18 Tactics To Attract More Customers And Increase Online Sales

18 tactics to increase sale online

We all want to get increase online sales to make a profit. Right? But it is not easy to follow most tactics present on the Internet or they do not give enough information to make the right decision.

In this post we are going to write down various tactics in three parts in the order they can achieve: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

We shall also go over voice search in the next article, and how to appear in google voice search. These listed tactics will help you to increase online sales and also help you to make your website more SEO-friendly.

If you are looking for OpenCart platform features, we have written  an article on it you can read OpenCart Feature

Yeah! you can do an easy one within a few days to come into the light of Google or search engines.

And then you can do medium tactics and then Hard. One thing, I want to say is if you want to increase your sales then the focus must be on your products and customer.

Learn to read your customer’s needs and how and when they buy most.

Let’s start, Read these tactics very carefully, maybe you heard these or doing them right now. But I m sure you might not do all these things regularly.

I will write Keep It Simple and Stupid (Kiss) manner. As it is very easy to understand, also helps you to make a decision and take action accordingly.

EDIT: I have updated this blog post. Now all points are explained.

EASY Tactics To Increase Online Sales

increase online sale

Easy tactics are fairly simple to start with your own website and end on your own website.

We will focus on On-Page SEO to get the website ranked in search engines. For that, you can use a basic SEO Checklist to improve your website.

If our website gets ranked in the search engine then you will get customers/users without spending a single penny. It sounds amazing, yup but for this, we have to do a lot of work.

These are possibly small things that can use by any company website owner or blog owner to increase online sales. Your task list is ahead…

Adding Correct Content To The Website

First is First. Getting some time for 30 min or more will be fine. Open your website,  Start checking like you are about to buy a product from this website. Go to the home page or the product page.

Start analyzing like I want to buy this product and find information so you can make a decision to make an order.

To-Do List. You check these things to make sure On-Page SEO. It will help you get ranked in search engines without paying a single penny to an SEO company.

  1. Check the URL structure of your website? Does Url is simple to read? Does Url contain the product name and keyword that you want to rank in the search engine?
  2. Check product Images, Are they visible?  Are they high-resolution?  Do magnify apply (people can hover the mouse to see a big portion of an image)?
  3. Read product content, Do the text contains grammar mistakes?  The written text makes sense? Text written on the product page conveys information about products.
  4.  All features of a product listed? which is essential to make people’s minds to placing an order. Adding correct features will help your product to sell online easily.
  5.  Are Images have text in their alt tag? alt tag text tells the search engine what kind of image is this. Mainly describing image purpose: like Red Apple, Red Carpet Image, jumping cat over a wall, etc.
  6. Now Admin can also show videos on the product page using OpenCart youtube video module 

SEO Optimized Products: Rank In Search Engine


Now, your website’s On-Page SEO is done. I think you did a great job. Move to the next step. In this step, we are going to make our product page even better for Search engines to give priority over other websites.

Also helps convert a visitor to your customer. The product page is what people check mainly and make orders.

Make sure product descriptions are readable (use bullets, easy to skim content)

Follow these simple rules to optimize the product page. Rules are neither hard nor simple. Let me explain it

  1.  First thing what did you read? A Product name? I know not everyone agrees, but most of us read the product name first and then see the product image. That’s why the product name must exactly reflect the product you are selling.
  2. Write An Attractive Product Name. Here is some Example I found on Amazon while searching “Pack of 2 Metal Pen Pencil Tool Holder Table Desk Organizer for Home Office”, “COI Note Pad/Memo Book with Sticky Notes & Clip Holder with Pen for Gifting”, “Callas Metal Mesh 6 Compartment Desk Organizer (Black)”. These Product Names clearly reflect where they can use them and what is the purpose of their work.
  3.  The second thing is Product Images -> Images have a high impact on people’s minds it can force them to order a product right now.  That’s why Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeals, and other Big Companies only take images that have high quality as well as large resolution. People can see do a zoom on the image. And see every single pixel of the image.
  4. I have one question. Do you buy a product whose image is not so good? can you make up your mind to buy that? The answer is no. You might not want to buy a product that you can not imagine what kind of product you gonna receive.
  5.  Give more information through the product description. You read it right. A product description is what people usually go through and try to find out if this product fulfills their requirements or not.
  6. Read everything where the product can be useful and write features in simple language. Use Images if necessary to show a product in action.
  7. Customer Testimonial /Reviews this is where most people make mistakes and do not ask their customers to post reviews about the product. What you can do?

You can do two things. Mail back to existing customers to post a review about the product and also give a rating. More ratings and reviews mean more trust gain of upcoming visitors and hence seeing your sales graph go up…

If you are selling hundreds of products or more you must read our Editing lots of products now easy OpenCart

Or you can buy some ratings and reviews from other companies. But this kind of activity usually does not give profit in the long run.

As a customer am smart now. They can catch your act of paid reviews. I do not recommend you.

But you can try. This is what most app companies do to get a rank in the app store in keywords. They hired companies to download apps by searching on specific keywords and when the downloads rose then they stop doing it.

As their app is already in the top 10 ranked in the app play store :P.

Change Banner | Visibility, And Readability

Good design

We always like to see good-quality images and videos. Think according to the customer’s point of view. Images and videos you uploaded to a website for your customer.

Are they appealing? Video is giving a solution to a customer’s problem or question? If the answer is NO. Then it is time to change videos and images and create good quality images that will drive your customer’s attention. We have done some research for you and got the 11 most use OpenCart modules in e-commerce websites.

Think again about why big companies hire good awesome designers to create quality images and invest too much. The answer is that they know their products require the customer’s attention.


  1. Check the banner or video have on your website again
  2. If you found you can improve them now.
  3. Or you can replace it with a new one.

Tips to create Good Banners and Videos for Products

If you are not a designer, Do not worry I m also not a designer, but still create something good not from scratch as a designer does. But using predesigned templates. There are some free really good designing websites like Canva which offer more than 500+ pre-design templates which can be used to create new attractive banners for not only products but also on social posting. Or you can hire a good designer to make a banner and videos.

Now comes what text should be written on the banner so the customer must click or think about your offer or can not decline it. This is one of the most difficult tasks. Really difficult. I know because I m doing.

We are writing more than 20 sentences to get one that will do the trick. You can use these websites to track the rank of sentences that will trigger your customer to think.

Headline Analyzer

Title or CTA Score by ShareThrough

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

These three websites provide scores of CTA and Title. The score of these websites varies according to the algorithm. You must select one whose score is more than 70%  on two websites and 50% or more on Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer. Because this website provides a score on emotional touch in Text and how likely people engage with your content.

TIPS: Before creating a new one or hiring a designer or company to make designs or videos for you. Check out your competitor’s website for a better view.

Social Sharing | Spread Your Website Awareness

reasons why user share content
image source: https://heidicohen.com/

The social website is now on-trend. You can find almost everything on a social networking website. Gov. to officials, enterprises to small companies, music brands to singers, and all kinds of people.

According to stats published on Statica.com, People seek advice on social networking websites for their online purchases

Like I do :D. You can use your customer review to target other customers to convince them to buy a product to increase online sales website.

What should you do Now?

So you must have Social Accounts on a platform where your customer is present. Do some deep research and find out where most of the customers are living and Which website they use most, and give your presence there.

Another way is you can simply follow your competitor and make an account on those websites where your competitor presents Easy na? Yeah, it is, Just 1-2 hr work, and you are done 🙂

You can use our OpenCart Social Sharing module which enables you to show social networking website icons to share your products. It is really easy and handy when your customer like a product and to want to share it on their social profile

How To Reach More Customers

worldwide retail e-commerce sales stats per year growth 2014 - 2021
stats source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/379046/worldwide-retail-e-commerce-sales/

Post every week something good and deliver something to your customers. Also, promote your page or account to increase customer reach.  You can use Influencers to reach your audience who are already listening to them.

And show your products using their account. But you must select influencers very carefully. Selecting the wrong influencer will make your brand down in front of your customer.

Or you can use paid promotion. If done carefully then your post will reach your targeted audience.  Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money. Do it yourself if you are good at it or hire someone who is perfect for paid promotion.

Adding MicroData | Local SEO

MicroData is the technology that recently emerged when tech giants Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Yahoo, and companies came together to get more sensible information from websites. That’s how today’s search result shows.

From opening time to closing time, name, address, a more accurate result of your query. Adding MicroData to your website will get you 2 positions above your current ranking without doing anything. How to read ahead.

Let me tell you if you are not aware of Micro Data. MicroData is simple Html tags or JSON tags. Which tells information about the website and page to search engines. How and what data they should look into your website.

For example, If you are selling bakery items then search engines should know it is an e-commerce website, product price, qty, product image, and several customer reviews. And overall customer rating. This is all you got in Google while searching.

If you implemented it correctly then you can see your website search results also showing this information on Google and other search engines.  Customers can assume you have good items and quality of service if ratings and customer reviews are good.

Keep in mind that do not write fake information in Micro Data, As Search engines are very smart and they try to match the information you gave into microdata is matching with your website content or not. And giving wrong information will make your website slip down in search results.

Giving some free stuff | Attract customer


The medium task contains mainly related to things that can give your sales boost. If you have not done an easy task then first complete those, or have any unfinished tasks, please complete them. Then you can start it

Change CTA | Increase in Sales

CTA is the text you one or two lines on banners of ads.  They are written very carefully and must match a customer profile. Your website also contains banners right. So does the banner contains any kind of text on it? if yes then it is good.

Or you write text like Signup, login, checkout page has text written on it. Let’s see how small Text impact the overall order process

Add secondary CTAs for additional conversion actions

source: Google Research

How should you write a CTA?

you must write text in this way

  1. First, analyze where a banner will place. According to placement and page. Write appropriate text which can trigger emotion in a customer and encourage them in order to follow.
  2. The text should have emotionally triggering words.
  3. Text can go from 5 words to 10 words. But not more than 15, Otherwise it will convert into a paragraph and it will hurt your overall order process

Speed Optimize Of Your Website | Increase Customer Stay Time

Opening the website on the browser is directly related to sales. If a website is slow to open then no customer will come ahead to buy from you. This is a fact. Check your website speed on either Google page speed insight or Gtmrix. Both websites will provide you an overall report on website speed.

Or you can use TestMySite which is recently launched by Google to give you a more insightful view according to the website present in the same market you are in.

Get your website loading speed to 2-3 sec or max 4 sec. Hire a developer or company who can decrease loading speed to 2-3-4 sec.  Because customer patience time is a maximum of 5 sec.

If the website does not open within 5 sec then they leave your website and go to the next website. This is called the bounce rate. You can check Google Analytics or other tools you implemented on your website. The more the Bounce rate, the lower the visitor stay time on your website.

Also, Read Top 5 Free OpenCart Extensions & Modules | TMD

You must be aware, that increasing sales on a website means the website must be mobile-friendly and open within a few seconds. This will help your website to get more visitors from searches.

Abundant Cart Email Notification | Encourage The Customer To Buy

email marketing stats

When visitors come to your website add the product to the cart to buy. But for some reason, they left the website without buying the product. This is called the abandoned cart rate. The maximum number of abandoned carts will lead to lower profits.

Every company faces this issue. The estimated loss is around 20% of the revenue of the overall year. It is a really big issue for an e-commerce company. m sure it is happening to you also.

Amazon and other companies came up with the solution of sending an email back to the customer who tries to buy a product but did not complete the order for some reason.

Here is how e-commerce  companies increase their revenue by 10% by just sending abandoned cart email

  1. Either you can install the abundant cart email module to  your website or write your own script
  2. This module will auto-send an email to the customer who did not complete their order.
  3. Email have previous order product + related product
  4. Send 2 emails a week and 1 email the second week or you set a time according to whatever suits your customer
  5. Also, include UTM code – tracking code which tells you to order placed came from the abandoned cart email so you can track revenue

Yup! Now you are ready to get your customer back to buy a product. Hell, it works like magic. Must try it if you are not doing it before. If you are doing it then you can do it by adding tracking code UTM  to email links so you can get clear revenue stats.

Or else you can use our OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module to recover lost orders from a customer who leaves on the checkout page. This can help you without making much effort. If you are unaware of using it then you must read how to use Abandoned Cart Module effectively.

Writing Good CTA On The Shopping Cart Page Or Checkout Page | Boost Sales by 5%

According to a study by the Google Canada branch: Writing good and effective Call to Action sentence makes people more confident and encourage them to place an order. Here is Google Report.

BettingExpert.com tweaked the form copy (headline & button text), led to an increase of 33% in membership sign-ups

Original: Sign Up
Test: Sign Up & Get the Best Daily Tips

source : Google Research

I think you got an idea of what I m trying to say. You can also write catchy and effective Call to Action sentences to increase your sales. and get your customer confidence back.

It will also help you to increase your sales online on your website without investing much. Here is how you can write

  1. List out your competitor’s website.
  2. Open all competitor websites if they are less than 4.
  3. Now open your website.
  4. Time to match  Call to Action lines on competitor websites and your website.
  5. We are going to check only 5 pages: the home page, category product list page, product page, shopping cart page, and checkout page. These pages are where most of the Call to Action lines are present.
  6. Now get either on the notebook or excel sheet or doc to write down a call to action of competitor and your website with the name of the website. Where you can check them later with ease.
  7.  Carefully examine the text present on competitors and yours.
  8. Write down what you think is important.
  9. When you completed analyzing  5 pages: Home page, category product list page, product page, shopping cart page, and checkout page.
  10. It’s time to close the browser and take 5 min break.
  11. Now get back to work and read text or call to action lines of competitors and your website, Compare them.
  12. Are they have equal weight to get customer retention? or not.
  13. If not then WRITE A NEW CALL TO ACTION for your website.

Do it regularly. It will make you ahead of your competitor and also help you to make new and better strategies for marketing.

Let me know how it helps you in the comment.

Encourage The Customer To Write A Review Of Products | Get Trust For Future Sales (Paid Review: But Everyone Easily Gets It)

User review

60 out of 100 customers read a review of the product before buying a product. And I m one of them who read reviews of the previous customer.

Here are some facts you might read

Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)

72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews (Testimonial Engine)

94% of customers read online reviews (Fan and Fuel, 2016)

93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad (BrightLocal, 2017)

That’s why many companies want to write a review of their product and send us a reminder email. I m sure you also got one email per month.

Do not read a review before buying the product online. If yes then it same for your customer too. They also need reviews to read about the product you are selling to get is it worth buying or not.   

Check if your website has reviews of your previous customers. If not then you must email or call them to write a review on the product and how the product helps them to achieve their goal.

Email And Call Your Existing Customer | Get Customers Back

This really works. And it is a proven method to increase sales, also this method does not take a lot of money from the target customer and needs to make a new marketing strategy to get new customers.

We are going to target an old customer who has either not bought a product from us or has not come back to our website for a long time. We already have their data to either email or call them.

This technique is called Cold Targeting if I m not wrong. Let me tell you how to do it effectively to boost your sales figure. To increase your sales online your company must do customer re-targeting to get old customers back to your website.

  1. Export or getting order history at least 1 year of order history works well but if you get 2 years of data then we can target more specifically.
  2.  Now make a list of customers who either buy one product or whose order failed or was not completed.
  3. Save into another file their email, name, phone no, product name they bought, and order date. This information will help us to make targeting easy. For some reason this information is not available, do not panic, we will go with the name, and email only.
  4. Let’s start with Email marketing, as it is cost-effective and easy to do. Make an account on MailChimp or another email-sending service that offers free service.  Or you can go with your own email service if you have one.
  5. Write the email carefully. I suggest you check this website they offer a cold email template, I m also copying from them (:D) It always works.
  6. Make a UTM code to track people who came from a cold email.
  7. Let’s start with the customer who has not bought the product for 2-3 months, as it could be a short period and they can call their order easily.
  8. wait for 1 week and track how many customers came back from the email you sent.
    1. An open rate of email.
    2. The click rate of a link on the email.
    3. How many requests do you something?
    4. How many made an order.
    5. These things help us to create a second email template.
  9. Now, If the result is not satisfactory. Then create a second email template and send it to the customer who did not buy the product for 6 months. And track the above data.
  10. Like this send an email to all.

I m sure you will get 10% of customers back to your website if you did it well.

Now do the same with a customer whom you call. Make sure, you have either a copy pen or computer, or mobile to write down their requirement.

Blogging | Your presence | SEO

content writing

Blogging is one of the perfect ways to increase your online presence with your customer circle. Blog content not only appears on search engines but also can share on social networking websites, forums, question answers websites, image-sharing websites, and many more places.  Here is how you can do blogging effectively.

Use the OpenCart Blog Module to add a blog to your website. It has all the features which require to run a blog. Also, you can match the color scheme with your website. And Follow these steps

  1. Find out what customers need and write an article on how to solve and offer your product as a solution.
  2. Give monthly updates from your website.
  3. Your content may also have a list of free products which your customer always need and looking for.
  4. Write some article on your products how it could easily solve their problem.

This will help you keep moving up in search ranking and you can get customers organically, you can not rely on another website, Do not know when this website is going to change rules or shut down their website. You must increase your customer base organically to increase your sales online.

Competitor Analysis

YEAH! It is the most difficult task and needs full attention. Competitor analysis is not easy, you must know it before heading over it.

But the result will always be good when done correctly.

I have listed out some tactics you can follow to get competitors’ hard work to beat their rank on Search Engine and Sales, This is how all companies doing. If you are not doing this before, Then this is the right time to start from here.

These tactics involve some technical parts you can do yourself or hire an SEO company or a person who is really very very good at Competitor Analysis, otherwise, If you are not sure or have done badly, it means you are going through your hard-earned money to the river.

Steal Competitor On-Page SEO Info| Analyzing competitor

Getting competitor website On-Page SEO data like targeting keywords, alt tags of images, Content word count on pages, and Keyword list on product pages. This information is used to compare your website to check whether you are doing right or wrong or better.

You can use free tools like WooRank, SemRush, UberSuggest, and other tools to check. After completing the search, you can write an improved version of On-Page information on your product. Use the OpenCart SEO Module to get your work done within a minimum period

Track Down Highly Engage Products And Pages Of Competitors

When it comes to tracking competitors’ success paths many people think of one common thing. That is, they think competitors have a lot of money that’s why they have done so well in business. Just focus on their business websites and track down all highly engaged pages and products.

You can do this with these steps. Steps are difficult to follow but the result will be worth of time and energy you going to invest.

  1. You already have a list of websites of competitors. Some paid services like SemRush and aHerf are too good to provide competitor details like highly engaging pages and time user spend. From where people come. Moreover, if you are new to these websites. they also provide a 14-day free trial.
  2. If you are a lake of money, then some free tool like Ubersuggest gives a complete overview of the website. Ubersuggest database is somewhat old but its information is good to follow. From here you can list out the most popular pages. and source of traffic.
  3. Now you have a page list of competitors, Check out each page carefully, from meta tags to images, description writing style, etc.
  4. Write down the information you thought is important.
  5. Now compare with your pages, Do necessary changes which lead to more user engagement and increase sales.

Tracking Traffic Source

Every website has its own traffic source. Some website gets a lot of traffic from social networking websites, some get traffic from a search engine, some gets high referrals, and some get paid or affiliate traffic.

First, you should know where your users or customer are spending most of their time. After that check source of traffic, your competitors are getting the most. If it matches then you must start working on it.

Else you can create a new technique to attract people to your website. Your first priority should be getting most of the people from the search engine.

Because it is where 99% of people come daily and do a search and go to other’s websites. Without paying a single penny to others you will get a lot of traffic.

HARD But Effective To Increase Online Sales

Hard techniques are very effective, and their result shows instantly. You must be sure before implementing these things on your website. The website needs to perform a complex math calculation.  Do not scare me, I m not going to make a rocket :P.

Let me tell you the most important 3 sales techniques, which are followed by a genius like you :). Here are these.

CTV – Customer Lifetime Value | Overall Customer Sales Report And Profit Analysis

CLV – Customer lifetime value is the cost of revenue you are going to get a new customer to bring. It varies for each business. Knowing your CLV will allow the business to select the right channel to market your business.

It helps you to make a better decision on how much you should spend on marketing and where your most targeted audience resides.

Categorize your customer as most valuable, highly valuable, less valuable, or non-valuable. Know you have a list of your customers. It is easy to spend funds strategically according to customers.

It is complex to explain, there are a lot of math calculations is happening. I suggest you read out the quora question What are the best tactics for using customer lifetime value (CTV) data to drive digital marketing?

Steal Competitor Info | Analyzing Competitor

It is an easy task but also most time taking. It is not easy to analyze other’s websites like a pro. Before you start exploring a website. Make a list of checkpoints. You must focus on your checkpoints. Rest things are none of your business. Here is the checklist I m following

  1. Weak and strong points:  To keep your business running. You should know the weak and strong points of your business and competitor. Make a strategy to use competitors’ weak points for your business successful.
  2. Traffic source: checkout point
  3. Most popular pages: Checkout above point
  4. Country list– From where people came to their site: Use Alexa to know the countries list. Alexa will highlight the map of countries where this website is popular.
  5. Paid Advertisement: If a competitor does any paid advertisement, It could be anywhere like a guest blog, paid blogging, image ad or video ads, or social networking website ads.
  6. Influencer: Know if your competitors are following any high-profile people in their industries. If yes, start following them. It will make your business up to date.
  7. Always track promotion services or strategies: Keep an eye on them. get some free time to search with competitor names on the search engine.
  8. Check out the Result carefully, you might get to know the best or worst part of a promotion. Which you could use for your  business benefits
  9. Award or competition happening around your industry: To stay on top, You should know things before they went to market. Make a connection everywhere, where your business has a chance to grow. Participating in an award show or competition is an easy way to approach new businesses.

There are many other things you can use in your checkpoints. Perfect points will save you valuable time. And give you good data about competitors.

Follow competitor | Copying Competitor Technique To Get Sales

This tactic is fairly easy when comes to following and results too. Businesses will get new customers with good profits. You do not need to lot of work here.

Just do 1 little thing. Make a list of the 3 topmost companies in your industry.

Now, start following them on all social networking websites, blogs, news sites, and elsewhere. You must do the same thing and must present at the same place where your competitors are.

Create a post with little difference and attractive images. Use vector if you are lacking good images. Post everywhere. Now start making followers and participate in group discussions like a pro.

Soon, you will see the result is impacting sales and your customer list is growing.

The only thing you must take care of is, You must not copy your competitor’s content and do the same comment. It will make you a copycat. Which is really going to hurt your business shortly.

All listed tactics can use correctly to increase online sales. Also, your online presence will increase after that more customers will know about you and your company.


E-commerce With Augmented Reality – Reinventing the sale process

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital information onto the real world, often using a mobile device’s camera. It has become increasingly popular in ecommerce as a way to enhance the online shopping experience for customers.

For example, a customer could use AR to scan a product and see a video demonstration or read customer reviews. This provides a more comprehensive shopping experience that can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

By providing more realistic product visualization and additional information, AR can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions and ultimately, drive more business for ecommerce retailers.

Another advantage of Augmented Reality in ecommerce is that it can help reduce product returns. By allowing customers to see products more realistically, they are less likely to be surprised or disappointed when the product arrives.

Let me know if anything I missed. Also, write a comment if you found the information useful and the impact of the use of these points on your website.  I will comment back.

P.S. Images are from the Internet, the only first banner is ours.

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