task for administrators.

Advanced Setting of OpenCart Product Label Extension

This label extension is versatile, serving the needs of both merchant websites and customer engagement. It helps admin to have label attributes like color, text, font, and placement of the label on their websites to match their brand and existing website color theme.

You will find four pre-designed labels, that can be used. These label designs can easily added on top of the product images and hence simplifies the process for website owners. Admins have the flexibility to display product labels exclusively to specific customer groups and can create multiple product lists with varying labels.

Some features of the OpenCart product label module include support for default product display modules like bestsellers, featured items, latest additions, specials, and more. These product labels will be displayed on various pages of the website like the homepage, product list, search page, etc.

Position of label





There are different alternatives for positioning labels, like





The OpenCart product label module possesses useful settings, including label customization, customer group targeting, stock level checks, category-specific labelling, product-specific labelling, and multi-language support.

With these built-in features, you can effectively showcase product labels which ultimately boosts your revenue generation.

Create Your Custom Product Labels for OpenCart Images

This extension offers a range of features for designing labels to enhance your product images. It supports multiple language and allows the admin to write text in multiple languages.

It comes with the flexibility to select multiple products or categories, manufacture at once or use the combination to make the conditional label.

For promotions with a limited timeframe, our extension provides an option to display labels for a specific number of days. Set the desired duration, and the label will automatically disappear when the specified time expires– best for time-limited prime deals.

Full control over label customization

  • Text Color
  • Label Background Color
  • Animation Duration and Type
  • Number of Days for Display
  • Whether you want to apply labels to categories, individual products, or manufacturers, our extension supports all these options. You can even combine these settings to custom labels precisely to your needs. 

Enhanced Support for Multi-Store and Customer Groups

Our advanced settings offer major functionality for multi-store setups. Administrators can now accurately control label displays for specific stores, streamlining the process for websites with multiple selling points.

Additionally, it lets the admin utilize the OpenCart customer groups setting. Sellers can decide whether to show or hide labels for customers based on their group when logged into the website.

Key Features:

Customer Group: Customize label displays based on customer groups.

Multi-Store: Choose specific stores for label displays, making it efficient for multi-store setups. While loading the website, the module takes the setting and applies the label automatically on the products. Also, it is compatible with most themes.

Inform Customers About Product Stock Levels

Our OpenCart module helps you set minimum and maximum quantity thresholds for displaying labels. When stock reaches the minimum, the label appears; when it falls below, it vanishes. 

Effortless Label Management

Admins can easily manage labels in OpenCart by adjusting product settings.

Key Features:

Set min and max product quantity limits.

Labels display and disappear automatically.

Seamless Compatibility with Default OpenCart Modules and Pages

Our product label extension easily integrates with the default OpenCart modules, providing extensive support for the core features of OpenCart.

Admins can easily select products from the label set without worrying about default modules displaying products on various website pages. The selected products with labels will automatically appear on other modules as well.

This extension extends its support to a variety of OpenCart website pages, including:

Supported Modules:





Supported Pages:






Multi-Language Support

At TMD, our commitment to customer satisfaction is important, and we understand the importance of catering to diverse linguistic requirements. And for that, we’ve made sure that all our modules and themes are fully compatible with multiple languages. If your website serves audiences in languages other than English, our OpenCart product label extension offers the flexibility to input label text in various languages. This means that when users switch languages on the front end, our module effortlessly adapts to display the selected language’s label text, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

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