Enhance Your Store’s User Experience with TMD OpenCart Mega Menu

add mega menu in OpenCart website

Enabling this module will replace your existing menu with the multi-tier structure and offer flexibility in the mega menu on your ecommerce website. It uses the BootStrap which makes its design highly responsive.
This module is a powerful tool for e-commerce sites and is really useful to those websites which have a vast number of inventories.

It will give a modern design to the website menu by making it dynamic and displaying the latest and trending products, categories, offers, videos, and links to important pages in the menu.
A new mega menu will even adapt the existing color theme of the website by updating the color scheme of menus in the setting.

It will improve both the user experience and the potential for increased sales. Responsiveness guarantees a consistent experience across all devices, while compatibility with major browsers ensures accessibility for all users.
Also, the load time of the website remains the same even after implementing the mega menu on your website.

Our OpenCart module takes a fraction of a second to populate the setting, and data draw the menu and load the data into it.

Who can use this Mega Menu Module on their Website?

mega menu shows the products in sub menus in opencart website

Most of ecommerce website has the old-fashioned menu. Users are struggling to see their entire collection of catalogues or products. Users do the search and find the product instead they can navigate through the menu. It will not only save their time but also decrease the overall user purchase time.

Online stores with a wide array of products can benefit from mega menus. These menus allow for better categorization and help customers easily navigate large inventories.
It comes with a lot of in-built features which makes the customization easy according to your requirements. The UX/UI is very user-friendly, following the default OpenCart MVP pattern to make it compatible with the maximum number of OpenCart versions.

Also, store owners can show the latest, trending, discount coupons, videos, images, links, etc all these things can show. Menu management is too easy, even non-technical person can build their own mega menu for their website.

If you have a problem with installation or the menus are not set properly on your website like the demos have, just create a support ticket. They will help you out by fixing themself.

8 Kinds of Menus You Can Create

It offers a versatile range of menu types that can be created, each with sub-menu rows and columns that will automatically expand. This flexibility given in the menu creation, allows a more organized and user-friendly navigation experience on your website.

Single and Multiple Columns and Rows: Design menus with varying structures, from simple single-column layouts to more complex multi-column and row formats. This is ideal for categorizing a wide range of items or services.

Show Products: Feature specific products directly in the menu. This can include new arrivals, bestsellers, or any category you wish to highlight. Multi-row and column layouts allow you to showcase a larger selection effectively.

Categories and Sub-Categories: Organize your products or content into main categories and sub-categories, making it easier for customers to navigate through your offerings.

Information Pages: Link to important information pages like ‘About Us’, ‘Contact’, ‘FAQs’, or any other informational content you want to be easily accessible from the menu.

Manufacturer List: If your store features products from various manufacturers or brands, you can list them in the menu.

Single and Multiple Columns and Rows: Design menus with varying structures, from simple single-column layouts to more complex multi-column and row formats.

Images: You can add single or multiple images in the sub-menu. It will be a great option when you are about to show the discount coupon or want to promote a specific category. The image will automatically resize according to screen size.

Videos: Use the embed code of the video to add videos to the menus. It can be your product video, pre-sale, new announcements, etc.

Static Content: A WYSIWYG editor is also available, where you can any static content such as custom text, HTML, or add banners. This will help wiring promotional messages, important announcements, or non-dynamic content.

Highly Responsive

This module is designed to ensure that the menu display and functionality remains consistent across all devices, from desktop to tablets and smartphones. Thanks to BootStrap, the menus will adapt to all kinds of screens no matter what device your customers are using.

It checks the screens and automatically shows the full-screen mega menu on the desktop, showing top to down with a smooth scroll effect in the mobile, and right side menu in the tab.

Because of the fluid navigation UI design, switching between, landscape to portrait mode, the menus respond to the real-time screen size changes and update the design of the menu accordingly by maintaining its usability.

On touch-screen devices, the mega menu recognizes and is optimized for touch gestures, such as swiping or tapping. This makes the user’s interaction with the menu elements easy.

Easy to configure

All the setting options are self-explanatory. If you are running out of time then you must follow the documentation available online on TMD’s official website. You will able to get the mega menu on your website within a few minutes.

You should go to our TMD OpenCart mega menu configuration article which will guide you through installation to creating menus on your website even you will find the video tutorial. Every single detail is mentioned there with the FAQ section.
if you are running into a problem create a support ticket. The support team will help you in the installation process. If they find any issue like a conflict with another module, then they solve it for you.

In the main setting, you will configure the colors, menu text size, font, background image, product image height and width, etc. Lets the admin to edit each sub-menu and its content. So that you will always create the menus according to your requirements.

Match Menu with Your Website Color Theme

With the color setting, you can ensure the mega menu not only visually integrates with your website’s unique style. This module uses the JS color library which offers more than 100,000 color palette selections. You can enter the color in hex code, RGB, or ARGB and the color will be automatically populated.

Updated color changes are applied instantly and saved into the module setting. This level of customization makes the menu highly adaptable and user-friendly. It aligns perfectly with your website’s color scheme and brand.

From the title, label, text, menu background, mouse hover, link, button, single-column menu color, etc. You can change every aspect of the menu design color from the color setting. Here is color option you will find in TMD OpenCart menu extension.

  • Top Menu text and background color
  • Header title, link and hover Color
  • Title background and hover color
  • Header background and hover Color
  • DropDown title and sub menu text and background color
  • Menu button background
  • Single-column background color

Products, categories, Manufacturers

This module lets you select what information will be displayed in the menu. The menu will auto-expand its height as per the menu setting. That means you can add many products, categories, and manufacturers. You will find all the possible settings which you ever thought of.

Products: Select products by searching their name. You can add as many products as you want to show in the website menu. You can even decide what product attributes like name, image, price, discounted price, description, options, etc. should be displayed or not in the menu.

Category and subcategories: It lets you show only categories or subcategories. Also, you can show the products attached to selected categories in the mega menu. Its attributes can also be decided as products.

Manufacturer: You also have the setting to show the manufacturer list. Its name, image and link to navigate to the manufacturer are given in the menu.

Links to inner pages, Write Custom HTML – WYSIWYG editor and Add links to external websites

It is really essential to have an important page like about us, contact, announcement, career, etc. in the top menu of the website. In the menu, type dropdown. select the page link option. It will open a new section where you can add the title and link of the page. You can add multiple page links in a single menu. It will show as a drop-down of the main menu. Takes the text size, color, and font from the setting.

Write Custom HTML – WYSIWYG Editor: With the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, you can craft and design custom HTML content. Whether it’s a custom banner, a uniquely formatted text block, or any other HTML element, the WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to design and preview the content before it goes live.

Add Links to External Websites: This functionality allows you to include links that point to external websites in your menu.

Add Image Banner and Videos

Both images and videos can grab the user’s attention. You can use the image to show the discounts, and latest arrival products, promote categories, and other kinds of banners in the menu section. When a user clicks on those image banners, they will be redirected to the page.

The OpenCart mega menu extension is developed in such a way that the image will automatically resize to the best display size according to the screens.
The same goes for the videos. Use the editor to add the embed codes of videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Let the user play the videos directly in the menu.

Get the Latest OpenCart Versions compatibility

It’s essential to keep your website up to date to maintain a secure, efficient, and feature-rich online store. That’s why TMD software teams promptly update their modules and themes upon the release of the latest OpenCart version. You also get the benefit from the latest security patches and performance improvements inherent in newer OpenCart versions. A compatible mega menu module will allow you to take full advantage of these new capabilities, whether it’s improved user interface, better security, or enhanced SEO settings.
When an updated version is available, it will be updated on the website and hence available in your account for download. If you are going to update your website OpenCart version, you will always get the module of theme.


The TMD OpenCart Mega Menu module is not a just navigation tool; it can enhance your site’s functionality. If the website has a regular menu structure then it will be an investment in your customers’ user experience.

Whether you’re a store owner, developer, or UX designer, this module provides the tools you need to create an intuitive, engaging, and efficient navigation structure, ultimately contributing to increased user satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates.

Along with the module, you get a free installation service from them. Create a support ticket if you having a problem with the mega menu extension. TMD software’s post-sale service is really good.

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