8 TMD Bulk OpenCart Import Export Modules

Today I will go through the 10 import-export modules that covers product, categories, customers, order, discount, affiliate, etc. I will try to write down the functionalities of these OpenCart Import export extensions so that you have a clear idea of when and where these modules need to be integrated into your website.

TMD develops most of the import-export modules for the product, category, review, customer, order information, user, discount coupons, etc which can help store owners get their work done faster so that their sole focus should be on improving sales rather than managing the inventory of the online e-commerce website.


Opencart – Category Export/Import (Multilanguage) module lets the admin import the category information in the OpenCart store. It is available at a $19.00 price. is designed for OpenCart versions 1.5.x to

opencart category import export import setting

If you offer a website in multi-language, then you must select the language before importing the category file, as category data will be imported into that language only.

opencart category  export  setting in TMD OpenCart category export module

It also offers the category export option. You can export all categories at once, or a few, depending on the requirement. The export file can be used for further processing or you can make changes, update, add new categories and then import this file again.

It will update the existing categories and add new categories with new records.

Here are key Features:

  1. Multiple File Formats: Supports XLS, CSV, and XLSX formats for easy opening and editing.
  2. Multilanguage Support: Allows importing or exporting categories in the selected language of a multilingual website.
  3. Store-Specific Import/Export: Enables category management for specific stores in a multi-store setup.
  4. Sample Import File: Provides a template for correctly formatting the import file.
  5. Flexible Export Options: Admins can export categories based on store, language, and other criteria.
  6. Special Features: Includes updating categories from older to newer OpenCart versions and exporting all categories together.

Customer and Order

OpenCart Customer & Order Import Export extension developed by TMD can import and export both customers and orders. It has the lowest price $23.74 as compared with another import module which TMD OpenCart sell at $19.

It is designed for OpenCart versions ranging from 1.5x to 4x. This module facilitates the import and export of customer and order data using XLS and XML files, compatible with all OpenCart versions.

customer and order import setting in opencart website

While importing must select what kind of data you want to import from the OpenCart website. Only one thing can be imported at a time. Also select the file extension, XML, or XLS (excel file). Sit back and wait for the import to finish. Similar to other import modules, the existing customers and orders will updated according to the file and new records of customers and orders will be added to the store.

There is a filter given for both customer and order export sections. 15 fields are present in the customer export section, You can export single customer information or a specific customer group, use the customer name, and by email, or write the IP address, customer who subscribed newsletter or not, etc.

You can even export customers store-wise, select the store name or leave the store option unselected to get customers from all the stores. It supports the custom fields. The admin uses this filter to extract the customer information as per their requirement.

oder export setting in OpenCart website

The order export feature also has a filter, with more than 10 fields. The admin can use it to download one order by ID, or a specific customer order list, and export by order status, order total range, or date range. With the multistore support, you can select the store.

Select the exported file format either XLS or XML. There are more ways to export the order information from the OpenCart store using this extension.

Key Features:

  1. Import and Export Functionality: Allows to import and export customers and orders using XLS and XML file formats.
  2. Advanced Filtering: Offers advanced filtering options for both customers and orders, enabling exports based on specific criteria like order status, total price range, customer group, etc.
  3. Sample Files for Easy Use: Provides sample files for orders and customers to guide the correct data formatting for imports.
  4. Customer Data Management: Supports the import of new customers or updating existing ones, including additional fields present in the customer’s profile.
  5. Order Data Management: Enables the import of orders with settings like language and file format, ensuring accurate data management.
  6. Multi-Language Support: Compatible with multi-language setups, allowing for targeted customer and order management in different languages.
  7. No Core File Changes: The module integrates seamlessly with Opencart without overwriting any master files.


product import setting in opencart module

It is one of the best OpenCart Bulk Product Import and Export Multilanguage modules It gives admin to import and export products using CSV, XLS, XML, and XLSX files. It is best suited when you have multiple sources of products and get different file formats from each. compatible with Opencart versions 15.x, 2x, 3x, and 4x.

You can buy this extension at the price of $19.00. This OpenCart import export module facilitates hassle-free product data management for online store admins.

This extension supports the additional fields assigned to products. While creating the import file, you can add the additional field name in the header of the Excel file, and the same goes for other file formats.

This extension will automatically detect the enabled languages on the website and show them in the import and export settings. While importing the product file, the admin must select the file format and language of the product. Also, select the additional fields in the setting.

An advanced filter is given for the product export. There are 15 fields present in the product export filter. Admin can use it to drill down the product and export only those really needed products. Export by Category, manufacturer, status, stock, quantity, name, model, price, reviews, by store. You can even export product information in a selected language.

Export the single product, all products at once, or set the number of products you want to save in the file. This option will reduce the server load and make your website run smoothly.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Import and Export: Admins can import products using CSV and three other file formats, and export products in multiple languages.
  2. Multi-Store and Multi-Language Support: The module works with the latest stable version of Opencart and supports multi-store and multi-language setups.
  3. Advanced Filtering for Export: More than 15 fields are available for filtering during export, allowing for detailed customization.
  4. Custom Field Support: Admins can import data into custom fields of the product.
  5. Sample Import File: A sample file is provided for easy setup and understanding of the required data structure.
  6. Compatibility with Latest Opencart Versions: The module is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with new Opencart versions.

Product Option Import and Export

OpenCart product option import and export is an extension for stores. You can have this extension at $19.00. It is compatible with Opencart versions 2.3x, 3x, 4x.

This extension is designed to simplify the process of managing product options by allowing easy import and export of options. It only supports the XLS format.

It’s working is fairly simple. All you have to select the file and language name and hit the upload button to import the new options on the website.

select product option to export in opencart

Enter the option name which you want to export and select the language ID (name). The exported file will be your product option and its values.

Key Features:

  1. Import Product Options: Enables the import of product options using XLS files, saving time and effort in creating options for each product.
  2. Export Option with Values: Allows exporting a single product option and its values, supporting multiple languages.
  3. Multi-Language Compatibility: The extension supports multi-language websites, allowing imports and exports according to the selected language.
  4. Compatibility with Opencart Versions: Works perfectly with OpenCart versions 2.3.x and 3.x, and is tested up to the latest stable versions.
  5. Ease of Use: The extension is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with the Opencart system without affecting existing website files.

Price and Stock Update

This module will help a website to get the product price and stock always up to date and updated to make sure all customers are served. Its cost is $19.00, the same as previous extensions. OpenCart Price And Stock Update With Options module is designed for Opencart versions 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x and the latest version.

This module simplifies the process of updating product prices and stock levels in an Opencart store, especially when dealing with products that have multiple options. Every option has its own stock. For example, a shirt with different sizes and colours will count as stock and have the quantity to be sold.

prouct stock and price import export setting in opencart

This extension uses the product ID and model to update its information. Before importing anything, make sure your product id or model – anyone – matches the existing product on the website. Then only the price and stocks with options will be updated.

This OpenCart import export extension is best fit for large inventory websites, whose sales are always high. They can just import the price and stock information from the back office or other software directly into the website. Thus, no loss of customers or sales.

Key Features:

  1. Simplified Stock and Price Management: Allows the admin to update the price and stock of products using a simple XLS file import.
  2. Product Options Stock With Price List: Displays a list of products with options, stock, and price information, making it easier to manage inventory.
  3. Downloadable Sample File for Import: Provides a sample import file format to guide the correct data formatting for imports.
  4. Compatibility with Latest Opencart Versions: Works with the latest version of Opencart as well as 2x and higher versions.
  5. Special Features for Product Options: Supports updating product ID, option value ID, product name, model, price, quantity, and other option-related details.
  6. VQMOD Required: Ensures seamless integration with the Opencart system.

This module is particularly useful for store owners who need an efficient way to manage stock levels and pricing for products with various options, helping to maintain accurate inventory and pricing information with ease.

Affiliate, Coupons, Customer, User – All-in-One OpenCart Import Export Extension

Looking for a way to bulk import and export the affiliate, customer, and user in one place? What if I tell you that you can even use the coupons too? Yes, TMD OpenCart developed a module which can import and export coupons, affiliates, customers, and users all in one convenient package at the cost of just $28.50.

This module offers a comprehensive solution for importing and exporting option for those website that deals with the volume of orders in a single day and keep updating their sale strategies to attract more customers. Using this module, updating customers, users, and affiliates, coupon codes become handy.

Export Customers

customer import export options on customer list page opencart website

Import Users

Export Coupons

export coupons from opencart website

Export Discount Coupons

There is only problem with this extension is that it is designed for OpenCart versions 1.5x and 2x 4. They did not do further development of this extension. but I’m sure you will get the latest version compatible version of this extension if you are ready to spend extra bucks for it.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Import and Export Capabilities: Enables the import and export of affiliates, customers, coupons, and users in one module.
  2. Excel File Template for Easy Data Management: Provides an Excel file template for easy modification and importation of data into the website.
  3. Coupon Management: Simplifies the process of creating and updating coupons by allowing bulk import and export.
  4. Customer Management: Facilitates the export and import of customer data, including the ability to approve or disapprove specific customers.
  5. User Management: Allows for the import and export of user data, streamlining user account management.
  6. Affiliate Management: Offers the capability to manage affiliate accounts efficiently through Excel file exports and imports.
  7. No VQMOD Required: Ensures easy integration with the Opencart system without the need for VQMOD.

Discount –

Opencart product discount import export module, priced at $19.00, is designed for versions ranging from 2x to 4x. This module streamlines the process of managing product discounts by enabling easy import and export of discount data into Excel.

Another article covered the 5 different OpenCart discount modules which can help you give seasonal discount offer to your customers.

This OpenCart import export module is particularly useful for store owners who handle a variety of discounts and promotional offers, providing an efficient way to manage and update discount information across their product range.

Key Features:

  1. Simplified Discount Management: Facilitates the import and export of product discount information using Excel, making it easier to manage discounts across multiple products.
  2. Multi-Language Support: The module is compatible with multi-language setups, allowing for efficient discount management in different languages.
  3. Multi-Store Compatibility: Ensures that the module works seamlessly across different stores set up within Opencart.
  4. Export Fields: Includes essential fields like Model, Customer group, Quantity, Priority, Discount price, Date start, and Date end for comprehensive discount management.
  5. Easy Installation and Setup: Designed for straightforward installation and configuration, making it user-friendly for store admins.
  6. No VQMOD Required: Integrates smoothly with the Opencart system without the need for VQMOD.

Product Review

This OpenCart import export extension is redefining product review management in the e-commerce website. Admin can now import the new reviews of customers into the store. It is compatible with the 2x, 3x and 4x versions of OpenCart. You can have this extension on your website at the cost of $19.00.

Product review is essential for any services or business provider. If you have doubts about how customer review can transform your business then you should read our Importance of Product review article and implement a review strategy effectively.

import setting of product review opencart module

Many times sales team encourage customers to give ratings and reviews on other platforms to gain traction, improve the visibility of the business, to generate more sales. These reviews can easily be added to the website using this extension. It will add new reviews and update the existing reviews of the products. Which is even better.

export setting of product review opencart module

It comes with the export features. You can use the filter to download only the required reviews. It uses the string match function to match the product name, you can download reviews of a single product or all the products. Enter the date range or rating range, the module will only export those reviews and rating of product which matches the filter.

Key Features:

  1. Import and Export Reviews: Facilitates the import and export of product reviews, making it easier to manage customer feedback.
  2. Flexible Filtering Options: Includes filters for limiting product reviews or exporting all in a single file, with options like date range and rating range.
  3. Excel File Format: The import and export file will be in Excel XLS format for easy access and management.
  4. Update or Add New Reviews: Allows updating existing product reviews or importing new reviews to be added to respective products.
  5. Compatibility with Various Opencart Versions: Works perfectly with older and latest versions of Opencart.
  6. OCMOD Based: Easy installation via the upload module section in admin, without overwriting Opencart core files.
  7. Export Features: Includes options to export product reviews by product, rating, limit, and date, or export all products together.

This OpenCart import export module is particularly useful for store owners who want to efficiently manage product reviews, whether it’s updating existing reviews or importing new ones, thereby enhancing the customer feedback mechanism on their e-commerce platform.

Product Price List

This extension is not for website management, but it works for the customer end. If your customer always knocking you for product prices then give them a way to download the product information along with prices and stock (optional).

OpenCart product price list module creates a new page where all the products will be listed with comprehensive information such as name, price, options, stock, quantity, model, add to cart button, etc. It has a print button which will print the visible product information on that page. Also, your customer can export the product information in CSV format.

It has a search option, that lets your customer search for a product. The option of product will also shown with its price. This will make the order process easier for the customers. It is ideal for store owners seeking to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly product price list to enhance the customer shopping experience.

The cost of this extension is $19.00. It is compatible with OpenCart versions to This module enhances product visibility on your website by displaying all products with their prices and details on a single page.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Filter and SEO-Friendly URL: Improves product searchability and visibility.
  2. Popup Image and Barcode Display: Offers larger product images in a popup and barcode format using the product SKU.
  3. Customizable Display: Admins can choose which product details to display.
  4. Ajax-Based Loading: Ensures quick product loading without page reloads.
  5. Print and Export Options: Allows printing and exporting of the product price list.
  6. Multi-Language and Multi-Store Support: Compatible with various languages and multiple store setups.
  7. Selective Access: Control over who can view the product list page.
  8. Customizable Color Scheme: Aligns the page appearance with the website’s design.

Here is a list of OpenCart import export modules available in the marketplace

Affiliate import-export (1.5.x , 2.x & 3.x)
All in one import and export and disapprove (1.5.x and 2x)
Category Export / Import (multilanguage)
Coupon Import Export (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x)
Customer & Order Import Export
Customer Import Export (1.5.x, 2.x, 3.x & 4.x)
import and export Product Review (1.5.x , 2.x ,3.x & 4.x)
Import and Export XML ( 1.5.x ,2.x ,3.x & 4.x)
Import Export Combo (Multi-Language)
Multilanguage Seo Url + Combo of Import-Export
Opencart XLS Export ( Categories Export) 1.5.x
OpenCart XLS Export (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x)
OpenCart XLS Import (1.5.x , 2.x & 3.x,4.x)
OpenCart XLS Import (Product Import ) 1.5.x
Order Import Export XML / XLS (1.5.x , 2.x ,3.x & 4.x)
Price And Stock Update With Options (1.5.x , 2.x , 3.x & 4.x
Product Discount Import Export
Product Import And Export Multilanguage (1.5.x , 2.x , 3.x & 4.x)

Product Option Import And Export

Export Orders 1.5.x
All in one import and export and disapprove (1.5.x and 2. x)
Customer Export Module 1.5.x
Customer Export Module(2.x , 3.x & 4.x)
Export Orders (2.x, 3.x & 4.x)
OpenCart Order Export Pro
Opencart XLS Export ( Categories Export) 1.5x

OpenCart XLS Export (1.5.x ,2.x & 3.x,4.x)


If you really care your business is growing and wants to run smoothly. You have multiple sources of product data like ZOHO, SalesForce, SAAP, Sage, HubSpot, Oddo, etc. Then you must have these OpenCart import export modules. It will play an important part in inventory management.

Before going to buy the module you must understand the necessity of time and requirement. Then think which module/tool going to help you.

Conversely, you just started your business and are the only one to manage it. Going with smaller product inventory like 10-50. Have a single source of product stock information or do it manually, then you just sit back, no need to spend a single cent on this extension. As they are not going to help you.

TMD OpenCart Extension has been giving services for 10 years in the OpenCart framework. Their parent company is TMD SOFTWARE Pvt Ltd.

It is a well-known web design and development company in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

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