Create Unlimited Popups In OpenCart Containing Coupon Code

OpenCart Popup Module

Using this OpenCart popup module, the admin can create unlimited popups for the website. It makes the designing part of the popup easy. Admin can write the CSS code to make changes to the design of the popup or to create a completely new design.
It allows the admin to set the time interval and decide on which screen desktop or mobile to show the popup. It supports multi-language.
It is compatible with OpenCart versions 2x and 3x. Popup is responsive and displays perfectly on all screens.

Set Condition: Desktop/Mobile ; x Days ; GUEST/ CUSTOMER or Both

OpenCart popup extension has the setting to make the conditional popup. Admin can decide to whom and when the popup will display. Also, it also lets the admin enter the landing URL of the page when the user clicks on the popup. There are three conditional settings present in this module. Below are setting you can use to make the popup according to your requirement.

1. Which Screen To Show Popup On Desktop/Mobile or Both.

OpenCart popup extension came with the option to show the popup on desktop and mobile view. Now admin can configure the different popups for different screens. There could be more than two popups used. Admin can set up the first popup to display on mobile view only and the second popup should display when the website is opened on the desktop. Or a bigger screen than a tablet.

2. Set Interval Days

In the OpenCart popup module, the admin can select either show the popup always or after some days. If Always selected then the popup will display every day. But If the after some chosen day, then enter the number. Popup will display after the specified day count.

3. Decide Who Can See The Popup In OpenCart

This feature can use to attract different customers. Admin can decide who can see the popup either logged-in customers or gust or both. If you are running a campaign, You can offer different offers to your existing customers and different offers to visitors.

Create Unlimited Popups

opencart popup module shows to visitors

This extension allows the admin to create unlimited popups. That means creating popups for different occasions and offers. Just mark the status to disable the popup that is no longer in the use. It also helps you to track the event information.

Designing Awesome Popup In OpenCart

It is easy to create the popup on the OpenCart website. There is the title and a WYSIWYG editor is given to the design. Anyone can write the HTML code to design the popup.
Also on the button click, enter the link to redirect the user. Redirect to the homepage or enter the page url to land the user. Moreover, there is the option to show and hide the title of the popup.
Before displaying the popup it will take all the settings done within the module. The final popup will be responsive by default. It will adapt the screen and show a good design according to the screens.

Select Coupon To Show In OpenCart Popup Module

This extension allows the admin to add the coupon code. All the active coupons will display in the coupon list in the setting. Admin can select one coupon that they want to show on the popup. The selected coupon code will display on the popup automatically by OpenCart popup extension. Users can use this coupon code to get the discount at the time of checkout.

Write CSS For Better

Sometimes we need to make changes to the default appearance and design of the popup that comes with the module itself. And there might be a requirement to change the default popup. For this custom, the CSS setting will be helpful. Admin can write the CSS code to change the popup design. The written CSS code will use by the module while displaying the popup. CSS code must be written by the developer else it may break the existing design.

Working Great With Multi-Language

When you are targeting international customers. It is necessary to have the content of the website in their country’s language. Tabs of all the active language names with the country flag will appear. Their admin can write the content of the popup in respective language tabs. When the customer selects the langauge of the website, they will see the popup content in that language. It will increase customer trust and boost sales.

Compatible With All Kind Of OpenCart Themes

The OpenCart popup module will adapt the color theme from your current website theme. Popups are easy to set up and work with any website theme. Just do the setting you want and our popups will take care of the rest.
If you made the theme just for your website or did some changes to the website theme, This extension will still work and show the popup accurately. All these things are taken into account while creating this OpenCart popup extension. To make sure it will run on all OpenCart themes.

OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

All the modules and themes of TMD are compatible with OpenCart 2x and 3x versions. Admin can install the module using the extension installer present in the admin. Or just place the files using FTP software. It uses the VQMODE for version 2x and OCMOD for 3x version of OpenCart. None of the website files will be overridden. It is the default file structure of OpenCart. All the modules and themes are plug-and-play and ready to use just after the installation.


It comes with a single domain license. That means OpenCart ecommerce owners can use the module for one website only.  If you are running more than one site built in the OpenCart framework. If you are planning to use this module on all your websites. Then you need to buy the same number of licenses of modules.

Here it is worth understanding that support will be given to one domain only if you bought the single domain license for the module.

You can get OpenCart popup extension for your ecommerce website from the official OpenCart website. Support will be given on the support ticket.

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