Presentation 4 Important Methods For eCommerce Growth Found In Case Study Done By Google

4 Important Methods For eCommerce Growth Found In Case Study Done By Google PPT

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Slide 3: Primary Channels

Video: watch time is more than 1 hour. Video is broadly used to follow steps to when the user is stuck.

Social: People spend 145 minutes per day up from 142 minutes on social sites – 2019-2020 year.

Article: Write Information either educate them or explain how your product/service going to be helpful.

Affiliate: Connect with only those website which has a similar users base. Takes less cost and increases visibility on the internet.

Inequality: There is always a gender gap while creating a marketing plan. Try to fill the gap to gain trust.

Advertisement: Many kinds of advertisement services are available. Go with a budget and best return ads types.

Slide 4: Decrease Marketing Cost

Marketing is a vital part of website promotion and generates profit. Most of the budget spends on customers targeting retaining and increase customer lifetime value CLV only.

Slide 5: Steps For Decrease Marketing Cost

  1. Create a bunch list of benefits of the product or service that your company tries to give and how it stands out in competing markets.
  2. Understand your customer by creating their profile in various segments.
  3. List out all possible funnels from customers that can be reached.
  4. Properly utilize the channel to gain exposure and come to the eye of customers.
  5. Use the PPC ads scheme It delivers results with minimal payment.
  6. Read case studies like – how GDPR law made many development companies millionaires. Just by creating GDPR compliance plugins for the website.

Slide 6: Take Away

Benefits is important

  1. Customer re-targeting is easiest and delivers the best result out of the box.
  2. Start your marketing with specific benefits that are not available in the market yet.
  3. Do a deep analysis of solutions available in the market to give your product an extra feature.
  4. Measure the result with figures. Use tools to create graphs compare them with previous reports.

Privacy is myth

  1. That’s why we hear people’s privacy compromise with giant companies. They got an awesome amount of fines each year.
  2. Make sure you respect the privacy of customers. And take only information which is vital for a product or service to run.
  3. Adhere to follow GDPR rules passed by the European court.

Slide7: Customer Segmentation

Exploring new segments of the market are part of the business for decades. Yet running a low budget or looking for the best result the company’s marketing team should look after re-marketing tactics.

Slide 8: Customer Segmentation

  1. Behavioral – gain as much as insights from customer experience.
  2. Psychographic – habit hobbies personality or attitude lifestyle social status.
  3. Demographic – income gender religion education occupation living status.
  4. Geographic – Country state weather region population.
  5. Firmographic – industry sales counting size funnel and sale methods.

Slide 9: Take Away

Data mining is Important

  1. The more information about customers the more sales generated with fewer efforts.
  2. Include as much information as your plans need about the customer in all the segments created by the marketing team.
  3. Keep updating with correct information bought from authoritative sources only.
  4.  Exclude customers profiles whose match with your marketing plan percentage is less than 20.

Improve product/service

In the end, the customer or business owner is going to use your service. Invest time and money in useful products by providing correct information to your team members. The marketing team should learn from other team members to know about the product or service. You have a clear view of what should your product do for what.

Slide 10: Gender Inequality

Marketing a product for both genders often the marketing team forgot or neglects WOMEN or GIRLS or does not give importance to them in their ad campaigns. Google researched 2018-2020.

In fact, Digital Commerce 360 took a look at the CEO, president, and founder roles for the Top 100 retailers we track, in addition to these retailers’ ecommerce executive roles. 87% of CEO, president, and founder roles are held by males in the industry compared with 13% of females. The gender disparity is not quite as wide among ecommerce executives, as 40% are female and 60% male.


Women in e-commerce often face a triple threat of lack of representation at the decision-making tables, unequal access to internet and funding, and limiting cultural gender biases.

Ms. Nkoth Bisseck said.


Slide 11: Ecommerce Item Purchase History

Item purchase habit men and women by categories The 17th international Conference on Electronic Business Dubai UAE December 4-8 2017.

A business that is truly invested in a VoC program will listen to every customer, act on their responses, and analyze the data to improve processes. By being attentive and responsive, you can mitigate rough patches for future customers and get immediate value from customers with positive feedback.


Slide 12: Fill The Gap Of Gender Inequality

  1. Discount – 68 Female 50 Male.
  2. Decision – study shows: 80 of purchasing decisions are made by women.
  3. Dominate – select the right gender in your marketing plan to deliver a message.
  4. Skill – make it a challenge for women to show their potential and skills.
  5. Influencer – There are many women leaders in almost all industries. Try to connect with them.

Slide 13: Take Away

  1. From the very first step of the project keep in mind who is going to use the product according to this aligned marketing campaign accordingly.
  2. Try to show the impact of both genders in your online ads television ads press releases and other channels.
  3. According to Moss’s reports on 23 factors in website design, 13 had statistically significant differences depending on whether they were designed by men or women with women’s preferences stronger.
  4. Fill the pay gap between men and women. This is based on the total sample of 3883 respondents 83 of whom are based in the UK.

Slide 14: Use Cristicim Into Opportunity

Brands that successfully deliver satisfaction by creating a bridge to opposing customers are more likely to come out on top. Use criticism in opportunities.

Slide 15: Decrease Marketing Cost

  1. List out problems between customers and your company.
  2. Identify customers who faced problems while giving service to them. Also, create a list of loyal customers.
  3. Find one biggest problem that can convert into an easy solution and increase the trust level of customers toward the company.
  4. Discuss with team members use the technique called brainstorming. You will have multiple ideas select the most trustable idea and represent it as a solution for your customer.
  5. Perform trial and error with few customers who have a problem and loyal customers. Note down all the outcomes.
  6. Check if the outcome we got is either good or bad if it is good then how can we improve it to create an opportunity for profit. Decrease marketing cost.

Slide 16: Take Away

38 of APAC consumers who didn’t shop online before the pandemic has said they intend to continue shopping online and many businesses found that their primary storefront had shifted online.

— Source ThinkWithGoogle

Slide 17: Listen To Your Customer’s Voice

More points will be added to improve the marketing strategies. You can read ecommerce strategies for small businesses to create your business model according to customer requirements.


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