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When an ecommerce website has hundreds or thousands of products. If your product data comes from multiple data sources. Then it is hard to update the product information or add new products to the ecommerce website but also a time-consuming task. TMD made an OpenCart product import export module that can easily integrate into the OpenCart website.

The extension supports four different file formats that can be used to import and export the products. These files are CSV, XML, XLS, and XLSX.

OpenCart product import export extension does two works when you import the product just update the existing products and add the new products to the website.
Admin can export the products from the website using this extension. There is an export filter present. That can use to filter the products according to requirements.


You can go through the official installation documentation present on the OpenCart website or just follow our step-by-step guide OpenCart module installation. It will take only 2 min to install this extension on your website using the extension installer method. Or you can go through the traditional method of uploading extension files on the website manually.

Importing CSV Products File In OpenCart

product import setting in OpenCart product import export extension

OpenCart product import export module gave a link to download the sample import file. This file will have demo product data with all the fields. After getting the product import file from the data source. Admin must match the field’s name with the sample file downloaded before. Also, make sure the file format is one of four supported by this module.

  1. For accurate product import, this step is important. If you do not match with field’s names then product import will not work perfectly. That’s why the above step is necessary to follow.
  2. If any of the products do not have data in the field then leave it empty.
  3. When the file is ready to import. Go to the Admin panel of your website -> Login -> Click on TMD Import Menu present on the left menu list.
  4. Select the file to import
  5. Select the store in which product information should update. You can only select one store.
  6. Select the language of product data written.
  7. How to identify the product, By Id, or model.
  8. Select the one file format CSV, XLS, XML, or XLSX of the import file
  9. A custom field is added to the product page then here you can select that custom field. The custom field name must be matched with the row name in the product import file. Else custom fields will not update after the import.
  10. It’s time to import the product to the website. A success message will pop up. You can see the new product appear in the Product section of the website. It will have the same data as per file. The good thing about the extension is that every single field of product can be updated using this module.

Things To Considered While Importing Products

1. Data must be written according to the field name mentioned in the sample file. Make sure you double-check your field name with the sample file.
2. Product Id and model, both must be unique for each product. If the id or model is matched with another product then data will override for the first found product.
3. If your website has multi-language then you must select the same language of the product import file. Else it will lead to messing up the product information.

Export Product From OpenCart Website.

Export Setting in TMD OpenCart product import export module

OpenCart product import export module has more than 15 fieldst in the export filter. Admin can use these filters to narrow down the product result to their expectation. There is the option to export all products too. You can find the list of fields of the filter below.

1. Category

All the categories will be present in the list. Admin can either select the “one category” whose product needs export. Select the “All categories” to export all the products present on the website.

2. Manufacturer

Just like categories, manufacturers can be selected. Only those products will be exported whose manufacturer is matched with the selected one. Also, select all manufacturers, if you do not want to apply this filter.

3. Stores

When the website runs with multi-stores in OpenCart. And website admin is going to download the products that are assigned to a specific store. Then this setting will help the admin.

4. Stock Status

OpenCart has a different stock status for products. Stock status uses to get the stock of the product. All stock options are available in the stock list. Admin can select one from the list or select all stock.

5. Status

Decide what kind of products will be export enabled or disabled. The filter will find the product with the matching status. Admin can select the “all status” to neglect the status of the product.

6. Language

This extension supports the website running in multi-language. Active languages in websites will come into the language field. Select the language of the product. Please keep in mind that the admin can only export products in one language.

7. Product Review

Admin can choose the export of those products that have been reviewed or not.

8. Custom Extra Filed

The value of this field varies from website to website. Because some website creates an extra field for products to show additional information on the product page. If this is the case, then the admin can select that extra or custom field. It will be shown in the exported file.

9. Product Image

It gives the option to export only those products that have images or not. Please note, that products with the default image of OpenCart are considered as having no image.

10. Quantity

Enter the number. It must be an integer number allowed, and no decimal is accepted. This will use to match all the products quantity. The matching quantity will include in the product export file.

11. Product Name

It could be a combination of a String and a number. A string “contains function” will perform on a product name to find the result. The product name contains the admin entered text in the field. Product name having text in it. will be included in the export file, and the rest products will discard.

12. Model

Just like the product name, the model option performs.

13. Price

This field accepts all kinds of digits. The arithmetic Equal function will check the entered digit with the price of the product. If any matching product is found, it will be added to the export product list.

14. Number of Products

Here admin can write the integer number. It will be put into an export function to limit the product exported. The “FIFO (First in first out) algorithm” is applied in this process. For example, if the admin puts 30 numbers then only the first 30 products will be present in the exported file.

15. Select Format

It is the format or extension of the file that is going to export. Admin can select one out of four formats. These formats are CSV, XML, XLS, and XLSX. All these files can open in Microsoft excel software or Open Office, or any other software.

Question answer of TMD Products

Que: Is this module only used to update the whole product information?
Ans: This extension can use to update the entire data of products in the OpenCart store. If you would like to update a few fields, then still you can use this extension. Just enter the data on those fields you would like to update and leave the rest fields empty.

Que: How many product fields can this extension import and export?
Ans: All the default fields of the product are supported by the TMD OpneCart product import export extension. Also, any custom fields created by following the rules of OpenCart can update and export files that have that custom field.

Que: How do imported products will link to images?
Ans: Images must be uploaded on the website first. The image field of the file must have the location of that image present on the website. The location must be the proper path for example. catalog/image/foldernameifany/image.png

Que: Which fields can be updated with this extension?
Ans: All the default fields of the product that comes with OpenCart installation are supported. Custom fields created by the third-party modules are also supported by our OpenCart product import export module. The custom fields must be created using standard OpenCart rules.

  • Product name
  • description
  • ISBN
  • categories
  • price
  • image
  • images
  • SEO meta title
  • SEO meta description
  • SEO keyword
  • Model
  • SKU
  • quantity
  • minimum quantity
  • subtract
  • shipping required
  • length
  • width
  • weight
  • height
  • weight class
  • status
  • sort order
  • filter group name
  • attribute
  • discount
  • out of stock
  • manufacture
  • related products
  • tax class
  • options
  • reward point
  • date available
  • store id
  • viewed count
  • download id
  • Review
  • custom fields

You can take this OpenCart product import export extension for your website from the official OpenCart website. Support will be given to the ticket system. For any kind of pre-sale question or support just go through to our support ticket.

An article is written about the  OpenCart import export module. It covers almost everything from product to order to customer to discount import and export section. Which is really important to run the e-commerce website effectively. You might like it.

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