Make The Work Easier With OpenCart Product Import Export Multi-language

OpenCart Product Import and export

This extension lets the admin import the products into the OpenCart website and exports the product in CSV, XML, XLS, and XLSX formats. It automates the process of importing and exporting products.

This saves time and effort for website owners. Existing product data will automatically update and new products will add to the website. OpenCart product import export module also lets the admin import product data in the multi-language. 4 different file formats are supported for product import and export.
It comes with handy documentation. This extension is also available for older versions of OpenCarts 1.5x to the latest 4x.

Import Products Using Id Or Model In OpenCart Store

There are two different choices for importing the products. Admin can use any of these methods, and the imported data will be automatically populated in the product details.
It will be ready to display on the website. First, OpenCart product import export module will match the product id or model with existing products of the store. If the record matched with existing products then existing products data will be updated. Else new product will be added to the OpenCart store.

OpenCart product import export option present

1. Product Id

A product id is a unique id assigned to a product when it is imported into the ecommerce website. Once a product is imported, the ecommerce website can easily identify the product by its product id.

2. Product Model

If a product is imported using the product model, the product must have a unique model. If the product model matches any other record present in the imported file, then the product record will be overridden.

Sample Imported File Is Given

OpenCart product import export module has given the sample import file. Three product records have been added to this file. Admin must make their product import file as the sample file. It will help you to make import 100% accurate product data. If the file you are going to import has a different content structure then there might be some data mismatched problems that may occur.

Product Export

This module has the option to export the product. It has an advanced filter with more than 14 files. Admin can export a few to all products using this extension. Select the store where you want to export the products. There is an option to select the category to export on the selected category’s product. The same goes for the manufacturer.

Filter For Export

Admin can decide what kind of products need to be present in the exported data. For example, a product with a review or not, the status of the product, price range, product model, and quantity that matches the product. There are other fields present in the OpenCart product import export module that can use to narrow down the exported products data.

Admin can also select from which store they want to export the product. And this module supports custom fields. Just select the custom field from the dropdown and export the product. The exported file will have the custom field name and values of products.

Moreover, the admin can export the product in multiple languages. for example, if your website runs in English, Hindi, and Arabic languages then, select the language of the product.

Import And Export File Formats

This module has given 4 files format to import and export the products to the OpenCart website. All the files must follow the sample content structure for successful operation. It will save time for the admin to overlook the single file format. These file formats are
1. XLS
3. CSV
4. XML

All these file formats can easily open in any software that supports excel files like Microsoft office, open office, SmartOffice, WPS Office, Google Sheets, and others. The XML file can open in any text editor file. All kinds of Operating systems support excel and XML files so you do not need to worry about the product import export in OpenCart using this module.


The OpenCart Product Import Export Module makes it easy to import your products into your eCommerce store. It supports product list import and export in multi-language. This means, that your products will be taken from the website and imported into your store without ever having to leave your website. The exported data will have all information in multi-language as it is present on the website. While importing the data, you must specify the language of the product. It will save the product information in the same language id. Also, select the language before exporting the products.

Custom Fields Support

You can now manage your products easily from anywhere in the world with our easy-to-use OpenCart product import export extension. This module supports product custom fields. If your product has some custom fields that do not present on the default OpenCart website. Then don’t worry about it. Our module lets the admin enter the custom fields and their value that will import the product list of your website. Also while exporting the products our module will export the product data along with its custom fields if any.

Online Documentation Available

It comes with online and offline documentation files. You can find online documentation on TMD OpenCart official site as well. is written all the steps to install the module on the OpenCart website. If you just looking for functionality documentation you must go through our OpenCart product import export documentation.
Documentation has described the working of features. By following the documentation, everyone can set up the module within a few minutes and start importing and exporting products using this extension.

OpenCart 1.5, 2x, 3x and 4x

This module is available for all versions of OpenCart. Either you are using the older version 1.5x or the latest 4x. You will find the OpenCart product import export extension compatible with your website. The module is created using the default OpenCart structure and given VQMOD and OCMOD. Your website files will not be touched after the installation of themes and extensions.


We are a team of experts who can help you with everything related to your OpenCart ecommerce website. We have years of experience in this field.

There is another post written about the OpenCart import export module list with their functionality and compatibility with OpenCart versions. The good thing is that these modules are developed by TMD Software Pvt Ltd. based in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. It provides the best website development services.

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