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opencart pos module

OpenCart Point Of Sale aka OpenCart POS module is a fully functional POS system for those who run online stores and also sales in physical stores.

It refers to your eCommerce store with an extended POS interface.

So the merchant can create an order and place the order from his physical store in front of a walk-in client or customers.

Unlike traditional POS software, OpenCart POS extension is an extension for all OpenCart e-commerce websites.

And it solves diverse problems of operations and record-keeping both for your online and physical store.

So if you are trying to figure out a solution for your physical store and you also have an eCommerce store, you can directly solve your physical store issues by just adding a POS extension to your OpenCart website.

And TMD OpenCart POS Extension is one of its kind among several other OpenCart POS extensions on OpenCart Marketplace

For a quick overview demo on  TMD OpenCart POS Extension, follow the link below

TMD OpenCart POS Module & Extension

Unlike any other Retail POS System,  TMD OpenCart POS Module is designed to instantaneously record any and all sales either made on websites or physical stores.

Why Should You Use An OpenCart POS Extension?

OpenCart POS system is a basic necessity for every physical store owner.

Are you using different software for your physical store?

It is cumbersome to manage a store on diverse platforms.

So if you are an OpenCart eCommerce store owner, OpenCart POS Module provides you an all-in-one platform to manage product stock for physical stores and the website at once.

If you own a store network present around the country, then you might be considered a warehouse point of sale instead of a simple point of sale system. This article covered differences like who can use, work, report, etc between OpenCart warehouse pos and simple pos system. Else continue reading.

The basic advantage of an OpenCart POS system is to create orders in front of the customers.

Customers can purchase the goods at your store and stock will update automatically after you make the order. This way you won’t have to worry about managing the stock of products while selling online and in physical stores.

So merchants have the feasibility to manage inventory both for physical and online stores.

Also with the help of this module, both online customers and walk-in customers on the physical store are managed under the common database.

This helps merchants to get a complete report of all orders and customers including actual inventory.

And managing day-to-day transactions becomes as easy as managing online bank transactions without any hassle.

TMD OpenCart POS module is a powerful tool to manage sales and generate revenue.

Admin can set up the physical store along with the online OpenCart store.

One important benefit of TMD OpenCart POS Module is data is saved under your website database.

So either you place an order from your physical store or an order is placed online.

You can manage all of your orders and complete inventory control from one place.

It means all the data will be synced to your centralized database using this POS module.

And you get cool statistics and reports for customers, inventory, and orders all in one place.

Can I Handle My Physical Store With OpenCart POS System?

Yes, the majority of our OpenCart store owners are using TMD OpenCart POS module for physical store & counter management.

It is easy for you if you already have an OpenCart eCommerce Store.

And if you also manage your physical store, you need only an OpenCart POS extension to drive your store.

This benefits you for a single point of sale with multi-user management for your physical store.

Using this POS the orders and invoices are generated in the OpenCart database.

And a single database is shared for the physical store and your online store.

So if you have a physical store you can prefer order, billing & invoicing upon this platform.

This will assist your both physical and online order and billing to synchronize and maintain balanced inventory.

Also, there are some amazing features on TMD OpenCart POS Module and Extension that I would like to share with you.

So let’s get started

opencart pos module features

1. Clean and Responsive Design On Desktop/ Tablet And Mobile

Today’s eCommerce platforms are designed for almost all types of devices.

And TMD OpenCart POS is one of the kinds of extensions that is compatible with any OpenCart Themes being the OpenCart theme is responsive.

OpenCart POS extension is designed keeping in mind that it adheres to the need of any OpenCart themes and for all OpenCart store owners in general.

This provides flexibility for clear visibility when opened on tablets, PC, or on mobile devices.

So which device do you use most of the time?

Yeah, I know this generation is a time of tablets and apps, and mobiles.

So enjoy your billing and invoicing on any tablet device.

Also for a special walk-in customer, you can use your tablet in your physical store to add your customer orders having a walk on the store.

So this is just as flexible as driving both stores under one remote.

You can use its 9 Steps To Increase Customer Retention And Customer Life Time Value For Sale to know more about your product and customers. The website should be improved in such a way that customers love to buy the product from your site.

2. Compatible With OpenCart Tax Setting

Whether you sell online or you are selling offline.

Tax is mandatory for all sorts of items unless any items have been exempted from tax.

TMD OpenCart POS Software is compatible with OpenCart master level tax settings

So when your customers are placing orders online TMD OpenCart POS provides tax addition automatically for your customers.

And the same applies to your physical store for invoicing any items to your customers with or without tax.

So there is a clear picture of tax settings both inclusive and exclusive.

And TMD OpenCart POS system is compatible with all sorts of tax settings for your store whether it is exclusive or inclusive.

If you are looking to start selling the product online. Here is a complete guide for An Ecommerce Business Strategy for Small Business in 2021

3. Quick Add and Edit Orders On OpenCart POS

Store owners can add orders quickly through the use of the POS interface.

Also, the admin can place an order from the physical store for any walk-in customer.

The POS user interface is kept simple and sober for online customers to place orders without any hassle.

And editing of orders is also possible for any customer who wishes to change their products in the order form or include a new item alongside.

Thus the OpenCart POS module provides users a clean user interface to add and edit orders successfully.

4. Barcode Functionality On OpenCart POS

Bar code systems are a very helpful and important part of product code management.

Bar codes are helpful in maintaining the unique identity of a specific product with respect to different attributes such as color, size, material, etc.

With TMD OpenCart POS system a bar code can be defined for different attributes with respect to attributes pertaining to a single product.

And it also allows you to generate bar codes with respect to UPC codes for your items and products.

So you can maintain your own bar code through the use of TMD POS OpenCart Module.

5. OpenCart POS Web Checkout

TMD OpenCart POS Module provides a single user interface for order and web POS Check Out.

The POS checkout functionality is as easy as placing an order and making the payment on the online or physical store.

Checkout has 2 possible options

Either your customers can check out as guest customers.

Or sign up as a new customer to check out via different payment mode options such as EFTPOS, cash, and card options

All Sign Ups are automatically stored for future references and future order generation

6. Quick Add And Search Customers

As a store owner if you are placing a physical order from the store.

There is a quick add and search customer option available on TMD POS OpenCart module.

This will help you to place the order immediately if the customer is already listed on your database.

Else there is a quick add option to add a new customer.

And this simple user interface provides store owners, as well as customer, ’s the best user experience and ease of doing transactions.

7. Fixed/Percentage Discount Calculate Change

The discount option provides store owners to provide discounts both in terms of percentage as well as a fixed discount.

This makes store owners become flexible with customers’ demands.

You have the option to provide a fixed discount on a single quantity.

Or in terms of percentage if the customer is placing the order quantity in bulk.

The choice is simply up to you.

8. Fast Search And Ajax loading

Naturally, no one wants systems to be slow in processing while we are working online.

So special ajax loading conditions are inserted for search criteria among thousands of products on your store to fetch at faster rates.

So TMD OpenCart POS Extension provides a new and fast way of loading items on the search bar for a great experience with your devices and website.

Search for any items from the elegant search options box.

This search options box also provides bar code searching.

For effective and faster adding of the item to the order cart, a bar code scan is very beneficial for you.

It automatically finds an item after scanning the bar code.

This allows for quick searching of items for quickly placing an order.

The load time is faster and made convenient for store owners and users to freely fill items to the grid.

9. Product Stock And Other Information

As per the search facility, you can find any item from the search user interface on the screen

However, TMD POS Module also provides product information on screen category-wise.

You can click on any category to find the desired items of that category from the POS Module Category Wise product Search option.

This is a drill-down option flexible for the store owner to quickly move from one category to another.

And the catalog displays all necessary item information to the store owner

Information such as product code, price, color, stock qty can be visible on the front end.

10. Direct Add To Cart With Stock Alert

TMD OpenCart Module provides a stock alert on the front end.

If the stock quantity is not available, the key performance indicator screen is set to red color on the front end.

This alert indicates to store owners that stock is out of order.

So as a store owner decision-making becomes easy for you whether you would like to add to the cart.

Or correct the negative stock quantity for managing your store in order.

11. OpenCart POS Guest And Registered Customers Signup

TMD POS Module offers guest and customer registration on the front end itself.

So as already discussed above while placing an order you have the option to create guests and registered customers on the front end itself.

Order can be placed for new customers by directly adding their names and address on the checkout process.

And for existing customer’s you have the option to select the already existing customer to place the order in front of the customer.

This enables a quick check out process and efficiency for store owners

12. POS Users Auto Redirect To POS Login And User Interface.

Multiple users can generate orders from the POS Module on the physical store.

And TMD OpenCart POS Module allows multiple users to work on tablets or any other devices.

So ensuring a POS user interface, any user who is working on a POS system, it will automatically redirect you to POS Login.

Instead of linking you to your website

This ensures the POS User Interface is active all the time for POS entries.

13. Coupon And Voucher

If you provide any coupon or voucher to your customer.

As a store owner, you have the flexibility to provide discounts on vouchers or coupons.

Coupon and voucher options are a part of any retail management software.

And TMD POS OpenCart Module has developed this option keeping in mind to provide optimum flexibility for retail store management.

Use this feature for your physical store without using any other retail software.

So TMD POS OpenCart Module is a one-stop retail shopping experience for any OpenCart store owner.

14. Order Comment

Special comments can be accepted from the customer side while placing an order.

It can either be a different requirement that the customer has inquired about while placing an order.

Or any other information which is relevant for the store owner associated with a particular order.

This will ensure future proof of all dealing with your customers and maintain a good relationship.

15. Last 4 Digits Of Card For Future Reference

As I have already discussed above the check-out process has three options such as EFTPOS, cash, and card.

Store owners can store the last 4 digits of the card for any particular customer for future reference.

In Conclusion:

Almost every small and large store owners have an established physical retail store. If you are one of them I would suggest you go for an OpenCart POS system.

However, this works only in relation to an eCommerce Online Store.

If you do have an Online Store designed in OpenCart framework. This TMD OpenCart POS Module is ultimately for you.

So what are you waiting for? Just take pride in taking a test drive demo.

For any issues contact us at the ticket,  we are here to help you experience your best.

So what do you think about it? Comment us below.

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