List of OpenCart Multi vendor Addons

OpenCart Multi vendor Addon List

These days, everyone wants their business, and products can easily find by the customer online. Internet speed is increasing rapidly in every part of the world thanks to our engineers and scientist. Long before few people understood this idea and created multivendor websites. Where people can sell their products without worrying about the cost and architecture of the website.

With OpenCart Multivendor module, you can also start your own multi-seller website, and let people to sale their items on your website. There are 7  different OpenCart Multi vendor addons available that will make your work a lot easier as a business owner.

All the addon modules are up to date and compatible with OpenCart 2.x and 3.x  versions. This extension can easily install from the extension installer and configure easily by following the documentation of this extension.

NOTE: To use these addons, your website must have TMD OpenCart multi-vendor extension.

Here is the list of helpful OpenCart multi-vendor addons.

Multivendor Register Custom filed Addon

Default OpenCart does not let the admin make changes in the registration form. Using the registration custom fields addon, you will be able to add additional fields in the registration form from the admin panel.

Creating the custom fields is fairly simple. Admin can create unlimited new fields from this module. Just follow these steps

  1. Enter the name of the field.
  2. Select the field type that you want to create.
  3. Enter the option value if the selected field type is, select, checkbox, radio.
  4. Add the value of placeholder for text and text area field type.
  5. Make the field require or not.
  6. Sort order.
  7. status of the field. Enable/Disable.

NOTE: In OpenCart version 3.2.0.x, there is a regex expression is given to validate the field.

The new fields will automatically display on the registration page and checkout registration form. The position of fields will depend on the given sort order. Admin can see the information entered in the new fields on the seller information page.

Types of fields can add from this extension.

  • Select Option
  • Checkbox
  • Text
  • Text Area
  •  Radio
  • File
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date & Time

OpenCart Multivendor Purchase Order Addon

It is one of the best OpenCart Multi vendor addons.  It simplifies the work between supplier and seller. The management of purchase orders will be done in a logical and methodical sequence. this extension lets the seller add all the supplier’s information such as name, account detail, and payment terms.

Also, the seller can link the product to the specific supplier so that while generating the P.O.(purchase order), only the linked supplier will receive the purchase order email. Generating P.O. will take a few steps.

Here are the steps to use the purchase order module.

  1. Add the supplier information.
  2. Link the products to the supplier.
  3. Add payment terms and account information of that supplier.

Creating purchase order

  1. Click on the purchase order menu.
  2. Select the supplier, and enter the invoice number, and reference number.
  3.  Select the currency.
  4. Enter the order date and the due date of the purchase order.
  5.  Select the product (if not selected or assigned before).
  6. Send it.

Change the PO status After receiving the items.

  1. View the purchase order.
  2. Update the payment status.
  3. Print the PDF.
  4. Send it to the supplier.

OpenCart Multi vendor Product Option Image, SKU & UPC Addon

Every ecommerce website has a product that comes with variations. Products may have multiple colors., different sizes, fabrics, outfit sizes, etc. To make the product variation visible, the website shows an image of that variation. It is what this extension does.

This extension adds a section in the product options tab, where the admin can enter select the option image and enter the SKU and UPC.

Here are steps to use

  1. Edit or create a new product.
  2. Go to the option tab.
  3. Create a new one or look for an existing option.
  4. Select the image from OpenCart gallery by clicking on the image icon.
  5.  Enter the SKU and UPC of that option.
  6. Follow steps 4 and 5 for other options.
  7. Save the product.

To view the product as a customer, navigate to the website’s front end. Open the product that we edit. Select an option, and the main product image is replaced with the option image. And SKU, UPC with price will show beside the selected option.

This will give clear information on how the selected option product is displayed and the price of the product with respect to the option’s SKU and UPC.

OpenCart Multi vendor OTP Verification ADDON

It is important to have real sellers on the multi-vendor website else it will become a place for spam. It will reduce customer trust and sales performance. OpenCart SMS OTP verification addon will verify the vendor(seller) mobile number and email id.

An OTP will generate and send to the seller’s mobile number and email id. Admin can configure the OTP verification from the module setting.

Here are the steps to activate the OTP verification for the seller after successfully installing this extension on your OpenCart multi-vendor website.

  1.  Navigate the Vendor Setting page.
  2. Change the status to ENABLE.
  3. Select the SMS API Connect Method (POST | GET).
  4. Write the API URL of SMS provider service.
  5. Email verification (ENABLE | DISABLE).
  6. Telephone verify  (ENABLE | DISABLE).
  7. Write the email and SMS template containing  OTP shortcode.
  8. Save it.

It depends on the admin to activate either email verification or mobile number OTP verification or enable it for both. The same setting will apply to new vendor registration.

The seller must verify their email/mobile number to complete the registration. It will make sure the website will have verified sellers who intend to sell their items and not come to walk in the park.

NOTE: To send the SMS OTP, you need to have the have valid SMS provider API

Multivendor RMA Addon

This extension enables the smooth order return process. OpenCart does not have a systematic order return solution for customers and admin. Multivendor RMA module will give customers and vendors to facilitate the order return from their account.

Admin can enter the reasons that are selected by the customer, and return order status for the vendor. There are two different email template settings that have been given in the module. One will use it when a customer applied for an order return and the vendor approved the order return.

The second one will be used when there is communication going on between a customer and a vendor.

Here are the steps to configure the module.

General Setting

  1. Status
  2. Maximum return days
  3. When the order can be returned, select order status
  4. File upload size limit
  5. Write Return reasons
  6. Write Status of return order – For vendor

Email Template Setting

  1. Write the email template for all   – admin, seller, and customer
    • When the customer placed the return order request
    • The vendor approved the request
    • The vendor messaged the customer about the order and update the order status

There is a separate section given for the vendor and the admin can send messages to customers. Also, update the order status accordingly.

Multi vendor Membership/Subscription ADDON

It is a very helpful module for that website that charges vendors to sell their products monthly/yearly. Using this extension, the admin can create multiple membership plans.

Each plan comes with a color theme. Admin can change the color theme of plans to make all plans looks different. The vendor can easily recognize the plans.

This way website admins can generate revenue by giving their platform to others to sell their products. An email will automatically be sent to the vendor whose plan is activated.

Admin can check the reporting of each vendor membership plan and can activate or disable the setting, and notify the vendor via email.

Steps to use this module

  1. Enable the membership
  2. Select the payment method
  3. Write the success page template
  4. Email template for vendor

Admin Checking Membership Reporting


It is a golden chance to stabilize your business in the ecommerce market. Ecommerce market growth is going top of the graph for the last 2 years after the pandemic erupts. These multi-vendor extensions are essential to creating a well manageable and giving important tools to vendors and customers to run the multi-vendor website smoothly.

These OpenCart Multi vendor add-ons are tested and work as per the given description. All the extension are coming with online documentation and works perfectly. We also wrote a post on OpenCart warehouse point of sale module. If you are interested to check how warehouse POS works. you should read it.

To look for a support or sale query, please create a ticket, and their team will connect with you. There are other extensions available you can either read the blog or find on our website.

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