Documentation Of OpenCart Email Templates


Create an email template for your ecommerce website.
From customer welcome email template to order confirmation and order status update. It will help the website admin to manage email templates effectively.

OpenCart email template modoule will help you to create and edit a template in OpenCart for your customer emails.
This will give you an extra level of customer engagement. To get the best results, you must have a well-structured email message. When designing your emails, don’t just think about how to get your point across. Make sure your message is clear and your reader will get the desired effect. It also helps to create custom order confirmation emails for the ecommerce website owner.


The installation of the OpenCart email management module is easy and can be done by everyone by following the official document of this extension.

We also created a simple guide to install the extension on OpenCart website. It applies to all kinds of modules no matter where you bought the extension from us or another website.

Create Email Templates In OpenCart

This module gives the option to create unlimited email templates and assign them to events of the commerce websites. You must follow the steps mentioned below

  1. On the left menu click on Email then Template.
  2. It will bring you the templates list page. Click on [ + ] icon top right.
  3. You are on the email template creation page.
  4. Here all the language tab present with name and country flag.
  5. Admin must write the email content according to the respected language.
  6. Write the subject line
  7. In the content text area. You can write the HTML or Text content. It has a WYSIWYG editor.
  8. You can use the shortcodes to make the email more dynamic and personalized. Click on the shortcodes icon located at the top-right of the page. A shortcode popup will open.  Just copy the shortcodes and paste them into the subject line or content.
  9. Update the status to enable. By default, it is disabled.

After writing content in all the languages save the email template. You will see your email template name appear in the list.

Enable/disable Email Templates

Please keep in mind that only templates with enabled status will use for email-sending service. Status with disabling will not display in the events assign section.

List of Email Templates

OpenCart email templates list

Here you will find all the email templates created so far. You can edit the email template in OpenCart just by clicking on the pencil icon on the present right side.

The information about the templates will be shown in the primary language of the website. For example, if your website’s primary language is English then the content will display in English.

A status column indicates whether the template is enabled or disabled. You can easily update the status of content by editing them.



shortcodes to write dynamic email content in opencart email template module

There are a total of 15 shortcodes have been given in the OpenCart email template module. According to the event’s name, shortcodes are divided. For the customer registration template, there are account-related shortcodes are there.

There are 6 event types of shortcodes available. Order, customer registration, forgot password, affiliate registration, affiliate forgot password, order status update.

For order confirmation, there are order-related shortcodes present. For example  {order_id}, {order_date}, {product_info}, etc. Admin can paste these shortcodes into the template. When customers check the order confirmation email, then they will get all the order information rather than just a random confirmation.

Events List That Triggers Email

This extension has all the default OpenCart events covered where automatic email triggers. This functionality makes the OpenCart email template extension a perfect choice.

Events name and its working explain below. It will give you more insight into email template usage in OpenCart.

1. Customer Register/ Welcome Email

When a customer account registers successfully. Then a customer gets the welcome email. A default email sends by the OpenCart website. Admin can create a separate email template for customer registration. It will use by this module to send the welcome email to the registered customers.

2. Forgot Password

Forgot password contains the link to get the new password. Admin can use the shortcode {password} to generate the new password for the account.

When admin pastes the {password} shortcode in the email content. When an email is about to send, the shortcode will automatically convert into ready to use a password for the customer.

3. Affiliate

Affiliate is a program where users get a commission on every sale. It is part of the OpenCart. After the successful registration of the affiliate account on the website, an email will be triggered.

Admin can create a new email template that has information affiliate. This template will use by the OpenCart website to send the affiliate registration email to the user.

There are affiliate account shortcodes present. Use these shortcodes to make the email content more effective.

4. Affiliate Forgot Password

The working of this email template is the same as the customer account. Here user will get the affiliate account password instead of the customer account. The customer account will use to login into the affiliate account.

5. OpenCart Order Confirmation Email Template

creating order confirmation email template in OpenCart

This email template is very useful for customers who place orders online. It helps them to know about their order details and confirm the same. This email is usually sent to the customer after the order is complete.

And the best part is that you can easily customize the email template according to your business requirements. You can add any new feature or update the existing one in the order confirmation email. You can also delete the email template if you do not require it.


To create this template please follow the Create Email Template section. There all steps are mentioned, It will help to ready the order confirmation email template or edit order email template in OpenCart.

6. Order Status

After the order is placed by the customer on the website. The admin analyzes the order and updates the order status. Then automatic email was fired, for this event, you can create an email template that has updated order status along with order information.

7. Add Order History

notify order update status using order update email template in OpenCart

Here admin can update the status of the customer’s order. Go to the order list page. Click on the view icon of any order. The order detail page will open. In the history tab, the admin can update the order status. Order status update event will trigger.

Apply Email Templates To Events

OpenCart attach email template to events to send customer

Now your email templates for all events are ready. Admin must attach the email template to events. To apply the email templates follow the below steps

  1. Click on the System menu then Settings.
  2. Edit the store. Usually, It has Your Store (default). There could be another name according to the website setting.
  3. A new tab will appear called “Email Templates”. Click on it.
  4. Here you will see event name has an email template selection. You will see all the email templates showing here. Only status with enabled, email templates is eligible to show here.
  5.  Select the right email templates for the events.
  6. Save the settings.

You are done with the email template set. Every time an event triggers an email. Your website uses the attached email template that is created by OpenCart email template extension.

Permission Related Issue

There are sometimes permission errors that occur. It does not let the admin configure or use the email template module. It is a common error in OpenCart website almost everyone faces this error in their lifetime. Below you will find steps to solve this error.

User group permission

Sometimes, there is an issue arises when the admin lands on the email template setting page, and it shows you do not have permission to access this page.

This issue can be solved easily by updating the user group setting. Follow these steps

  1. Go to the user group page
  2.  Select the user group which has been assigned to your user
  3. Now select all view and modify pages or select only TMD email template-related file names.
  4. Keep in mind deselecting files will revoke the permissions to access those pages in the admin area.
  5. Save the setting.

The permission issue has been solved. Navigate to email > template page. You will able to access the OpenCart email template setting page.

You can get the OpenCart email template extension from the official OpenCart site. Our company, TMD Software Pvt. Ltd. is a platinum partner of OpenCart. We are listed on the partner list page.

You can also ask the pre-sale question to our support team on the ticket.

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