The Best Way Deal With OpenCart Product Option Combination?

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Today we are going to talk about how to use and create OpenCart product option combination in a single product. OpenCart is an integrated E-commerce platform for online stores and it is yet another popular open-source CMS for eCommerce.

OpenCart feature includes easy to use back-end, with rich features and integrated plug-ins options to scale your online store.

Why should you use OpenCart for building an E-Commerce store?

OpenCart is a simple and lightweight framework popular among startups and small and medium enterprises.

If you have not heard about OpenCart platform, you may read more about the platform from the Official website.

OpenCart has a large and diverse community of developers who are consistently adding to an already enormous pool of 13000 and above extensions.

And here we are going to talk about one of the newly released modules by TMD OpenCart i.e Product Attribute Combination for default OpenCart Product Master

TMD OpenCart Modules has more than 150 Opencart Extensions out of the box to integrate you store with endless

What Is OpenCart Product Option Combination?

A product combination is often used in E-commerce terminology for businesses and manufacturers with different product attributes such as color, sizes, thickness, etc. for a single product combination.

Aren’t the variant combination on products, important for selling more items on your OpenCart store?

For Example, if an item has multiple colors and multiple sizes, the master product forms a different combination of child products in terms of sizes versus color.

For Example for a master product such as Adidas T-Shirt, we can have different child combinations such as

Adidas T-Shirt Red S
Adidas T-Shirt Red M
Adidas T-Shirt Red L
Adidas T-Shirt Red XL
Adidas T-Shirt Red XXL
Adidas T-Shirt Blue S
Adidas T-Shirt Blue M
Adidas T-Shirt Blue L
Adidas T-Shirt Blue XL
Adidas T-Shirt Blue XXL

So this product combination is the basis of SKU.

For a detailed demo of OpenCart Product Combination Module for OpenCart Store visit TMD Store

How To Deal With OpenCart Product Option Combinations?

Product Combination is not available in most E-commerce websites as it is not a default option in the OpenCart framework. It means by default you have to enter items individually every time for different child items.

In order to get rid of child combinations for a single item with multiple colors and sizes, you need a Product combination module.

TMD OpenCart product combination enables the combination of the master product into various child combinations in a single attempt. Thus it provides ease of storing a product with its different attributes at one go. You can find a combination in your OpenCart product master as given below when you can enable the field to get started

OpenCart product combinations allow the store admin to create his/her own product attribute combination as given below such as size versus color.

Option combination section product edit in OpenCart admin

And Option 1 and Option 2 can be any other attribute depending upon your business and trade.

So if your business or trading is related to the garment you can create a combination of color and size. The other way to look at it is if your business is related to tile or flooring you can create a combination of best properties that defines a tile such as durability versus strength or resistance versus permanence.

How To Create A Powerhouse With OpenCart Product Option Combinations Module?

OpenCart product combinations feature provides options to create your own product combination to create your own attribute in the options section. Admin can define 2 different options as per his product requirement along with the values of the option. You can define as many option values as you want.

The option values can be given a sort order in the way they should be displayed inside a combo box.

Admin applying option combination in OpenCart

Admin can use the option values at the backend to define its price, point, weight, SKU, and product code for all child products.

OpenCart multiple options list in admin

And the customer can use it at the front end to effortlessly select a product from a wide range of color and size combinations. This module helps the admin to create a various possible way of product option combinations in OpenCart.

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The Power Suite OpenCart Product Combinations Benefits

  • Admin can define any of the two properties related to a product from any industry
  • Create as many properties as per your needs
  • Use different product combinations for different kinds of products
  • Best for online merchants dealing with various products
  • Compatible for the apparel and footwear industry and other e-commerce trading businesses.
  • Use a single master product to define all its child and its variant
  • Quick access to different properties for a master item
  • Easy navigation for customers to choose a child product on the frontend
  • Display variant products on the same screen for 1 master item
  • Manage inventory for each and every product variant related to a master product and weight of the product
  • Assign unique codes for all variant and child products
  • Enable or Disable any property as required

In Conclusion:

OpenCart product option combination module is suitable for all OpenCart themes.
If you are new to OpenCart store you can find some of the best themes below which supports OpenCart combination module for business and startups

OpenCart Themes

So what are you waiting for?

Upgrade your store right away with this module effortlessly and efficiently

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