7 Step By Step Guide For Best Use Case OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module

opencart abandoned cart extensions

Many times, people come to your website and left their products in the cart. They do not buy products for some reason. This happens with all e-commerce websites not only you. Now you can use the OpenCart abandoned cart module to send a reminder to the customer. They have some products in their cart that they left on your website.

Sending reminder emails about products they are interested to buy but not buying. You can send these reminder emails using OpenCart abandoned cart module

It will encourage them to buy products which help them to make up their mind to buy the product. In marketer language, this technique is called customer retargeting. It will always help your website name stick into the customer’s mind.

Some Fun Fact: Reason For Abandoned Cart During Checkout

According to There are several reasons which make a customer not to buy a product from your website Adding Extra cost over the base price of the product has one of the biggest problems.

People do not spend much money. The below Image has listed all reasons.

reason off abadonments during checkout
source: https://www.plytix.com/blog/shopping-cart-abandonment-statistics-and-tactics

How Abandoned Cart Email Works?

how OpenCart abandoned cart module works
source: https://www.floatthat.com/how-it-works

Every time, when a customer comes to your website. They look into products here and there. After some time they selected a product to buy. They added the product to the cart.

Because of some reason, they did not buy the products. It’s called an abandoned cart.

This will lead your website not to earn much. The higher the abandoned cart lower the sale percentage. To overcome this problem, the website must send a reminder email to the customer that their cart has some products,  If they are still interested, they can buy products.

It will help us to increase sales amazingly. The main advantage of this is, Reminder emails are not annoying to your customer.

Wikipedia also mentioned email remarketing technique to increase the sale of e-commerce website

Installation Of OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module

The installation process is easy. After buying OpenCart 3 abandoned cart module, you are ready to install the module. You have two ways of installation. One, you need it uploaded to the website either using FTP / STP / or FTP client software. You can also use using Cpanel. Recommend for OpenCart version lower than 3.

If you are using OpenCart Version 3.x then the installation is easier for you. You can install the module by going Admin section and then: Extensions -> Extensions

Also, you can see this video for the installation product: Only for OpenCart version 3.x.

Best Use Case And Practice Of OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module And Extension.

To reduce your own work. Always use those modules, which can send abandoned cart emails to customers after some time or one day. This time is also adjustable by the admin.

Opencart abandoned cart email can send from admin. no need to get other email services and spend a lot of $$$.

The three best use case is, Sending an email like amazon, sending an email with abandoned products present in the cart, Creating your own Email template, and sending that email to the customer.  Also if you get some extra time.

Please use A/B testing of email templates and use the most effective email template all the time.

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Sending An Email Like Amazon:

If you ever try to buy any product from Amazon then you might notice. You got two-three emails a week. The first email is the reminder email if you tried to buy a product. Now you can still buy it.

How many times do you click on products and go to Amazon? I bet you might click more than 20%? The ratio can be up or low.

But it will end up you to Amazon website. Also, Amazon can show similar products. This will increase the customer buying percentage. The abandoned cart OpenCart module helps you to send emails like Amazon.

You can use the same email template as Amazon. Do little changes to avoid copyright issues is also good for your branding. Add that email template to OpenCart abandoned cart extension. Which will send the reminder email to the customer?

Include Products Left In The Cart By The User While Sending Abandoned Cart Email

You can use the built-in email template of the module. This extension will do your work. Email templates are well-created and responsive. Looks great on all kinds of screens.

But you should once check the email template yourself, by sending an email yourself. Try to shop for a product from your own website.

And leave the website while you have some product in the cart. Send email time should be as lowest as you can.

It will help the module to send you an email as soon as possible. Please check the email template on the desktop, and mobile screens as well.

Create Your Own Email Template And Send That Email To The Customer

This step is optional. Not recommended for beginners. If you are a pro and are ready to invest in the website then read ahead. Else you can go to the next step.

If you are a good designer or have good money in hand. Either you can design a nice email template yourself. Or get the best designer and tell him/her to design an abandoned email template that gets some good results for you.

Now, you can convert email templates to HTML templates. And then use the converted Html email template into the OpenCart abandoned cart email module If the module does not support a custom email template then, you must ask the module developer company or developer to change the email template to the new one you created.

If you do not have money as well you are not a good designer. Then do not worry, This step is optional. Go to the next step.

How many Times You Should Send An Email To Each Customer.

There is no simplest answer to this question. We can only follow the best answer told by experts. As an expert also tell you that could send 2-3 emails per week.

In my opinion, 2 emails are enough for your created website. If your website is well known and has a good number of customers then only you can send 3 or more emails a week.

Please do not send abandoned cart emails again and again. It will make your customer mad on your website.

There is a possibility they can unsubscribe from your website. or never come back to your website again. Use it very carefully.

It’s Time To Check The Profit From Abandoned Cart Email

calculate profit

You must spend 1-2 months on abandoned cart emails to customers. Only then you can calculate your profit. At least the website should wait 1 month to see the result.

There are many tools that can help you to know where sales are coming from. Most of these tools are paid for. If you can afford paid service for now. You can follow these simple steps to know the profit

  1. Go to the order list page.
  2. Try filter date range, date range should be previous when you are not using the abandoned cart module.
  3. Check the total amount of sales you got this period. For more accessibility, you can export the filtered order list for later checking.
  4. Now do filter again. This time change date range, date range must the period of time when you start are using OpenCart abandoned cart reminder email module.
  5. Check the total amount of sales, again, if you need you can export filtered orders for further checking.
  6. Now compare the total amount of sales. if you see significant sales improvement. And not doing anything else than sending an abandoned email.

Note: if you are doing more work on your website to increase sales. and Not using any kind of services like Google Analytics Google Tag Manager or other services then, It is hard to track profit coming from abandoned cart customers.

Always Adjust Your OpenCart Abandoned  Cart Reminder Email Template To Get A Better Result

Always adjust your email template to get a better result

Like, human learns over time, We must adjust the email template after some time.  You can always use A/B testing for an email template. It will always help you get a better-performing email template.

Use that email template for the abandoned cart OpenCart module which will ultimately deliver you more sales. Always try to update email templates according to trends in your market.

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Things: You Should Take Care While Sending Abandoned Cart Reminder Email To Customers

Abandoned cart OpenCart extension delivers email to customer inbox, but sometimes the email service provider filtered the email and added to a spam list. There are some rules that we must follow to get successful. That’s what masters say.

To get some results from this technique, we must take care of some points. I searched for you and list out points so you can save time.

  1. Always use UTM as the link to the abandoned email. To track links click from email in Analytic tools like Google Analytics or other tools.
  2. Check emails are going to the customer inbox / promotional folder in Gmail. If Your email is going to the SPAM folder then it is useless.
  3. Do not send multiple emails a day or within 3-4 days.
  4. Always check unsubscribed customers, You must not send emails to those unsubscribed customers.
  5. If you are not getting a good results for the past 1-2 months using one email template. That means you must change the email template
  6. Do not send annoying emails,  it will harm your customer base as well as your brand reputation.
  7. Add social links and other things where customers can reach to you
  8. Sending an abandoned email after some period of time. Instead of abandoned emails, please send offer emails or new product arrival emails. It will get customer attention.
  9. Do invest some time to find good products. The winning product will help you to get more sales and profit.

Spend Less or nothing: You must read our 18 Tactics to attract more customers and increase sales online which can help your website to get rank better in search engines It will help you get more visitors == more sales 🙂

Results: Will Amaze You


When you do everything perfectly. Your customer will love to do purchases on your website. An abandoned Reminder email is worth getting your website stuck in their mind. A consistent rate of growth in the sale will amaze you.


Let me tell you a few more tips for sending abandoned cart emails through OpenCart abandoned cart module.

  1. Try to give some discount by sending voucher or coupon
  2. Include customer reviews in abandoned cart emails. It increases the trust level
  3. Always keep checking, if your hosting server sends an email to your inbox or not, a blacklisted website or hosting server will not be able to send an email to the inbox. You can go with well know email services like MailChimp or other email service providers.
  4. Keep an eye on product page design. Always check your competitor’s website and its product page design. If needed, copy some parts of the design and information. If it works.
  5. Check visitor behavior,  It will tell you, when and where your visitor leaves your site. You may get to know what things are stopping your visitor from converting into a customer
  6.  You can ask your customer by email or on the phone. what is causing them not to buy? An old but effective method, This method still works and gives quality information.

Use These Modules For Website To Gain More Expose

Through abandoned carts, OpenCart extension is good to get back traffic and increase sales. But the Level of competition in the e-commerce market is growing day by day. Opening an e-store and starting to sell products is easy. Research showed, that more than 90% of companies either closed within 1 year or within 3 years.

Improving a website is a challenging task for everyone. Products may have many options and images to show. You can also read How to deal with OpenCart Product Variant Combination?

The checkout process should be as simple as possible. Easy checkout will increase your order completion rate. If you still thinking about how it works and how to implement it. Please read: A Quick Checkout Solution for your OpenCart Store

Having a difficult time editing a lot of products and running out of time. Are you alone managing the website? Your website must install the product manager.

It will show you a simple interface to edit many products at once.   OpenCart Product Manager – Save Your Time With Quick Edit

Also, add social login to your website for fast login and register process it will help you to acquire more customers.

Moreover, apps for the social website which use to create a login for your website will provide you a great amount of insight into your customer. Which further can be used for remarketing and retargeting. Use OpenCart Social Login Module

Infographics are the best way to represent facts and figures. That’s why we made an Infographic of 10 Effective but easy steps to increase e-commerce sale

Let me know what you think. Please write your queries and question in the comment, We will try to give answers as soon as possible.

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